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Ladakh Checklist: 6 Must-Know Things Before Visiting Ladakh

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Are you excited about the Ladakh trip?

The trip you have been planning since your school days is finally happening!

But a lot of questions come up in our mind about restaurants, atmosphere, necessary things to pack, safety and whatnot.

We have tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions in this blog. In this Ladakh checklist, you will get to know about 6 must-know things before visiting Ladakh, so you do not regret it later, “Wish I knew this before”.

Follow the below list of contents for better navigation!

Read this blog to get most of your FAQs answered and prepare for your trip to Ladakh
Submerge yourself in the eternal beauty of Ladakh, captured by Darshan Chudasama, credits: Unsplash

01. What should I pack for the Ladakh trip?

  • Clothing: Irrespective of the season you choose to visit Ladakh, it gets always cold there. You should always carry some warm clothes to Ladakh. Comfortable jeans and trousers for hiking/trekking. A wind-proof jacket, thermal inners, gloves, and extra pair of socks.

  • If you are traveling during summer, carry light woolen clothes so you can layer up comfortably. It will help you protect yourself from fluctuating temperatures and keep you warm. If you are planning to visit in winter, carry heavy woolen clothes to sustain the weather conditions. Read out this blog to learn about which season is best for the Ladakh trip.

  • Always carry a lightweight bag while traveling to the mountains. A 70-80L bag will be suitable for trekking as well. Also carry sunglasses, sunscreen, SPF lip balm, flashlight, candles and matchbox, power bank, a light blanket, tissue rolls, sanitizer, and bag locks.

  • You can carry some nutritious snacks like nuts and dry fruits, fresh juices, or cup noodles. Completely avoid alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, or else you may suffer from acute mountain sickness.

02. What medicines should I carry?

  • You should always keep some general medicines, for headache, painkillers, or mild fever, handy as you might feel a bit low due to higher altitudes.

  • Keep your first aid kit with you to help in case of any injuries. You can also take glucose drinks to give you energy and keep your body hydrated. It is best to consult a doctor beforehand to get some medicine for acute mountain sickness.

  • Take oxygen tablets with you as you may need some time to adjust to the low level of oxygen in Leh Ladakh. You can prefer any of the following tablets: 1. Diamox, 2. Aspirin/ Disprin, 3. Dexamethasone.

  • We advise you to first consult your doctor before taking any medicines with you. Do tell them about what health issues you have, if any.

  • You can also rent oxygen cylinders which are easily available in Leh Ladakh to avoid any intake of medicines.

Follow the blog to be best prepare for you trip to Ladakh
Valleys of Ladakh captured by Nomad Bikers, credits: Unsplash

03. Is it safe to go to Ladakh?

Absolutely YES! Whether you are planning to go with your family, friends, or your soulmate, Ladakh always ranks first in your favorite tourist destinations.

Not only does it give you wonderful memories to cherish for your life, but it is also safe to travel to. Here are multiple reasons, and to-do activities for the Ladakh trip with your better half.

There have been attacks in Kashmir by Pakistan or China but only limited to the villages situated close to the borders. Leh Ladakh has never been affected by them. There is zero political turmoil in tourist destinations. So, you can be tension-free while traveling to Ladakh.

Solo Traveler:

As a solo traveler, even for a female solo traveler, Ladakh is one of the safest places to visit. You get an opportunity for exploring the city in your own way.

With the easy-to-access facilities and amiable people of Ladakh, it becomes really convenient to go even as a solo traveler.

Just be careful of your safety and do not take on unnecessary overnight trips. Find a suitable hotel or tent to stay in and enjoy the trip hassle-free.

Ladakh is absolutely safe to travel even as a female solo traveller.
Solo trip to Ladakh will give you thrill for life, a shot by Vikas Anand Dev, credits: unsplash

04. Can I visit Ladakh with my kids?

  • Even though Ladakh is very enjoyable, the harsh weather conditions may not be very suitable for young kids. As a parent, you need to take special precautions. Consult your pediatrician to know if your child is healthy enough to go on a Ladakh trip.

  • The children need time to acclimatize to the high altitudes and low levels of oxygen. Give them a complete day's rest while you stay at your hotel to avoid any problems. Do not travel to very high altitudes as not all children are able to adjust themselves. They might feel nauseated or experience diarrhea issues but it is completely normal for a child. Just make sure that you carry their medicines with you all the time.

You can travel with your kids to Ladakh which is completely safe.
Make a family trip to Ladakh stress free, shot by Kei, credits: Unsplash

05. What documents are required to visit Ladakh?

Whenever you are traveling you must carry some essential documents because you never know when they are needed.

So it is best to keep a few documents, if not all, to avoid any inconvenience in traveling. If you are an Indian, carry any of the following:

  • PAN Card

  • Aadhar Card

  • Voter Id Card

  • Driving License

  • Any other document issued by the Govt. of India

If you belong to any other nationality, carry your Passport and Visa valid for your stay in India during the period in which you want to visit Ladakh.

Carry copies of your identity proof as you will have to furnish them and fill up forms at many places. You also need to get an ILP to access some parts of Ladakh.

06. What permits are required to travel to Ladakh?

You can travel to Leh without any permits. Post-2014, many permits are no longer needed to visit most of the areas in Ladakh. You can visit Pangong Tso Lake, Khardung La, Merak, Tso Moriri, Nubra Valley, and other unrestricted areas with your ID Proof only.

You need ILP to visit some restricted areas in Ladakh such as Batalik Sector, Chumur, Hanle, Tsaga, Chushul, and areas beyond Loma Bend. An ILP or Inner Line Permit is issued at Leh. It is valid for only three weeks from the date of issue. It costs around Rs. 400 per person to obtain ILP.

As a foreign visitor, PAP (Protected Area Permit) is required to visit most parts of Ladakh. A fee of Rs. 550 (approximately) will be levied per person while you apply for PAP. Apply at least one day before you travel and mention the specific places you wish to visit.

You can apply to District Commissioner in Leh or simply ask your hotel reception to get you the required permits. You will need to submit your ID Proof as well.


We hope we have been able to answer most of your queries. You can check out our more blogs that will help you decide the best season, restaurant, and in fact, reasons to travel to Ladakh. Make sure to read them for a complete guide to Ladakh.

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