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Top Pet-friendly Destinations and Recommendations in India (2022)

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Some trips you take with friends, some with family, others with your partner or spouse. But taking a paw-some trip with your best furry friend is an experience that will leave an everlasting impact on you.

Furry and dependable, our pets are a part of our families. So when we venture out for trips and adventures, we always like to take our four-legged friends along for the journey. There are now more and more options for pet-friendly destinations in India.

However, traveling with your furry friends could be tricky even for experienced pet parents.

While the process requires a lot of preparations and considerations, it is not entirely impossible. There are some pet-friendly destinations in India that you and your pet will love as much as we do.

Best Pet-friendly destinations in India

Here is a list of pet-friendly destinations in India that we think you will love to take your furry friend to:

01. Kottayam

One of the best-kept secrets in the backwaters of Kerala, Kottayam is a vacationer's paradise. This lesser-known town is home to enticing views of sunsets, waterfalls, and serene settlements of humble fishermen on the banks of the water bodies.

Apart from the charms of Kottayam, it has also opened its doors to paw travelers who will love the endearing offerings of the town in the South.

You can choose from an array of pet-friendly hotels and houseboat stays for an unforgettable experience. Or take your furry friend for a picnic or stroll around the various waterfall sites for some fun.


Pet-friendly Hotels/Resorts in Kottayam: Eco Trails Houseboats, Lake Palace Family Resort, Green Garden Holiday Homes

Pet-friendly Cafes in Kottayam: Halais Restuarant

02. Bhimtal

Photo Credit: Collar Folk

The beauty and aesthetic of the stunning lake town of Bhimtal is an open secret that perfectly embodies the fancy of nature lovers. This peaceful town is ideal for both pets and pet lovers. The quiet and calming aura of the town offers an escape from the hubbub of everyday life.

You can take your furry friend for a hike or go overnight camping in the woods of Bhimtal and allow your pet a much-needed outdoor retreat.


Pet-friendly Hotels/Resorts in Bhimtal: Emerald Trail, Aamod at Bhimtal, Mountain Club, Oak Climbing Resort.

Pet-friendly Cafes in Bhimtal: iHeart Cafe Himalayas

03. Lonavala

Photo Credit: Pop Science

Lonavala, the most iconic getaway destination in Maharashtra, is teeming with lush green valleys, remarkable caves, stunning waterfalls, and serene lakes.

Lonavala is the perfect escape for you and your pet as the hill station host open fields where your pet can freely go about playing or taking a walk.

It is also a great place to take your pet to hike the routes of Lonavala which are fairly easy and extremely pet friendly.


Pet-friendly Hotels/Resorts in Lonavala: Camp Della Resort, Lonavala Holiday Homes, Rumours Sky Villa & Resort, The Bob House

Pet-friendly Cafes in Lonavala: Cafe Durga, Elephant & Co.

04. Jaipur

In the city of vibrant markets and majestic forts and monuments, Jaipur is the perfect culmination of all things beautiful and exotic about India.

As exciting as the chaotic streets of Jaipur sound, it is also true that your furry friend will love the city as much despite the unending rush.

Take your pet and explore the beautiful streets of Jaipur, go desert camping, or on jeep safaris for a rejuvenating experience for both you and your pet buddy.


Pet-friendly Hotels/Resorts in Jaipur: Woods Villa, Sunrise Health Resort, Haveli Kalwara

Pet-friendly Cafes in Jaipur: Halflight Coffee Roasters, Café Quaint

05. Pondicherry

Photo Credit: My Simple Sojourn

A lesser-known coastal paradise in South India, Pondicherry is an escape from all the chaos of the cities.

Pondicherry is a haven for seekers of tranquil surroundings with a lot of sunshine and captivating beaches. This French aura town will surely cater to your fanciful vacation requirement with your paw friend.

The seaside highways are ideal places to take your pet for a drive. The residential streets lined with bougainvillea draped gates and stunning colonial buildings will make for memorable morning and evening walks.


