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Top 16 things to do in Kasol

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Situated on the banks of the Parvati river, Kasol is a small town in Himachal Pradesh, well-known for various reasons. Be it trekking, partying or enjoying great food, Kasol offers it all and more. The serene beauty of the valley, along with the picturesque views, attracts travelers from all over the world. There's a lot to do in and around Kasol, which might often be confusing. Here is a list of things you can do in Kasol.

Visit Tosh

Kasol is  a slice of heaven
Lush greens of Tosh valley to welcome you

Tosh is yet another town nestled in the Himalayas that lures tourists for its unmatched natural beauty. Away from the hurry-scurry city life, Tosh offers refuge to its visitors that seek some quiet. Here, you can chat with the locals and other travelers while enjoying the local cuisine.

LOCATION - 21km from Kasol

HOW TO REACH - Bus for 50 to Barshaini in an hour trek up or a cab for 200, Cab from Kasol for 1000

Enjoy the Parvati Shangri - la festival

Kasol is a great place for vacation
Hues of Shangri la festival

It is an official new year celebration of Kasol and is now becoming a popular event among the Kasol people and tourists. The festival is a great deal for the party animals as renowned Dj's and international artists come to perform their tracks. This is also the best time to visit Kasol and to enjoy some fun alone time away from your home.

LOCATION - Sky Heaven Katagla, Kasol, Parvati Valley

Try Israeli cuisine

Kasol is great place with great food
Israeli cuisine in Evergreen restaurant

There is a reason why Kasol is called 'Mini Israel'.Kasol is well known for the exotic Israeli cuisine it delivers. Israeli dishes from restaurants like 'Evergreen' and 'Turquoise cuisine' will make your mouth water.

LOCATION - Evergreen and Turquoise restaurant

Go shopping

Kasol is  a great place with good food
Kasol giving you major shopping goals

From Himachali caps to dreamcatchers, you will find the best items in the flea market of Kasol to take back as a souvenir. The vibrant marketplace is a paradise for shoppers. So, take a stroll through the streets of this town and explore. Get your hands on the hand-woven woolens as well as the colorful jewelry pieces. This is your opportunity to show off your bargaining skills and take home handicrafts from Kasol.

LOCATION - In the town itself

HOW TO REACH - In the main square

Trek to Kheerganga

kasol is the best place to go trekking
A man enjoying beautiful snow-clad mountains in Kasol

You can take various trails to Kheerganga whilst you enjoy the panoramic beauty of the trek. To make your experience even better, you can take a bath in the hot springs that you come across on your way to Kheerganga. Stop at Nakthan to rest your bones and take in the mesmerizing view as you savor a hot cup of noodles.

LOCATION - 17km from Kasol

HOW TO REACH - Start from Barshaini, take a bus or cab to Barshaini from Kasol.

Manikaran Sahib Gurudhwara

Kasol is a unique gem
Manikaran Gurudhwara in Kasol

Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is a majestic place that fills one's soul with tranquility. The beautiful valley surrounding the Gurudwara adds to its beauty. Right next to the Sikh shrine, there is an ancient Shiva temple as well. The hot water flowing across the valley is a wonder in itself. It is a common belief that a bath in the water can wash all your sins away.

LOCATION - 5km from Kasol

HOW TO REACH - A bus from Kasol for INR 20 or cab for INR 200

Malana trek

trekking is the best thing to do in Kasol
A beautiful valley in Malana

The Malana Trek might be a short trek route but it definitely a daring one and isn’t any less than the others. The trek ends at a steep village called Malana located at an altitude of 10000 ft above sea level. The enticing views the trek provides from the top of the village make you feel like going back to the place again and again! Hence, it is among the treks you must try in Kasol.

LOCATION - 5km from Kasol

Camping in Kasol

Kasol is an amazing place to visit
People camping in Kasol

The enticing beauty of Kasol attracts a lot of tourists and provides ample opportunities to camp in different places in Kasol. Kheerganaga is the best place for camping as it is located in the heart of the Parvati Valley. Kheerganga offers more than just mountains and valleys. Whether it is the beautiful milky white streams or the majestic panoramic views - the camp is sure to captivate you with its elegance!. Apart from this, you can camp in Tosh or magic valley at your convenience.

