• Naman Mittal

Ultimate Guide to Transportation in India post-Coronavirus

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

The Coronavirus has surely made us believe that the only constant in life is change, and this change has been life-altering. Every person is now preparing for a post-COVID19 world, a world where safety and survival will be the basic necessities, a world where masks and sanitizers will become more important than water and food, and a world where we’ll think twice before coming in contact with anyone new. It got me wondering how our commute will be different post-COVID, not just daily commute that will be different but how traveling in airplanes and trains will look like? Let’s take a look at how traveling in a post-pandemic world will look like specifically focusing on traveling in India in a post-COVID19 scenario.

Analytics of a survey for post-Corona traveling | Post COVID travel guide
What a survey of 6000 travelers told us about post-Coronavirus travel

The biggest industry when it comes to traveling and transportation is the airline industry. The pre-COVID revenue of the airline’s industry stood at 873 billion dollars in the world, which has now dropped to almost half of it! India had a passenger count of around 160 million in 2017! It’s safe to say that air travel will have the most impact considering the monetary juice it requires to maintain an airline.

How will Air Travel in a post-COVID world change?

How will the cost of air travel change post-COVID19 is the first thing that comes to our mind. While there is a common misconception that ticket prices are ready to soar, this is not true. Keeping in mind the fact that a traveler will want to choose safety over pleasure, the number of passengers is going to decrease. Not just for leisure, since all the offices have adapted and loved the concept of work from home, business travel will also come down significantly. As a meeting that earlier took hours of traveling and a lot of money can now be easily done by staying at home. Moreover, airlines will have to gain more trust in the travelers and will have to offer huge discounts too.