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7 Unique Things to Do in Rajasthan for a Great Vacay (2022)

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Rajasthan is a land of delights, and there are many ways to have fun here. It is known for its palaces, forts, and dancing women, but there is much more to this state than these great tourist attractions, and there are many aspects to Rajasthan that will not only astound you but will also provide you with an incomparable experience of the region.

The land has many magnificent places in all of its locations, including local districts and even towns, where you may observe many strange things that are unique to the globe.

Rajasthan is a lovely destination to visit and find many beautiful and strange things, and one may explore a large area to do so.

It is not only because the state belongs to the royals, and the state's culture flashes glimpses of those royalties at every turn, but also because the people of this state are deeply religious, and they believe in many things and events that are traditionally associated with faith, and these beliefs have remained strong to this day.

Things to Do in Rajasthan

There are a bundle of unique things to do in Rajasthan. These are as follows:

  • Meeting unseen ghosts and knowing their stories

  • A hot air balloon ride

  • Having Laal Maas

  • Spending night at Golden Sands

  • Staying in a Royal Residence

  • Visiting Bullet Baba Temple

  • Exploring Wildlife

01. Meet the Unseen Ghosts and learn about their stories

Rajasthan is the state having the greatest number of locations associated with ghost stories and unexplained events.

There are a variety of locales that are known for their eerie legends and unexplained happenings, ranging from the stories of the legendary Bhangarh Fort to the abandoned Kuldhara village.

And it is for these reasons that they are more appealing and attract a big number of people to visit them to learn the truth. Every single individual who visits these locations remembers to tell their experiences for the rest of their lives.

So whether it's the princess and the magician story of Bhangarh Palace or the abandoned town of Kuldhara that was flooded with people in a single night, they're both terrifying and may frighten people if you travel back in time.

The Archaeological Survey of India maintains the Bhangarh Palace, and there is a restriction sign prohibiting visitors from entering the fort before sunrise or after sunset due to strange occurrences inside the fort, such as fearful cries, strange scents, and unusual sounds.

When it comes to the Brijraj Bhawan, which is a hotel, there is a section of the hotel that is haunted and linked to a British haunting spirit, and the Jagatpura, which is also renowned for its roaming witches and white pictures.

02. A Hot Air Balloon Ride will take you to new heights

Hot Air Balloon Excursions are one of the most exciting activities available in Rajasthan, and these rides are not limited to just one city; travelers may enjoy hot balloon rides in other cities to see the state's natural beauty.

The capital city of Jaipur, which is the center of balloon rides, is the perfect place for fliers to start. The experiences are unforgettable, and only those who fly high enough may enjoy the spellbinding pleasure of viewing the city from above.

Following Jaipur, travelers may have good balloon flights in Udaipur, where they can enjoy a soaring experience of about 45 minutes on the high balloon rides to explore the lakes and palaces.

Hot balloon flights are not only accessible in these locations, but also in Pushkar, a lovely religious city where you may soar over the sacred Pushkar Lake and a plethora of temples.

This may be one of the ideal adventures for honeymoon couples visiting Rajasthan for their romantic vacation, and they should not miss out on the high-altitude flights.

03. Lal Maas (Delicious Lal Maas)

Laal maas is a royal delicacy found in the state of Rajasthan. You can have it in other parts of India, but it should not be left in the state where Lal Maas was born.

This traditional cuisine, which originated in the state's Royal kitchens, is cooked with red hot chilies in a rich stew mixed with local spices and served with naan or missi rotis.

There are several opulent establishments in Rajasthan's numerous cities where you may sample this delicacy, and the meal is cooked with desi ghee, which adds a layer of richness to the dish and makes it more filling.

Lal Maas is one of the greatest non-vegetarian options in Rajasthan, and it is served with every sumptuous meal or dining experience in the state. After a rigorous tour of any part of the city, the menu is just what you need to refuel your energy, and the spicy flavor will stimulate all of your senses.

04. Spending a Night on the Golden Sands

Spending the night under the stars and on the beautiful dunes of the Thar Desert will be an unforgettable experience. You may choose from a variety of night safari campgrounds where you can camp and have fun overnight.

The best place for a night desert safari in Jaisalmer, and no one should miss out on the chance to sleep in the dunes. It's no less than an adventure, and it's unquestionably entertaining.

Your night stay will be filled with unique dinners, and various tourism service providers will organize folk dancing and music, which will be complemented by bonfires and the greatest luxury camp stays.

You may select from a variety of desert safari camps offered by various service providers, and they are priced to fit your budget. Your night stay will be escorted by expert guides, and you may also go on a camel safari on the dunes before or after the night stay if you choose.

05. Staying at a Royal Residence

Rajasthan is known for being a land of royals, so it's safe to assume that the state is full of palaces and royal architecture.

However, while many palaces are maintained by the state government and some are preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India, many royal palaces have been converted into heritage hotels.

And with their service and hospitality, these hotels will go to great lengths to make you feel like a king or queen. Many such hotels may be found in the royal cities of Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Jaisalmer, all of which provide extreme luxury and plenty.

Many royal houses have been converted into historical hotels, with separate rooms containing the king's and queen's items to demonstrate their lifestyle and way of life, so you should have the opportunity to experience such opulence.

These vintage hotels will provide you with the greatest dining as well as safari possibilities.

06. Visiting Bullet Baba's Strange Shrine

Rajasthan is a state rich with strange sites and legends, and the Om Baba Temple, popularly known as the "Bullet Baba Temple," is no exception.

The main deity of this temple is a Bullet Bike. This seems both intriguing and strange, and it's located in Jodhpur's Pali area. The temple is situated on the Pali-Jodhpur route, and it is believed that anyone who worships it would have a safe voyage.

The deadly accident of "Om Banna," named after Om Prakash Rathod, who died while riding his motorbike on this route when it collided with a tree, is the cause of this myth.

When the local police tried to get the bike into the station following the accident, it automatically went back to the ditch where it had fallen, even after being shackled with iron chains.

The temple became famous as a result of people believing in the power of OM Banna's spirit, leading them to think that his ghost aids distressed visitors.

07. Investigate The Walking Tigers at Various Wildlife Refuges and Sanctuaries

Rajasthan might be one of the ideal sites to learn about the sands' flora and wildlife, as well as India's.

In this state, there are a lot of animal sanctuaries and national parks located in several cities that may provide you with excellent views of birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Some of the most popular areas to watch tigers include Sariska National Park in Alwar, which has leopards and tigers, as well as many other wildlife sanctuaries, including Ranthambore National Park, which is one of the most popular.

Final Words

We hope that you enjoyed our blog on things to do in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a beautiful and diverse region in India, and if you have not had the chance to visit before, we hope to have provided you with some new information.

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