Pet-friendly Hotels/Resorts in Pondicherry: Dune Eco Group, Prince Park Farmhouse, Time Travellers Hostel

Pet-friendly Cafes in Pondicherry: Cafe Des Arts

06. Goa

The famous holiday destination in India, Goa is as gripping as it gets with its beaches, sunshine, and horde of friendly tourists.

Goa is a very pet-friendly destination. It is evident with a multitude of hotels and cafes that welcomes these furry beings. While in Goa, you can take your pet for a walk on the beach and enjoy the waves or take your dog out for a swim and unwind there.

Your pet will also love the open spaces and various trekking routes that will serve as an escape from the crowd.


Pet-friendly Hotels/Resorts in Goa: The Mandrem House Goa, Arco Irish British Homestay, Presa Di Goa Country House

Pet-friendly Cafes in Goa: Montego Bay Beach Village, GunPowder

07. Ooty

Photo Credit: Thrillophilia

Ooty is the most well-known hill station in India given the scores of stunning vistas of rolling hills and tea gardens. The winding roads of Ooty are also known for hosting the ideal route for taking our paw buddies out for a run or walk.

You can take your pet for a photoshoot amid the captivating green gardens or hike through the various lakes that adorn this quaint hill station. Ooty is also a great place to take your pets to relax in quiet and calm surroundings.


Pet-friendly Hotel/Resorts in Ooty: Destiny Farm Resort, Tulips Valleyview Resort, Ganga's Sri Balaji Cottage

Pet-friendly Cafes in Ooty: Le Cafe

08. Manali

Photo Credit: Liberty Honda

A quaint hill station nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Manali is one of the most loved destinations in North India.

It boasts stunning vistas of lush green hills and a whimsical old-world ambiance. And nothing better than taking your best pet friend to this charming town and enjoying time away from the usual park walks.

You can take your pet for a walk along winding roads and hike routes. Or you can just lounge on your hotel balconies and enjoy a quiet evening with your best buddy beside you.


Pet-friendly Hotels/Resorts in Manali: The Pine Palace, Mary’s Cottage, Chalet Windflower

Pet-friendly Cafes in Manali: Café Stories N More, Fat Plate

09. Kalpetta

Photo Credit: Thrillophilia

With evergreen surroundings, crisp clean air, and majestic hills meandering endlessly, Kalpetta in the outskirts of Wayanad is a dream destination. It is perfect for anyone looking to escape the tumultuous buzz of the cities.

Here in Kalpetta, you can take your pet for a nature walk amid the green hills or take a camping trip in the meadows or deep in the forests.

Various homestays and hotels will gladly accommodate your pets and offer open spaces for your pets to run around.


Pet-friendly Hotels/Resorts in Kalpetta: Greenex Farms, Wayanad Silverwoods, The Four Season Homestay

Pet-friendly Cafes in Kalpetta: Clay Hut


1. Where can I travel with pets in India?

There are a lot of pet-friendly places in India. Kottayam, Manali, and Bhimtal are among the most pet-friendly destinations pet-friendly in India.

2. Are there pet-friendly hotels in India?

Yes, there are a lot of pet-friendly hotels in India. Tree of Life Resort in Jaipur, Vivanta by Taj in Kerala, and Camp Della Resort in Lonavala are some of the most notable pet-friendly hotels in India. They also allow pets to run around freely and offer great pet-friendly menus.

3. Which airline allows pets in cabins in India?

Vistara, Air India, Jet Airways, and Spice Jet allow pet owners to travel with their pets in cabins in India.

4. Can I take my dog to Manali?

Yes, Manali is among the most pet-friendly destinations in India. Not only will your pet love the hill station with various outing spots but also the pet-friendly hotels and accommodations that perfectly cater to our paw friend's requirements.

Final Words

Traveling with your best pet friend is usually fun, exciting, and healing. Having your paw friend as a travel companion is both exciting and intimidating. If you are someone who loves to travel but doesn't like the prospect of leaving your furry friend behind then you must visit one of these recommended pet-friendly destinations in India. We can assure you that you will love every moment with your furry friend. Choose a pet-friendly resort in India or take them to a pet café from the recommendations. We are sure you will love them as much as we do.

Visit The Tarzan Way to curate your personalized travel plan with your pet now.

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