• Vidhi Gupta

Top 6 Must-Try Romantic Things in Gokarna For Couples

Updated: Sep 16

Gokarna is a not-so-popular, small temple town in the state of Karnataka. It is a popular pilgrimage destination but also is one of the best places to visit for couples. It is particularly famous for temples like the Mahabaleshwar temple etc.

Gokarna is a slightly less glamorous version of Goa and is also cheap in comparison to Goa. So, to experience the fun of Goa on a tight budget, Gokarna is a must-visit for couples.

Let us discover some of the top romantic things to do while on a vacation to Gokarna.

1. Go for a walk on the beach

The cheesy beach romance vibe while on a walk at the beach is what Gokarna is popular for. Enjoy a romantic walk on the beach with your partner listening to the sea waves crashing and feeling the soothing breeze in your hair.

Walk on the sinking sand, holding hands and laughing at inside jokes. This will surely get the dopamine in your body rushing at high speed.

Romantic things to do in Gokarna
A walk on the beach - Image by Wix

2. Camping under the night sky

There are a variety of resorts in Gokarna that offer this wonderful experience of camping under the stars.

Watch the night sky full of shiny stars, sitting comfortably in a cozy tent next to your partner. Enjoy the perfect bliss of nature and love here.

Places to visit in Gokarna
Camping - Image by Wix

3. Have a romantic candlelight dinner

There is nothing better than a cozy romantic candlelight dinner with your loved one sitting next to you. If you are visiting Gokarna, this is a must-do for every couple.

There are many resorts and restaurants that offer couples this wonderful experience. Go to one such resort and book a table at the seaside.

Enjoy dinner in the soft glow of the candle listening to soft music and the sound of sea waves crashing. What could be more romantic than this?

Gokarna places to visit
Romantic candlelight dinner - Image by SJ.

4. Enjoy a relaxing couple spa

Some popular resorts in Gokarna offer private spas for couples. Have a rejuvenating experience and relax your body, mind, and soul with this couple spa.

This will relax your muscles and also get the sparks flying with your partner. This moment is intimate, private, and peaceful at the same time.

Best resorts in Gokarna for couples
Spa - Image by Wix