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The Pristine Waters of Spiti Valley

Photo by The Statesman

Spiti Valley is one of the most beautiful places in India. From the peaceful monasteries to the adventurous treks, from the oh- so- tasty local food to the restaurants with a variety of cuisines, from the luscious green mountains during the summer to the breath-taking snow- covered mountains of the winters, Spiti Valley has it all.

One cannot ever get over this cold desert. Each person who visits Spiti will fall in love with it and then, whatever they do, Spiti will definitely have a place in their hearts. One will only see a splendid view as far as the eyes can see. Once you visit Spiti Valley, you cannot stop gushing about it during all of your travel stories.

Spiti does offer you everything on a platter. And if that wasn’t just enough, Spiti Valley has something more. You may ask, will this place ever stop taking us by surprise? And the answer to it will probably be forever unknown. But what was that something more, you might wonder?

The interesting thing is its lakes. Spiti Valley has numerous lakes that one should see when in Spiti Valley. So, to make your next trip a little bit easy, here’s the list of lakes that you must visit. Read on to find more about them and some other interesting stories associat