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Top Restaurants in Goa and Gokarna

Food is what binds everyone together and it is what gets everyone excited. On any trip, food is something that is refreshing and makes us happy. It is also very important to find the best restaurants because what good is any vacation without some good food, right? So, here we are back with a list of some amazing restaurants and food joints in Goa and Gokarna.


A trip to Goa is surely the dream. The beach vibes, sea breeze and most importantly the amazing Goan food is what attracts so many tourists to Goa every month. Goa is so much more than just pretty beaches and happening nightlife. Goa has a rich history of culture and heritage that is indicative of its present-day popularity. This rich culture also has its own traditional and delicious lip-smacking food as well. Today we present to you the best and top amazing restaurants in Goa. Here we go:

1. Gunpowder

Gunpowder is an aesthetic and beautifully pleasing restaurant in North Goa. It is basically an old Portuguese villa with its own charm and elegance. It is particularly famous for its prawn and pandhi curry which are loved by all. Their refreshing mocktails are a treat along with the delicious meals that they serve.

Cost: 1000 for two (without alcohol)

Address: No. 6, Anjuna Mapusa Road, Saunto Vaddo, Assagao, Goa 403507

top restaurants in Goa
Gunpowder - Image by World Orgs

2. Bomras

Bomras is a fine dining restaurant in Goa for an amazing culinary experience. It is an originally Burmese restaurant but they serve other varieties of food as well. They offer traditional foods from countries like Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and other Asian countries with authentic Asian cuisines. This place is a must visit for all food and adventure lovers.

Cost: 1600 for two (without alcohol)

Address: 1152, Opposite Our Lady of Health Chapel, Mazal Waddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509

best restaurants in Goa
Bomras - Image by CN Traveller

3. Vinayak Family Restaurant

If you want to get a taste of authentic traditional food of Goa, Vinayak Family Restaurant is a must visit for you. It is located in Assagao, North Goa and is famous among the locals as well. You might find some crowd here but booking prior reservations might help you save time.

Cost: 600 for two (without alcohol)

Address: House No 278, Socol Vaddo, Assagao, Goa 403507

best restaurants in Goa in 2022
Goan thali at Vinayak Family Restaurant - Image by Whats Hot

4. Anand Bar Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant cum bar is very popular for fish curry, prawns and authentic food of Goa. It is a cheap and affordable family restaurant with ample sitting area and beautiful ambience.

Cost: 800 for two (without alcohol)

Address: House 1451/1, Malbar Band, Anjuna, Goa

top restaurants in Goa in 2022
Anand Bar Seafood Restaurant - Image by Justdial

5. Suzie’s

This eatery loves to experiment with food and is a perfect destination for people who love to try new and unique food items. The special thing is that Suzie’s changes its menu every 6 weeks; this is so unique right? This place also has a beautiful ambience and décor; it is a must visit place for romantic dinners or if you want to have your meal under the open sky.

Cost: 1200 for two (average)

Address: 531 House Suzie's Lane Near Chari Garage, Assagao, Bardez 403507

top restaurants of North Goa
Suzie's - Image by TripAdvisor

6. Felix Goa

Felix Goa is a great restaurant, bar, coffee shop and a lifestyle working space all in one! It is a wonderful place to work, enjoy and eat at the same time. Naturally, it is very pretty and aesthetic in terms of décor and ambience. Felix also has an art gallery housing artworks of local artists for all art lovers to hang out here.

Cost: 1700 for two (without alcohol)

Address: Anjuna Mapusa Road, Mazal Waddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509

best restaurants of Goa
Felix Goa - Image by Felix Goa

7. Eva Café

Eva is a beautiful café in North Anjuna, Goa. This place has a wholesome vibe and is the prettiest place of the area. You can enjoy the view of the Arabian Sea from here. The food at Eva is also great and scrumptious. Eva has a relaxing environment and is the best place for spending a relaxed evening.

Cost: 700 for two (without alcohol)

Address: House No. 129/45, Anthony Street, Dmello Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509

best restaurants of North Goa
Eva Cafe - Image by

So, this is all we had for you today for best restaurants in Goa. Whenever you visit Goa, make sure to visit all these restaurants for a delicious experience.


Gokarna, just like Goa, has a rich history of tradition and delicious food. There are several amazing places to dine-in in Gokarna that will make your taste buds do their happy dance. Here we will list some of the best restaurants in Gokarna for your next trip. These are:

1. White Elephant

Enjoy a relaxing meal here at White Elephant while watching the sunset at Kudle Beach. It is particularly famous for its momos and Indo-Chinese cuisines. Beverages like sweet lime juice and beers are also famous here.

Cost: 300 onwards (average)

Address: Kudle Beach Road, Dandebagh, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326

top restaurants in Gokarna
White Elephant - Image by TripAdvisor

2. Namaste Café

Namaste café has a lively ambience perfect for all types of crowds. Their sandwiches and fried items are one of the best along with their perfectly cooked dosas. If you want to have a quick snacking option of chai and pakoras, then this place is a dream for you. It serves just that.

Cost: 800 onwards for two (average)

Address: Om Beach Road, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326

best restaurants in Gokarna
Namaste Cafe - Image by Goibibo

3. Halfway Home

This is a vegetarian eatery in Gokarna and probably the most popular one too. It is owned by the locals of Gokarna and they serve the typical cuisine of North Karnataka, which is lip-smacking and delicious. The ambience of this restaurant has a lot of greenery, decorated with dream catchers and it offers a welcome change from the scorching heat of Gokarna.

Cost: 500 onwards for two (vegetarian food)

Address: Kudle Beach Road, Dandebagh, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326

best restaurant of Gokarna
Halfway Home - Image by TripAdvisor

4. Chez Christophe

It is a wonderful restaurant located on the beach. They aim to serve French cuisine with a fusion of Indian touch. You can also enjoy the calm view of the sea sitting and enjoying on the swings at Chez Christophe.

Cost: 2000 for two (average)

Address: Midle Beach, Belehittal Road, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326

best restaurant of Gokarna
Chez Christophe - Image by Trip Advisor

This is all we had in store for top restaurants in Gokarna, although the list is endless. If you ever want to visit Gokarna, make sure to try out these restaurants for delicious food. And if you ever want to plan a trip to Goa or Gokarna, The Tarzan Way is here for you!

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