Visit Naggar

Kasol is a great place to visit
Naggar valley with lush greens

Naggar is another village near Kasol, nestled in the hills, that attracts tourists to its grand castle and ancient temples. A day's visit to Naggar does not do justice to the numerous activities it offers. The Naggar Castle, which is 500 years old, is a testament to the olden times. The dhabas serving desi food are the go-to to satiate your hunger. For a fancier meal or a taste of the Himachali cuisine, head out to the Castle Restaurant.

LOCATION - Around 58km from Kasol

HOW TO REACH - Cab from Kasol for INR 750-900

Pin Parvati Pass trek

kasol is a great place to go trekking
People trekking in Pin Parvati

The Pin Parvati Pass trek is one of the most challenging and exciting treks of India. Once you're on it, you would not want to return to the hustle and bustle of the city. The trek encompasses lush green forests and a view so sublime it would be difficult to leave. This trek is a long one, certainly not for the faint-hearted. Camping under the night sky full of stars is an opportunity that you should not miss.

LOCATION - Around 54km from Kasol

HOW TO REACH - Trek starts from Manali which can be reached by car or bus

Rasol valley trek

Kasol is the best place for trekking
The snow clad mountains of Rasol valley

Rasol Valley is a beautiful hamlet located in the picturesque Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh. The trek offers such a peaceful atmosphere that one can even listen to his heartbeat while trekking! Hence, this trek offers what every backpacker seeks - tranquillity and closeness to nature!. The pine trees that line up on either side welcome and embrace every trekker's senses. The steep trekking trail makes the experience a challenging one.

Magic valley

Kasol is the best place to go trekking
Wiachin valley in it's supreme beauty

Magic Valley or Waichin Valley, with its pristine waterfalls and majestic views, is indeed a magical destination to be. One can find a few camping sites in this valley and have bonfires under the mystical sky. Trekkers are attracted to Magic Valley as the trails are challenging but worth the effort. This Himalayan valley is scarcely populated due to its inaccessible location. However, it is a perfect getaway from the monotonous city life. Free from the daily buzz and chaotic city life, Waichin Valley offers the peace and tranquillity that most of us seek.

LOCATION - 3km drive from Malana

HOW TO REACH - A trek from Jari to Malana and then to Magic Valley

Sar Pass trek

Beautiful kasol valley gives travel goals
A slice of heaven

The Sar Pass Trek is one of those treks that offers more than you can imagine. If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding trekking spot then this is it. The uneven extreme terrains, the lush green meadows, the snow-capped mountains, the picturesque hamlets, the rhododendron fields - the Sar Pass Trek is one for the memory album! The ethereal views from the Sar Pass will surely make you forget all your problems!. The beauty of the Parvati valley paves its way indeed among the best treks in Kasol!

Chalal trek

kasol is covered with amazing scenary
A calmly flowing river in Chalal

Trekking to a place where it feels like a slice of heaven just fell to earth. Chalal is a place every nature lover would love to go. The beautiful and peaceful villages tucked in snow-covered mountains will capture your heart. This isolated place is connected with a ropeway from Kasol. The pine trees and the cafes make Chalal a perfect happening trekking spot.

Try new Cafe

Kasol amuses with it's beauty
A popular cafe in Kasol

When you are in Kasol, it is evident that you try out different cafes open in the area. Jim Morrison Café and Moon Dance Café are two cafes you ought to try and savour the Israeli cuisines served there. The low priced food that tastes heavenly is a major crowd puller around here.


HOW TO REACH - All Cafes can be reached using Google maps or asking locals for directions

Pulga valley

Kasol is a slice of heaven on earth
A village of our imagination

Pulga is a famous hiking and trekking spot near Kasol that attracts adventure seekers from far and wide. A stroll in the lush green forests will make you feel one with nature. The tall pine trees and beautiful waterfalls are a perfect escape from the busy city life. Do not forget to visit the temple of Lord Narayana while you are here!

LOCATION - 16km from Kasol

HOW TO REACH - A 1-2 hour trek from Barshaini will take you to Pulga

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