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Top 10 Hidden Gems You Must Visit in Manali

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Manali has captured the hearts of tourists all around the globe and is one of the most popular tourist spots in the state of Himachal Pradesh, and rightly so. It offers a wide range of destinations covering the requirements of all travelers, from photography freaks to adrenaline junkies. From the beautiful scenery at Rohtang pass and Jogini falls to the thrilling adventure activities at Solang valley, Manali truly has it all. However, there are many places in Manali that people miss on their visit due to them being less popular or unknown entirely. In this article, we will give you the Top 10 Hidden Gems You Must Visit in Manali.

1.Trekking away from the Solang Valley crowd

At Solang Valley, one of the most popular destinations in Manali, there is always a bustle. Thousands of People visit the valley every year to enjoy multiple activities offered at this location such as ice skiing, zorbing, paragliding, and even snow scooters. However, very close to the valley, there is a location that is not visited much but offers a beautiful opportunity for sightseeing and offers a peek into the religious significance of the town of Manali.

The Anjani Mahadev temple is a beautiful temple approximately 3 km away from the valley; visitors can easily trek to this location. The temple has a natural Shivling that forms during the winters and takes one away from the bustle of Solang valley. The location is sacred and a great visit for people that love offbeat trekking and wish to have darshan of this holy site.

2. Experience the Buddhist side of Manali.

If you are interested in the Buddhist culture and heritage and Lahaul and Spiti valley is too far away, Do not despair, Manali can offer a great alternative. The Himalayan Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple is a hidden gem close to the bustling Manali mall road.

The location is a 5-minute trek away from the mall road and is the perfect location to experience the serenity and soothing energy of Buddhist temples. The location has a huge statue of Sakyamuni, and there is a monastery nearby of the Gelugpa sect with a large colorful prayer wheel. This location is incredibly soothing, and the aura of calmness is truly breathtaking.

3.Peek into the culture of The people of Manali at Rumsu village:

The village is near the Naggar castle and the Jaggatipatt temple and is a tiny village where it is as if time has stood still. The people here worship the ‘Jamlu Devta’ and it is a charming location with small wooden houses and a beautiful view of the valley. You can see local people making the local shawls here using a traditional handloom called the Khaddi. This location is truly a hidden gem and is highly recommended for offbeat travelers.

4. Enjoy a serene evening at the Jana falls:

The Jana Falls, near Naggar Castle, is a beautiful waterfall with a soothing aura around it. The location is 12 km away from the Castle, and you must trek through lush pine and deodar trees to reach it. The location offers beautiful scenery of snow-capped mountains and is a satisfying nature retreat.

The location is not crowded and has the Maniram’s Dhaba nearby. The Dhaba offers delicious local cuisine, including red rice and siddu, and is a must-visit location for offbeat travelers.

5. Hiking to Goshal from Old Manali

The village of Goshal is a small yet gorgeous location near The Manu Temple in Old Manali. The trail to reach the village is simple and serene. You will pass through multiple apple orchards and gurgling streams while enjoying the view of snow-capped mountains overlooking the village. The village shines during the spring and is a beautiful offbeat location to visit in Manali. Do not miss the delicious locally made peach pickle called Lingdi’ pickle, a Himachal specialty.

6. The Temple at Jagatsukh

The Jagat Sukh temple, known as the Gaurishankar Temple, is a 1200-year-old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is absolutely stunning, with intricate stone carvings in the Shikara style and a beautiful view of the valley.

The location is truly a delight for off-beat travelers and offers a peek into the culture and heritage of the people inhabiting Manali.

7. The Twin Villages of Shanag & Buruwa

The two villages are situated along the Leh- Manali highway and are absolutely serene. These traditional villages offer a pristine scenery of the Rohtang pass and River Beas. The drive to these locations, through apple orchards, is truly magnificent and is situated near the Nehru Kund on the highway. This place is truly a hidden gem and is quickly becoming a sought out location for high-end cottages.

8. Gulaba, the valley of flowers

Gulaba is a delight for nature lovers and is known for the beautiful Local Flora and Fauna. This location is often called the valley of flowers and is a great spot for picnics and photography. From here, many visitors start their trek to Bhirgu lake.

During the winters, this location is very crowded, but otherwise, this location is a perfect spot for people to visit for a serene view and an experience away from the Manali crowds.

9. Prini village, a serene experience

The village is located along the Manali- Jagatsukh road and is a beautiful location with its own waterfall and a stunning view. The location is covered with paddy fields, and moisture in the air is refreshing and rejuvenating. This is a great location that is not well known and is covered with lush flora all around.

10. Experience Himachal heritage at Naggar

Naggar is a historical location on the left banks of the River Beas and is quickly becoming a popular location for travelers to visit in Manali. There are multiple great places to visit here, such as the Naggar castle, Roerich Art Gallery, and some historic temples such as Tripura Sundari Temple, Gauri Shankar Temple, and much more. The view from Naggar of the Kullu valley is truly mesmerizing; it is a highly recommended hidden gem in Manali that you must not miss.

These are our top picks of the top 10 hidden gems in Manali you must visit. We hope this blog was helpful to you and that you thoroughly enjoy your trip to Manali.

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