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Top 16 Wellness Destinations in India to Relax, Recharge and Revert.

A holiday to heal your body, mind, and soul is an essential booster dose to fight against the odds and do better in Life. A soothing therapy along with significant changes in your lifestyle reciprocates your well-being. During your stay at these centers, you learn the importance of family time, self-building, health, and lifestyle while incorporating them into your daily life.

Wellness Centre in and around your city.

Choose the best places to treat yourself naturally.

Ancient methods to compose and cure.
A picture from Kerala ayurvedic website.

Kalari, kovilakom, Kerala-

Kerala is the ideal place for the alternate practice of medicine Ayurveda treatments to restore your health. Kalari is among the best places to retreat yourself through authentic therapies and oil massages. This place is flocked by many foreigners every year to rejuvenate mentally and physically.

Spread Across: 20acres

Packages Include- Rejuvenation packages, destress programs, relaxation packages, detoxification, etc.

Wooden cottages for the clients.
A picture from Leela's ayurvedic website.

The leela, kovalam, Kerala:

Ayurvedic solutions according to the body’s constitution are proffered by the well-trained staff while curating a package to the customers. Finest vegan meal, full body workout to self-reflect. This center is mostly known for its weight management treatments

Spread Across: 20acres

Packages include- Weight management programs, detoxifying, and de-stress activities.

Solace on the banks of Backwaters
A picture from the Kerala tourism website.

Sarovaram ayurvedic center, Kerala –

Sarovaram ayurvedic center has programs for all ages and special retreat packages for families and groups. On the bank,s o backwater,s this sarovaram is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna.

Spread Across: 19acres

Packages Include- Family retreat packages.

Solace on the banks of Backwaters
A picture from the Karakonam website.

Kumarakom Kerala-

This center bagged many certifications for its packages and expert services to make Ayurveda a way of life. The detoxing procedures, oil massages, retreat therapies, and overall wellness programs would give us insights along with solutions to the concerned issues. We can also take home cold-pressed oils for massage and spa treatments

Spread Across: 12 acres

Package Includes: De-stress massages, Detoxifying packages.

Mind and Muscles relaxing massage
A picture from the Ayurbethaniya website.

Ayurvedagram heritage wellness center:

Ayurvedagram is the most renowned wellness center with many awards for its services and proven results. The ambiance of this center takes back to the 17th century following traditional healing methods, food habits, and equipment. The Karakoram This wooden cottage gives you an ethereal and soothing experience while you lay back, relax, and drop all your issues. This setup stands out for creating quiet cottages in the busy city of Bangalore.

Spread Across: 9 acres

Packages Include- Immunity Packages, Online yoga packages, Health specific packages.

A soothing dinner night under moonlight.
A picture from the Thrillophia website.

Shreya’s yoga retreat, Bangalore -

A luxurious resort for all your comforts with great private pools, air amplifier theater, Playground, and spa center. This center is mainly known for the yoga sessions and camps set up by trainers to practice daily depending on their mental, and physical health. The detox methods, organic farming, and panchakarma practices that act as stress busters can add to your routine.

Spread Across: 21 acres

Packages Include- Boutique treatments and skin glow massages.

Yoga hall to practice and meditate.
A picture from the ayurvedic center's website.

Indus valley ayurvedic center, Mysore –

Indus valley Center solely works on traditional procedures for treating any complaint. This center lies on the five elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. Compositions and management of these five elements of our body are examined during our stay and taught us to balance them to control our mind showing physical results.

Spread Across: 25 acres.

Packages: Ayurvedic treatments for a week program to month packages are available.

The aerial view of wellness center.
A picture from the Trivago website.

Soukya International Bangalore-

Soukya international is a holistic health center to embrace your needs to cater to mind body and soul. The promotion of treating health-related issues and integrating naturally is their sole purpose. A wide range of health programs helps customers to dilute their concerns.

Spread Across: 30 acres.

Packages Include- Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy, and other complementary therapies that are customized according to the requirements.

Wellness center on the Himalayan Hills.
A picture from the Himalayan Institute website.

Kayakalpa, Palampur Himachal Pradesh:

Kayakalpa Palampur focuses on Yoga to play with the magic of practicing small things to fix them by ourselves. This center nestled on the hills has certified doctors, yogis, and therapists to serve. They provide acupressure, colon therapy, diet therapy, and physiotherapy based on the body’s treatment responses.

Spread Across: 20 acres

Packages: Customized packages after body testing.

 A villa to recharge amidst the green valleys.
A picture from the wildflower resort website.

Wildflower hall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh:

The intervention of illness, medical treatments, and wellness programs effectively change our lives. Tranquilize on nature’s lap amidst the woods of pine, and cedar in the valleys overlooking the jacuzzi. This is a luxurious retreat center to bestow customers with Asian, traditional, and western therapies to rejuvenate their customers.

Spread Across: 23 acres

Packages: Spa, Massages, and detox packages.

A traditional methods for rejuvenating.
A picture from the Ananda spa website.

Ananda in hills Rishikesh—

Meditating in mountains to calm your mind, body, and soul while spending time in silence with yourself helps to address the concerns. Mid of Sal forests Ananda in Rishikesh retreats your heart and soul to release tension, stress, and anxiety-related issues. This resort is ranked no 1 for helping customers in their wellness journey.

Spread Across: 100 acres

Packages Include- Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Reiki, and Reflexology are included in spa packages.

Luxurious spa treatments to pamper.
A picture from the Vana website.

Vana, Dehradun --

Believing the authenticity of practicing the ancient livelihood and following them to nourish the body with our intake and admire the gift of nature is imbibed on our trip to this resort. The customers here are called “Vanavasis” as they discard all habits and are here to relearn.

Spread Across: 21 acres

Packages Include- Ayurveda, Sowa Rigpa, and yoga in day-to-day life.

A vegan meal served on the shores.
A picture from the Devaya website.

Devaya, Goa:

Land at the beach view resort to pamper yourself at Devaya, a luxury spa pavilion that is a tranquil haven for revitalizing the body and soul. To get the physical benefits, mind building, massages, and refreshments activities

Spread Across: 50acres

Packages Include – Boutique spa treatments and skin treatments.

The center to heal your ailments.
A picture from the Nimba website.

Nimba nature cure, Gujarat-

Nimba means offer ‘good health’ in Bengali, as the name says this center cures many health issues like Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, muscular, and endocrine. The treatment used many ancient procedures to heal them completely and turn out their habits in a healthy manner. Ayurvedic doctors, yogis, and therapists in this center are magicians as they would do miracles for many lives.

Spread Across: 50 acres

Packages Include- Treatment according to customer needs.

Meditate to de-stress.
A picture from the Nature cure website.

Atmantan, Maharashtra:

Atmantan offers ample opportunities to its clients with a varied range of retreat activities customized based on health and body checks. The customers staying at the center must follow the dress code according to the activity and must spend 3 days on the premises.

Spread Across: 40 acres – soothing sole.

Packages Include- Panchakarma, weight balance, and cleansing therapies.

Eat, Sleep, Retreat, and Repeat a healthy and sustainable lifestyle at these wellness centers and avail the best value at The Tarzan Way.

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