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Soulful Journey of Laal from Punjabi Munda to a Popular Man

Just like Laal says, “We meander with the air from place to place to reach the destiny with some miracles to cherish lifetime”. A journey to a destination is part and parcel of memories, huddles, new relations, true stories, and life lessons to treasure. Let us travel along with Laal in his journey from being a special child acting normal to a Special Man leading a normal life and unveiling all the myths in the race of life.

Laal runs like the sun's rays traveling all over and reaching places at different times, yet has a prominent role to play in every place similar to our journey that starts at a point pass through many places and reaching the destination. Travel all over the world like Laal, who breaks all the records running miles from streets, dunes, and shores to make miracles happen and write his destiny.

The movie is shot in 100 real locations with many Indian cities as a backdrop with breathtaking views of nature. Check out these interesting locations in India that will make you relate many stories of Bollywood along with the story of Laal Singh Chadha while watching:

Love birds in the Capital city.
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The story takes you back to the fields of Ludhiana where Laal, a special child is raised by his mother competing with normal kids and ranking top in the school. The initial phase was shot in many villages of Punjab where he finds his love, and career and reaches all the miles in his life.

Most famous shrine of Punjab
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Few scenes were picturized at marine drive, high court, and central library for capturing the hustle and bustle of the city. Laal achieves all the great precisions like a child’s play in the city of dreams and gets finds his childhood love under the true galaxy of stars.

Punjabi exploring the night under city lights.
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The first and obvious location that we all could spot from the trailer is India gate, where the leads click the picture in the capital city. The convocation, president medal celebration, and other important scenes were scheduled in the capital city. The city has great monuments, Heritage sites, shopping streets, and food hauls as a package to delight the tourist in the hustle of city life.

Laal horned at the war memorial.
A pic from the website.

Andhra Pradesh:

A schedule at the small hamlet Amalapur in AP was done to dwell in the waters of coastal land cutting new paths, fighting back, and reviving from the hard times of life. The humidity of the coastal lands, downpours at sea, and fishing are picturized at Odalarevu, Yanam, and other beaches of AP.

Laal dealing with second phase of life.
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The city of backwaters has many favorite spots for tourists and natives that set a natural backdrop and soothing environment. The Kappil Beach near Varkala with blue waters, golden sand, and palm trees are depicted as an alluring spot with the Jatayu sculpture built at the rolling hills of Chadayamangalam in the Kollam district is shown in the best cinematic way. The most beautiful hills with green meadows and carved vegetation and the mystic weather of Munnar were also spotted to entice tourists.

Laal at one of the man made miracles.
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The heritage land, natural grandeur, and revered shrines of Gujarat resemble the strength and determination of Laal towards everything he gets in his life. In his journey, every phase of life has a different set of challenges, yet he would get back with ease as he never knew about the huddles. So, with all the elation take a backpack and traverse the beautiful lands of culture, and diversity in an ultra-modern way.

Running across the deserted field.
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The epic Run of Aamir at the end showcases the ups and downs of life and was shot in many parts of India, old streets of Kolkata and Howrah Bridge are one among them to take you through the colonial architecture, paintings, and music of Rabindranath.

Showcasing journey of laal at famous Howrah Bridge.
A pic from the Pinterest website.

Jammu and Kashmir:

To bring out the real-life situations into the picture the training sessions of an army officer, camping, and war scenes were shot at Leh- Ladhak borders, Srinagar army cants, and Kargil to recreate the remittances of soldiers and their sacrifices. Hills and popular destinations of the border countries have many stories that tourists could get through while traveling to these cities.

Staying at power during hard times.
A pic from the Reddit website.

Take back home loads of memories of visiting the city, apart from the mentioned locations shootings were scheduled in Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Dehradun, and some other parts of India to bring out the real appeal of the storyline.

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