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Top 10 Budget Destinations in India You Must Visit in 2022

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Over the years, India has seen a huge inflow of both foreign and domestic tourists travelling to all the different parts of India. As the choices for destination rise, so do the rates in all the exotic and popular destinations.

During the peak tourist season, the prices skyrocket, making it almost impossible for people on a budget to travel. But some places in India perfectly cater to anyone looking to travel on a budget.

It is also perfect for students who want to take a moment of relaxation away from their hectic study schedules, people who are willing to spend a few days with their friends, colleagues looking to save some money for the next big buy, or someone looking to travel solo but still looking to spend less for some reason.

In this blog post, we have covered a list of options that serves as a great choice for budget destinations in India.

Let's dive right in!

Budget Destinations in India

India has a number of budget destinations making it a prime location for budget travelers. If you're in the market for a new budget destination, you're in luck.

Below is a list of the best budget destinations in India that you should try.

1. Darjeeling – Land of refreshing chai’s

A view of Darjeeling hills with hills rolling in the backdrop
Credit: Joy Amed via Unsplash

Darjeeling is an enthralling hill station at the foothills of the Himalayas, famous for its quaint and serene homestays and lodges.

Aside from it being one of the most noteworthy destinations for its famous views of the mighty ranges of the Himalayas, it has also gained traction for offering the most delectable cup of chai.

The town is also famous for being extremely budget friendly and serves as a great destination for friends and family looking for a cozy getaway from the city.

Best time to Visit - March to June; October to November

Average Cost (Stay & Food) - ₹1000-1300/day approx.

2. Gokarna – Of Pristine Beaches and Temples

Om Beach in Gokarna in the dawn of evening
Credit: Abdullah Ahmad via Unsplash

Hailed as the next big beach destination in India, Gokarna is a beautiful offbeat destination that is guaranteed to woo people from all walks of life.

From transportation to accommodations to food, there is an alternative to always keep your spending petite and your adventures hefty making it one of the best budget destinations in India.

The town of Gokarna also serves as a perfect combination to satiate both the spiritual longing and venturing into some intense physical pursuit like trekking, parasailing, or river rafting.

Best time to Visit – June to September

Average Cost (Stay & Food) - ₹800-1300/day approx.

3. Kasol – Ultimate Heaven for Backpackers

Parvati River flowing across the town of Kasol.
Credit: Ashwini Chaudhary via Unsplash

A hamlet in the confines of Himachal Pradesh, the little town bordered by the mighty Himalayan ranges is one of the most stunning places to visit in the state. It is also called the ‘Amsterdam of India’.

The iconic and magnificent coniferous forests with clear streams flowing through, the lush green valleys, and the blanket of snow covering the town during winters make Kasol a perfect getaway from the blaring hubbub of the city.

Kasol is also an inexpensive place to visit with the prices at their lowest during the monsoon season.

Best time to Visit – April to June; October to November

Average Cost (Stay & Food)- ₹1000-1500/day approx.

4. Kodaikanal – Princess of Hill Stations

A stunning view of Poombarai Village in Kodaikanal
Credit: Abhishek Prasad via Unsplash

An ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, Kodaikanal is a destination that will offer its visitors the chance to reconnect with nature.

The entire landscape of Kodaikanal echoes peace and tranquillity. Its subtle climate, rolling hills, luscious green surroundings, and mountains drowning in mists and clouds are what make this place sensational.

Although famous for its honeymoon packages, choosing from a variety of budget friendly food and lodging options makes Kodaikanal even more desirable.

Best time to Visit – October to March

Average Cost (Stay & Food)- ₹1200-1500/day approx.

5. Alleppey – Venice of the East

The backwaters of Alappuzha with a houseboat resting on it
Credit: Kunal Kalra via Unsplash

Alleppey is a dream destination offering its visitors the best of nature’s gifts. Known for its renowned backwaters, Alleppey is nothing short of perfect with its glistening water body, quaint villages along the banks, houseboats, and pristine stretch of picturesque beaches.

