Sillerygaon- The Hills That Beckon a Traveler

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Rows of houses and homestays in Sillerygaon as viewed from below.
The mystical hamlet of Sillerygaon

A small hamlet, perched at an altitude of 6000ft and surrounded by lush green mountains on all sides. The pine trees stand there like a royal guard protecting its hidden gems. The majestic Kanchenjungha can be viewed at a distance if the sky stands clear. The cool and misty air weaves around the village covering it in a cloak of peace and tranquillity. Sillerygaon, one of the picturesque destinations, is situated in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas in West Bengal’s Kalimpong district.

Sillerygaon is one of those rare places which has managed to retain its beauty even in the 21st century. A village where time stands still, and where the sky speaks of bounty is a little haven for everyone wanting to get far away from the hustle-bustle of their daily life.

With only some 30-35 families living here, Sillerygaon is the ideal place for an offbeat trip to the hills.