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7 Things to Do in Munnar for an Adrenaline Kick

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

A tour to the green valley welcomes you with the aromas of tea plants, and organic ground spices to cascades sweeping meander down the mountainside overlooking the vibrant ferns, petals, and blooming flowers.

To go off the beat on your Munnar trip do add these activities to your itinerary and experience a great vacation in the majestic mountains. In this blog post, we have shared a complete list of the best things to do in Munnar.

Munnar tea estates with forest greens.
A pic from keralatourism website

7 Best Things to Do in Munnar

Munnar is a place where you can enjoy cool weather and scenic views, wander through markets and shop for unique things and enjoy the local cuisine.

It is a beautiful place to visit and there are many things to do in and around the city. In the below list, you will find the 7 best things to do in Munnar for an adrenaline kick.

01. Tea Estate Tour

Kolukkumalai tea estate is the highest estate following the old- methods of processing tea from Handpicked leaves to manually packed sachets.

A tour across the estate to watch the process of growing, collecting, and packing with attention to detail enlightens the efforts behind a cup of our zesty tea.

Price: 100 Per Head.

Timings: 7 AM-6 PM (Closed on Sunday).

Off road twist and turns on ATV
A pic from thrillophia

02. Quad Biking

Dreamland, an adventure park in Munnar offers an entertainment bid to try with your playfellows and go crazy.

A ride along the spice fields in the misty mountains of Munnar for an hour on ATV is a picturesque view that gives an off-beat experience. Under just Rs. 500 it is one of the best things to do in Munnar.

Price: 500/-Per Adult.

Timings: 6 AM-7:30 PM. (Depends on the weather).

Enjoy the birds view of Munnar at the hilltop.
A picture from experience Kerala website

03. Rainforest Trekking

A trek to the Mathikettan shola National Park with your squad witnessing the habitat of wildlife with birds chirping and rich vegetation.

The Hike excites all age groups with the medium-level trail accompanied by a wide range of animal species like Malabar Giant Squirrel, Gaur, Sambar, and Elephants.

Price: 5200 Per Adult.

Timings: 9 AM to 4 PM.

A practice session of Munnar Martial art
A pic from

04. Apprise Local Art: Kalaripayattu- Kalari kshetra

Kalaripayuttu - Kalari Kshetra: The southern state, of Kerala, has a unique culture, traditions, and art forms with a legacy of years that are practiced today.

Kala Kshetra exhibits two art forms Kathakali and kalarippayattu for the new generation to appreciate the beauty of India Art and Culture.

Kalarippayattu is a martial art that teaches physical techniques like grappling, rolling, and blocks using varied weapons curated for the art.

Kathakali: The ancient art of Kerala takes you back to narrating the story through eyes, hands, and leg moments. The costumes and makeup are different to portray the characters of the stories.

Timings: Kathakali: 5 AM-6 PM Kalaripayuttu: 6PM-7PM.

Price: 400 Per Head.

Traditional methods of Kerala to retrieve.
A pic from the thewindmunnarr website.

05. Ayurvedic Spa

The atmosphere of cities in Kerala is soothing, and therapies at retreat centers are the cherry on top for the tourists to rejuvenate themselves naturally.

Nourish yourself to vigor for your concerns with ayurvedic spa, yoga, meditation, and exercises on white sand beaches amid the green hill slopes with the soothing music of birds for a surreal experience.

The therapies are done depending on the weather, climates, and skin type to enhance the system.

Timings: 6 AM-7:30 PM

Price: The price varies from 2500 - 5000 depending on our choice.

Cycle ride along the spice gardens of Munnar.
A pic from the coconut resort website

06. Mountain Cycling

Mountain cycling is an off-beat expedition to imbibe the lush green valleys of Munnar apart from trekking.

Meandering on the curvy routes of Munnar Valley on a bicycle and finding the rivulets with your friends is another way to solace on your vacation.

Price: 1500-3000 Rs.

Timings: 8 AM-12 PM and 2 PM-6 PM.

Resonate the happiness on Munnar hills.
A pic from the experience Munnar website

07. Camping

The meet point of three mountain ranges Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala is the Echo Point. Tourists with the troop spend an evening reverberating voices, watching the sunset, and hunkering down at a campfire after a 600ft hike.

The echo point is the most visited place in Munnar after Tea estates as the bird view of green hills is striking with minimum cost & making it one of the cheapest things to do in Munnar.

Price: Adults: 30rs Kids:15rs

Timings: 6 AM-7:30 PM

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Tech Update
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