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9 Best Offbeat Destinations in India (Updated 2022)

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

The tales of India being the ultimate destination for travel enthusiasts have long been associated with exotic locations offering some of the most enthralling experiences to tourists.

The tourist hotspots definitely have the charm for earning the right place given their alluring beauty. But if you are someone with a knack for straying from the path of the ordinary and always on the lookout for something unusual or off the beaten track then India is definitely your kind of place.

Given its large geographical area coverage, there are places that are waiting to be discovered. In this blog post, we will discover 9 of the best offbeat destinations in India.

Best Offbeat Destinations in India

Listed below are a few offbeat destinations in India that you might want to explore:

01. Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Credit: Getty Images

One of the most beautiful destinations in Leh, Ladakh, Nubra valley is a gem waiting to be explored. From aged old monasteries to bountiful orchards, this region of Leh, Ladakh is sandwiched between Kashmir and Tibet.

The breathtaking view of the valley where sights of sand dunes coupled with herds of Bactrian camels can be witnessed is what makes Nubra Valley even more appealing.

Best Time to Visit: June to August

02. Majuli Island, Assam

Credit: Alex Reynolds

A unique and captivating island that is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Assam is Majuli Island. It is the biggest river island known in the world and is located in the midst of the Brahmaputra river.

Known for its culture and marked by bamboo and thatch huts rising above the water body with lush green vegetation, this river Island is a wonder to behold.

Best Time to Visit: October to February

03. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Credit: Travel My Nation

A quaint town sitting on top of a hill, offering placid surroundings to any weary traveler looking for something calm and serene, Tawang is an escape from the loud city scene.

Home to glorious peaks and striking waterfalls, age-old monasteries lining the sidewalks of the town, Tawang is a natural beauty that will surely make a good location to experience some tranquility and peace.

Best Time to Visit: March to October

04. Dawki, Meghalaya

Credit: Northeast Tribune

An ideal location to revel in some time away from the upbeat normal life, Dawki is an exceptional place to rejuvenate yourself.

The crystal clear water of the Dawki river is a sight to behold. It has been a long-time favorite among visitors to enjoy a boat ride on the clear water which gives off a feeling of floating above the ground.

The strikingly clean surroundings as well as the forest mountains on the sides of the river and the bridge overhead make the place even more majestic and exciting.

Best Time to Visit: November to May

05. Valparai, Tamil Nadu

Credit: Tripoto

A beautiful hill station in the district of Coimbatore that echoes the tune of serene natural beauty, Valparai is a treasure that stands the test of time and beauty.

Surrounded by covers of tea and coffee estates, clean air, grand waterfalls, and thick forests all around, this town is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Another added bonus is the winding roads that take you to the town, which in itself is an experience of a lifetime.

The picturesque view of the town is best experienced not through pictures but through your own eyes.

Best Time to Visit: December and January

06. Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Credit: A better India

Another treasure tucked away in the confines of the snow-draped Himalayan mountain ranges, Tirthan valley is truly a paradise for nature lovers. The Tirthan river running across the valley adds charm to the already alluring beauty of the place.

It has been said that a visit to the valley will guarantee a return given the captivating aura of the place. It is also a hub of various adventure activities like numerous trek routes, fishing, and camping which guarantees a fun-filled visit.

Best Time to Visit: March to June

07. Bhandardara, Maharashtra

Credit: Thrillophillia

Nestled in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra, Bhandardara is a hill station that makes for a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This village is engulfed in lush greenery with a relatively cool climate throughout the year. It serves as a perfect retreat for backpackers from the city with mighty waterfalls adding to the escape experience.

It also offers an exhilarating hike to the Sahyadri ranges from where the views are nothing less than perfect.

Best Time to Visit: March to June

08. Gokarna, Karnataka

Credit: Getty Images

An unblemished temple town renowned for its Hindu shrines, Gokarna is a dream destination. Bordered by immaculate beaches and swaying palms, this coastal town is no doubt one of the most promising tourist destinations in the near future.

The Gokarna beach trek is a famous activity that appeals to adventure lovers since one has to trek a route of 10 km in order to reach the beaches of Halfmoon beach, Om beach, and Kudle beach.

Best Time to Visit: October to February

09. Loktak Lake, Manipur

Credit: The Culture Gully

One of the most beautiful lakes in the Northeastern part of India, Loktak Lake is a world in itself. The only known floating National Park in the world, this freshwater lake is so pristine that one will definitely fall for its charm without a doubt.

The lake is a natural wonder with a panoramic view of meadows and plains, and Phumdis which is a type of circular vegetation. It also boasts of housing the only known floating island in the world.

Best Time to Visit: February and March

Final Words

The places to visit in India are far and wide but these off-beat destinations will offer a glimpse inside the hidden gems of the country's well-kept secrets and thus reveal a whole new side to its appeal.

So, on your next trip to and around India, make sure you check out at least one of these places and taste the beauty of India.

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Tech Update
May 14

Tawang is definitely an offbeat destination in India and offers a unique and enriching travel experience. The serene landscapes, vibrant monasteries, and rich cultural heritage make it a must-visit for travelers looking to explore lesser-known destinations. I would highly recommend checking out the blog on offbeat places in Tawang for more insights and travel inspiration. Happy travels!

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