Even with so much going on, this alluring town is so easy on the pocket. With cheap stays, affordable foods and so many of its famous sites free to visit, Alleppey will surely be a paradise for anyone looking to travel cheap.

Best time to Visit – September to March

Average Cost (Stay & Food)- ₹800-1500/day approx.

6. Nainital – Awaken to Mists and Lakes

A bird's eye view of the town of Nainital
Credit: Shivansh Singh via Unsplash

Nainital is nestled amid the Kumaon Hills, one of the most loved getaway destinations in Uttarakhand. The hill station in the Northern part of India has long been an escape for people from cities in the summers.

Its crystal-clear emerald lakes, misty pine forests, colonial buildings, and surroundings make for a relaxing experience. It also offers a variety of budget-friendly homestays and lodging to choose from.

Best time to Visit - March to June; October to February

Average Cost (Stay & Food) - ₹1000-1400/day approx.

7. Pushkar - Touch Of Religious Temples and Tradition

Architectural heritage of Pushkar on the banks of river
Credit: Revv

Also called ‘The rose garden of Rajasthan’, Pushkar is home to fairs, festivals, and temples. It is a town bursting with life and spirituality.

Over the years, both pilgrims and tourists have witnessed the charm that Pushkar propels which has made it an adored destination.

Even though a lot of tourists, both domestic and international, flock to enjoy the grants of Pushkar, the town is still relatively affordable and generous with its prices. It is truly a budget destination in India.

Best time to Visit – October to March

Average Cost (Stay & Food)- ₹1200-1500/day approx.

8. Shillong – Scotland of the East

The curved winding paths in the forest of Shillong
Credit: Angshu Purkait via Unspalsh

An enchanting hill station with natural surroundings so serene and slow-paced, Shillong is an escape into a world of fluttering trees and rolling vales.

One of the most striking things about Shillong is the ability to slow down time with its unrushed surrounding and an aura of living in the old era of the calm and reposeful.

With streets bustling with food vendors and hotels offering extremely affordable pricing, you can indulge in a blissful experience in Shillong.

Best time to Visit – March to June; September to December

Average Cost (Stay & Food) - ₹1000-1200/day approx.

9. Mcleodganj – Perfect blend of hills and culture

hues of flags fluttering int he air with the town of Mcleodganj in the background
Credit: Holidify

A town drowning in the tranquil influence of Tibet, Mcleodganj, also called Little Lhasa is an ethereal destination to revel in some irresistible landscape.

It is home to the Dalai Lama and is a perfect amalgamation of the British and Tibetan heritage. The luscious greenery of the forests, majestic hills, scenic snow-capped peaks, and sprawling meadows with clear skies are what make Mcleodganj even more desirable.

With its inexpensive hotels offering pristine views of the town and moderately priced Tibetan cuisines, Mcleodganj perfectly caters to a budget traveler.

Best time to Visit – October to February

Average Cost (Stay & Food) - ₹800-1500/day approx.

10. Pondicherry - The City of French Quarters

A view of the sunset at Rock Beach in Pondicherry
Credit: Sarang Pande via Unspalsh

Pondicherry is one of the most iconic colonial-eraesque destinations that is brimming with stunning French quarters, unblemished beaches, ancient churches, and heritage buildings.

The colonial ambiance of the place with the confluence between the old and the new, French and Tamil cultures is what makes Pondicherry a noted destination to experience something unique.

Regardless of its fanciful lifestyle, the city still provides ample amount of affordability in terms of food and accommodation.

Best time to Visit – October to March

Average Cost (Stay & Food) - ₹500-1200/day approx

Final Words

Everyone needs a break. But not every holiday should cost you a fortune. So, try visiting one of these places, especially during the off-tourist season for more offers and price cuts.

Don't hold yourself back from taking that well-deserved holiday anymore. Book your tickets to any one of these destinations and enjoy all the offerings of these beautiful places.

Our blog post on budget destinations in India hopes to help you plan the perfect trip without breaking the bank.

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