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Tosh-Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

A perfect hideout for solo travelers. Every place has its own beauty and relevance for a traveler. Tosh is a place of magnificent mountains, beautiful terrain, and escaping landscapes. If you are lucky enough to travel in winters, you might come across snow-covered mountains all along your trek. A place of happy faces, generous localities, and a hub of solo travelers is all you would be in need of to escape your routine life. 📷📷📷📷 Tosh, situated a couple of hours away from Kasol, is a quick stay for a traveler who can eventually explore nearby villages like Kalga, Pulga, Nathan, and Kutla. You can engage in late-night discussions with the #Toshis or you can take a hike to #Kheerganga with other travelers. You can even discover little waterfalls and explore the nearby forest areas. And well, do not forget to savor the delightful and mouthwatering food that the Cafes offer!

If it is #Shanti that you crave for, this has to be on your list! 📷📷

So when are you planning your trip this Summer? #TheTarzanWay #Explore #Nurture #Inspire

Read more about the travel experience from Himachal Pradesh in the blog written by Sandeep!!

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