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The Infamous Haunted Sites of India!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

"When I was little, every night when the lights were turned off and I went to sleep, two dark forms would descend from the ceiling near the doorway into my room. They would quietly walk up to my bed and stood on each side of my headboard, staring at me. I would cover my head with the blanket until one day I dared to tell my mother. She put a lamp in my room and told me to pray. I sleep with a lamp on all night to this day."

The most spine-gripping stories are the most intriguing! Isn't it? They spur your adrenaline levels and brings into action, the mysterious fear of the unknown. You must have been a phasmophobic in your early days, being all ears to the ghastly folklores thrown by your grandma. But were they all factual, or did they never make any sense?

India, the land of superstitions, stores some of the most uncanny, and spooky stories from all around the world.

Not being verbose, here's taking you down to some of the most bone curdling places in India:


A board in Jatinga


Suicide - A common word for you folks. The word must have reached your cochlea plethora of times. Have you ever heard of bird mass-suicide? It sounds strange, isn't it?

Jatinga, a village in Assam is infamous as the 'bird suicide spot '. This spooky Bermuda Triangle for the birds remains inexplicable to date. In and around September and October, 44 species of birds behave abnormally between 07 P.M to 10 P.M. The birds, in a bizarre manner, strike their heads into torches, lights of the cities. After devoting their much-needed time in research, many ornithologists have claimed their theory. According to their say, during late monsoons, most of the water bodies remain flooded in Assam. As the birds lose their natural habitat, they migrate and Jatinga falls on their way. Most of the birds find it at ease to hover near the lights. They look bewildered and become prone to the villagers. Some of them are hit by a vigorous swing of bamboo poles by the villagers.

Though it remains to be confirmed yet; the phenomenon chills out to the spine of the listeners! If you want to read more about this scary place we recommend you to read the Haunted Indian blog, which has the spookiest stories.


A scary photograph at the haunted beach.
Dumas Beach


Beaches relax you out of the hullabaloo of your life. The undulating waves, invigorating atmosphere thrown by a beach takes you to paradise. Here's how Dumas Beach in Surat, comes into action and turns the tide :

Dumas Beach is one of the most sought-after recreational spots in Gujarat. Albeit, the beach has got something to offer out of the box to its visitors. The black sand is enough to give an eerie feel to the beach. The sand's black shade is because of the amount of ash created by burning the dead which got amalgamated with white sand of the beach and turned dark in shade. They say that the departed souls of the evil spirits saunter at the beach at midnight. Reports depict that several tourists and locals have gone missing from the beach. Locals have even heard weird sounds of someone sobbing out loud, in the presence of no soul on the beach. Many other paranormal activities have also been reported after the sun goes down. Those who dared to visit the beach after the moon showed up; they either never turned up to say or had the most creepy experiences to share. Dogs in the area behave abnormally around the beach after dark, conveying their discomfort with vocally, like howling and barking.

Though Dumas might behave just like any other beach during the day, it will have chills go down your spine after the sun bids adieu!

Want to give it a try?

If you want to read a first-hand travel experience of this scary beach then we suggest you read the blog of Nandini Deka, who visited this beach alone!


A train about to emerge from the Barog Tunnel.


Tunnels are usually long passages and offer something interesting on a railway journey. But, have you ever come across a haunted tunnel? Let me take you to one such!

Tunnel No 33, Shimla is the longest on Kalka Shimla rail route. Colonel Barog had been shouldered the responsibility of its construction. Barog played a gambit to speed up the process and asked the workers to dig the tunnel from opposite ends so that they meet at its midway. Barog's calculations went in vain and upon reaching the midway, it came to their attention that the tunnel was not aligned and the workers were just boring two different tunnels in different directions. The hapless fellow was on the receiving end and was fired from the contract, after paying a fine. Barog, unable to cope with embarrassment, just walked into the tunnel and shot himself dead. He was buried near the tunnel and the village was named after him. It's said that he has not left the tunnel since then. The locals and many travelers spoke of sighting his ghost in the new tunnel. The atmosphere in the tunnel is damn eerie.

Is it yet another concocted story or a thing to believe? I leave it for you to decide!

We also suggest you read the BikingMystery adventure, who wrote a detailed experiential blog about this scary place. You will get to know about the history and the present situation of this spooky tunnel.


The misty Dow Hill at night.
Dow Hill


Dow Hill of Kurseong is known for its divine beauty, forested hills, and orchid gardens. Wait! let me add something interesting to this list; a headless ghost, a haunted school, and a pinch of paranormal happenings. Does that sound spooky? Exactly! You have to digest this in one go. Here's us taking you to the most haunted and happening hill station in India :

Dow Hill, located about 30 kilometres from Darjeeling, will send shivers down your spine. The small stretch of road, called the death road, petrifies you with every mile. Local woodcutters have witnessed a young headless boy walking on the road and vanishing the very next jiffy. Folks feel like they are being followed by an obscure soul every moment. Some of them went senile after such happenings.

How would you react after catching a red-eye staring at you? It, certainly, sounds very spooky. A wandering woman, clad in grey clothes, adds to the paranormal vibe of the place. A boys' school nearby, is said to be haunted too. They say that the creepy vibe of the forest has leapfrogged to the school. The jinx in the air of the forest is such that hapless visitors either lose their mental balance or end up having their last breath.

If you want to know more about the scary ghosts living here we recommend a visit to the blog of Vargis Khan, and if you want to know more about the location and are planning to visit this are despite the occasional ghost sighting we suggest you visit Renuka's blog who has elaborately written about this place.

A profound request to all the faint-hearted souls: Do not turn to the hill, but if you do, do share your experience if you come back sound.


The infamous Fern Hill Hotel.
Fern Hill Hotel


Hotels put you at ease, be it any corner of the world. The comforting beds and serene ambiance ensures that you are pacified. But, have you ever imagined residing in a hotel where furniture keeps on banging the entire night on the first floor? And that too when there's no first floor in the hotel! Let me take you to this uncanny, yet a true experience :

Built-in 1844, Fernhill Hotel became the talk of the town during the shoot of a Bollywood horror thriller ' Raaz '. What happened with the movie crew will leave you bamboozled. One day, after the shoot, the choreographer and her crew had gone to hit the sack in Fernhill hotel. Amidst a blissful sleep, they woke up on hearing the rearrangement of furniture on the first floor. They made efforts to ring the reception, but the phone was dead. Their efforts to sleep, that disturbing night, went futile. The annoyed guests shared the entire incident with the receptionist the very next morning. But, they could not even imagine in their wildest dreams that there was no first floor in the hotel. This left them stunned and was hard to register it completely. Post this incident, the hotel was even shut down for a certain period due to reports of paranormal activities.

Did it run your blood cold? Was that enough to haunt you for a moment? The incident is still a 'Raaz' for its readers!

Catching the glimpse of a shadow or a nearly transparent form in the shape of a person floating around at night can be a life-altering experience on many levels. Such an event is capable of stirring up several feelings ranging from shock and disbelief to feelings of calmness and acceptance. Even more interesting about ghostly encounters, is when multiple people witness the exact event and corroborate the sighting without hesitation. It will take overwhelming, measurable evidence to prove the existence of ghosts, but that has not stopped believers from investing their time and resources into a potential discovery capable of changing everything we know and understand about reality. Well, even if you’re not in the forest, telling short ghost stories is a brilliant way to pass the time, so we’ve rounded up some of the very best ghost stories for adults from around the internet that are sure to frighten you. Pass the marshmallows!

In the end, beware as-Roses are red, violets are blue, look around, cause someone is watching you!!!!

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