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Spiti Valley Checklist: 15+ Tips So You Don’t Get Tricked

Updated: Sep 15

Whenever going to a new destination for a holiday or a weekend getaway, a lot of people tell you what to see there or what to taste or where to buy, or where to stay.

But nobody really tells you about how to save yourself from spending money when it isn’t needed, or from people who might trick you, or things that you might have found for cheap from a different shop.

All they ever do is make you regret it then, by saying,” Oh ho! You could have bought it from that shop instead of this one.

That shop offers the best quality products at a better price.” And the regret that haunts you for life at times is the worst.

Spiti in Summers. (Photo by Spiti Adventure)

When planning a trip to a place that you haven’t visited before, it becomes a nightmare thinking about every possible way that it might go wrong. And when someone gives you some tips which help you ease the tension, it is just a blessing.

And like any other place, Spiti Valley has its fair share of tricksters that may thug you for extra money.