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Soulful Journey of Laal from Punjabi Munda to a Popular Man

Just like Laal says, “We meander with the air from place to place to reach the destiny with some miracles to cherish lifetime”. A journey to a destination is part and parcel of memories, huddles, new relations, true stories, and life lessons to treasure. Let us travel along with Laal in his journey from being a special child acting normal to a Special Man leading a normal life and unveiling all the myths in the race of life.

Laal runs like the sun's rays traveling all over and reaching places at different times, yet has a prominent role to play in every place similar to our journey that starts at a point pass through many places and reaching the destination. Travel all over the world like Laal, who breaks all the records running miles from streets, dunes, and shores to make miracles happen and write his destiny.

The movie is shot in 100 real locations with many Indian cities as a backdrop with breathtaking views of nature. Check out these interesting locations in India that will make you relate many stories of Bollywood along with the story of Laal Singh Chadha while watching:

Love birds in the Capital city.