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Ultimate Travel Guide For An Indian Voyager

India is primed to welcome the international tourists planning a holiday for the new normal travelogue. India would be a perfect novelty trip for foreigners with distinct climatic conditions, livelihood, traditions, and sovereignty while exploring varied people, food habits, historic sculptures, shopping hauls, venerated shrines, and serene landscapes. Being an absolute vacation spot, post covid there are a few careful considerations before you plan a travel to India.

Look into the details mentioned to ease you while prepping your itinerary for the popular destinations of India and explore delicacies in the narrow streets of old Delhi, Royal forts of Rajasthan, and heritage sites of Madhya Pradesh, temples of Bhuvneshwar, shopping the handicrafts at Hyderabad and boat house stay at Kerala backwaters. All the metropolis in India has a unique charm to accord the foreigners to take back the best memories from the land of Mystery and Diversity.

Get the shot for safe travel to bustling country.
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Vaccines and Norms before Boarding:

Check your vaccinations dues and dates before the trip and verify the vaccines approved by WHO before booking up to the bustling cities of India. Air travelers must complete the 'Air Suvidha self-declaration form'. Travelers from specified countries need to upload their vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test report to support their Air Suvidha declaration. Rules and restrictions change timely depending on the number of cases; check it before your takeoff. COVID-19 restrictions including night curfews, section implements, and limits to public transport capacity are continued in some states and union territories.

The list of the vaccines approved in India

Trek on the Indian streets with light carriers.
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Minimal Backpack:

Post pandemic the backpack needs to be updated with some essentials like sanitizer, disinfected spray, masks, and a medical kit. One needs to also carry a record of your prior travel and health history, vaccine certificate, and handy covid test kits. Carry the Indian currency, passport, and license if any in your pockets for road trips to ease travel time during toll checks, borders, and high alert areas. Pack only the essentials as the tourist destinations in India are well furnished to provide the best experience for the guests (Aditi Devo bhava)

Take a tour of heritage and historical sites of India.
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Curating an itinerary for your trip to India:

Make a flexible trip as a long voyage would be tiresome initially and do plan a backup for unforeseen delays and shutdowns. Try planning your expedition according to the seasons to experience the best times in India. Preparing for a holiday on Christmas eve, and enjoy the best new year’s bash while staying at shacks in Kerala, Goa, or Puducherry. Planning a trip in monsoons then Gujarat, Rajasthan, and most of the southern parts with slight showers and a soothing breeze bestows the best time for travelers. In summers the hill stations like Dalhousie, Manali, and North-Eastern states would unleash high temperatures and save you from the ferocious sun. The central part of India is an all-time favorite destination with the best temperature, famous shrines, and heritage sites to add to your itinerary at any time of the year. Give it a go for the traditional attire of Indians while visiting the shrines as few temples and mosques have dress codes to follow during darshan.

Tourists shopping handmade arts and crafts on the streets.
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Points to consider:

  • Remember to continue the covid habits like social distancing, sanitizing, and face shields.

  • Take home the handmade souvenirs or best-crafted gold jewelry made by traditionally practiced craftsmen.

  • Cope with Hindi while interacting or traveling with natives.

  • Avoid cramped places and unhygienic food giants.

  • Ensure you have a manual plan as the internet can’t be accessed at remote and high-altitude places.

  • Try on bargaining skills at the popular shopping streets, the favorite time pass of Indian women.

  • Relive your stress and treat minor body aches with natural ayurvedic massages.

Travel across India with the best travel buddy-like travel way to ensure your holiday without a hiccup. Get the best out of your time, money, and energy on your fun-filled and safe journey to the cultural land.

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