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The perfect summer destinations – GOA & GOKARNA

Updated: Feb 27, 2022


There is no doubt that Goa is one of the most popular vacation destinations among the youth. The reason being its popular beaches, exciting nightlife and amazing fun activities to do. Goa is also particularly popular as the perfect summer destination for a fun trip or vacation. This is due to a variety of reasons and here we will discuss the same. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going!

1. Weather

Summers in Goa typically lasts from early March to late May. The weather is not extremely hot and neither very cool. Usually, April is slightly warmer than May due to the higher temperatures during this time of the month. May is the hottest month of the year here in Goa. The temperature further goes down at night and there is a slightly cool sea breeze blowing. The weather is pleasing and welcoming for all kinds of fun and activities. The sky is a pretty shade of blue with fluffy white clouds partly hovering over the sun. There are little to no chances of rainfall during this time of the year.

summer season in Goa
Summers in Goa - Image by Sarang Pande

2. Travel cost

As people typically prefer to visit Goa in January or February, the summer season has relatively fewer tourists visiting Goa. Due to this reason, all flight tickets to Goa from anywhere in India, are available at very cheap rates – even if not booked in advance. As there is very less crowd and even lesser bookings, all hotels/ cottages offer huge discounts and cheap rates on room bookings. If you plan on doing shopping in Goa or even just buying anything during your trip, it will be a boon for you in this season. This is because the local shops do not have many sales and hence, offer everything at slashed prices and heavy discounts. So, a trip to Goa in summer is light on the pocket and will save you a lot of money.

cheap places to visit in Goa
Cheap travel to Goa - Image by Josh Appel

3. Crowd

Most of the people visiting Goa prefer the winter months for their vacation. This is because of carnivals and weather during this season. As a result of this, there are very few people visiting Goa in the summer season. Hence, there is little to no crowd in Goa in these months. Because of this reason, you can enjoy everything with peace and at your own pace. There are no crowds, so you don’t need to hurry things up or wait in queues for long hours. This is a boon for people who love solitude or do not prefer heavy crowds. This season is also ideal for people who want to spend an in-door vacation quietly without any hassle.

best time to visit Goa
Crowd in Summers - Image by Neeraj Nabar

4. Traditional festivals

Goa is much more than its beaches or nightlife. It has a rich history of culture and tradition. Another reason for visiting Goa in the summer months is that you get to experience and enjoy some popular and traditional Goan festivals. One of them is the Goa Mango festival that showcases many different varieties of mangoes and several different competitions are also held. Another famous festival is the Goa Cashew and Coconut Festival, held in May. Sao Joao festival is another wonderful festival held in the summer season in Goa. In this, people wear colourful and traditional fancy dresses and dance to the tunes of folk songs. Isn’t all this so exciting?

best festivals in Goa
Goa Mango Festival - Image by Mahak Agrawal

To conclude, if you are also planning on having a vacation to Goa, the summer season is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year for a perfect vacation. Everything from pleasant weather to amazing festivals and food, you can experience the thrill of it all in Goa in the summers. It is safe to say that Goa is one of the best summer destinations for a family trip, friends trip or even for a couple's vacation. To plan the perfect itinerary for your next trip to Goa, contact The Tarzan Way for a special customized experience.


Gokarna is a not-so-popular smaller version of Goa. It is particularly a small temple town in Karnataka but has all the best elements of Goa - that too on a budget. If you are someone who wants to experience the thrill of Goa but does not want to spend too much on the travel costs, Gokarna is your best option. And just like Goa, Gokarna also is a perfect summer destination for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are:

1. Weather

Just like Goa, Gokarna has not so hot and not so cold weather during the summer months. It is a little humid during the day but at the same time the pleasant sea breeze that blows at night more than makes up for it. The weather is a moderate one with temperatures between 25 to 35 degrees. The summer season in Gokarna typically lasts from March to May.

2. Travel cost

Similar to Goa, Gokarna has the peak season during the winter months from October to February. Because of this reason, during summers everything is available at cheap and discounted rates. Summers are off-season and due to which traveling costs, hotel accommodations and other travel expenses are greatly reduced.

3. Crowd

As already mentioned, summers are off-season in Gokarna. There is little to no crowd and you can easily enjoy your trip at your own pace. You don’t need to wait in long queues or go to crowded places, especially in times of an ongoing pandemic. You can stay aloof from people and be safe!

4. Activities

There are various activities and fun things to do in Gokarna during the summers. This includes stargazing, concerts and a lot more. All this madness can only be experienced when you actually visit Gokarna personally, especially in the summer months.

All you need to know about Gokarna shared by Harshit Chaplot

best places to visit in Gokarna
Summers in Gokarna - Image by Vivek Sharma

So, this is all we had in store for Goa and Gokarna as the perfect summer destinations for you all. If the thought of having a summer trip to these beautiful destinations is already in your mind, we don’t blame you!

Contact us today for a perfectly planned and organized summer trip to any of these destinations. We have got you covered.

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