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Unlock 6.0: India's hidden treasure

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Travel Industry was the most affected due to the pandemic. The outbreak of coronavirus turned the whole world numb. The world had to stay inside their houses for several months. But life doesn't stop, right? Slowly everything is opening as the 'new normal.'

Travel Industry has stepped its foot back. Few states have opened for tourism. let's see what they have to offer


Uttarakhand is a state in the northern part of India. It is called the land of Gods due to numerous Hindu temples and pilgrimage centers found throughout the state. It is known for its natural environment of the Himalayas, the Bhabar, and the Terai regions.

Uttarakhand Travel Plans | Travel during COVID 19 pandemic

Places for tourism

1. Rishikesh

Rishikesh, the most serene place in northern Uttrakhand is surrounded by hills and bisected by the wide and sluggish Ganges, is often claimed as the `Yoga Capital of the World’. It is an excellent place to meditate and study yoga. Rishikesh is known as the good starting Laxman Jhula point for treks to many Himalayan Pilgrimage.

Activities in Rishikesh:

  1. Witness the Ganga Arti-The city hosts Ganga Arti at the Ganges.

  2. Uttrakhand is known for river rafting and is one of the most adventurous sport. It is completely safe for non-swimmers as well till the time they have their life jackets on. Shivpuri is the main white water river rafting hub in Uttrakhand and the best season for river rafting is from 1st September to 30th June.

  3. Yoga

  4. Camping on the bank of Ganga- Rishikesh is a city blessed with serene Ganga River

  5. Bunjee jumping- It is an activity where you jump off the cliff wearing a harness. The harness initiates a recoil until the harness is completely stretched out.

  6. Giant Swing- It is an activity quite similar to Bunjee Jumping but here instead of a free fall the rope and harness are connected to fixed point when you jump.

  7. Waterfall trekking- Trekking to the waterfall is an adventurous activity since it involves walking through the jungle on narrow trails.

  8. Cliff Jumping - This activity involves jumping off the cliff into the waters of Ganga


  1. Rishikesh is famous as the world’s yoga capital. Every year they organize a one-week long international yoga festival.

  2. The city got its name in the ’80s when the famous musical band the Beatles came to visit this authentic city of India.

  3. It is also known as the ‘Gateway to Himalayas’ and is the starting point for the Char Dham Yatra.

  4. It is also widely known for its spiritual and mythological traits that make it special from other cities around.


Chopta is a small settlement and valley that is located in Uttrakhand, which is very popular among tourists, mainly because of the number of options it provides for exploring, adventure buffs, and trekking enthusiasts. The entire region is a haven of beauty, especially for the ones who are looking for a good place to relax.

Places to visit

Trekking and camping, Embracing the local life, visiting temples, wildlife safari.


  1. It is also called as mini Switzerland of Uttrakhand.

  2. There is the visibility of 41 Himalayan peaks and a panoramic view of the Himalayan Mountain Range from Chopta.


Dhanaulti is one of the fastest emerging gems among travel destinations in Uttrakhand. It is a peaceful serene place as it is away from the crowds, busy market places, and pollution. It is situated amidst the thick virgin forest of Deodars, Oaks, and Rhododendrons.

Things to do

  1. Sky Walking-This is a new adventure activity that gets you to walk upon 360ft long single wire rope at a height of 120ft.

  2. Cave Exploration- One can explore the hidden cave of Pandavas located 6KM before Dhanaulti.

  3. Village Tour- One must discover the beautiful Pahadi Villages which are full of scenic views having exceptional architectural houses.

  4. Mountain Biking – The best way of exploring the scenic town of Dhanaulti on your bike is this sport of mountain biking which will give you a therapeutic experience.


1. It is also known as an Icy Haven.

2. It is the base point for numerous treks into the snow-capped Himalayas.

3. There are temples located here which are existing right from the Gupta Dynasty.

Travel Guidelines for covid-19


Goa is situated on the southwestern coast of India within the Konkan region. Goa is mainly known for its magnificent beaches, sculpture, and nightlife. It is considered best for a bachelor's trip.

Since Goa is best known for its beaches here are few beaches one must visit

Morjim, Baga, Candolim& Calangute, and Sinquerim are few of the best beaches in North Goa whereas Arrosim, Majorda, Mober are the few best beaches in South Goa.

Goa is very popular for its nightlife and one must visit these clubs to enjoy its nightlife

  1. LPK- Love, Passion, Karma

  2. SinQ Night Club

  3. Las Olas

  4. Owl Night Club

Goa Travel Guide | Best places to travel during COVID 19

Tourist Attractions

Basilica of Bom Jesus

This is the oldest church in Goa and is one of a kind. It's declared as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. It's known for its flawless baroque architecture. It is located in Bainguinim about 10km away from Panjim. The basilica of Bom Jesus is 408 years old and is still open to the public every day.

Harvalem Falls

Cascading from an astonishing height of more than 50 meters above the ground, the Arvalem Falls is a scenic destination, adored by people who visit. A place to relax, rejoice and unfold in the arms of nature, the fall will bedazzle you right after the monsoon. The gushing sound of water streaming through the rocky setting makes an alluring spot for many adventures.

Fort Aguada

This fort is a 17th-century Portuguese fort which is one of a kind in Asia and the highlight of this attraction is the four-story lighthouse from which one can get a spectacular view of the sunset. The fort has also been used as Aguada fort. It has a statue in front of the jail which gives a touch to patriotism.

Dona Paula

Dona Paula is located 7kms away from Panjim. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions due to its vast stretches of beaches. Dona Paula beaches are popular for water sports. This place is a popular shooting site for Bollywood movies.

Travel Guidelines for covid-19


Rajasthan is located in the northwestern part of India. It is known as the 'Land of Kings'. Rajasthan is a colourful state having a strong culture and a vast history. This state is a mark of heroism since many brave kings were born in this state. It still has the essence of its past. There are many forts yet in Rajasthan which were built by the deceased kings. Here are the few tourist attractions in Rajasthan.

Hawa Mahal Jaipur | Rajasthan Travel during Lockdown | Best Travel Destinations during COVID 19


Chittorgarh also called Chittor was the capital of Mewar under the Rajputs. It is home to Chittor Fort Chittor evokes memories of great heroism and sacrifice by Rajput men and women in the intermittent battles that they had to fight against invaders. The city stands strewn with monuments and battlements as evidence of blood and gore that it went through in medieval times.

Places to visit

ü Chittorgarh Fort

ü Kalika Mata Temple

ü Vijay Stambh

ü Kriti Stambh

ü Rana Kumbha's Palace


1. The Chittorgarh Fort is the largest in Asia.

2. Chittor is also known for Pannai Dai.

3. It is said that Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers, built the Chittaur Fort.


Udaipur is popularly called as 'City of Lakes'. This is one of the most serene city as Udaipur is situated in a valley surrounded by four lakes. It has the most beautiful view and is a crown jewel of the state. When one rides through the waters of Lake Pichola, it will justify why Udaipur is the pride of Rajasthan.

Places to visit:

ü Lake Pichola

ü Palace of Udaipur

ü Fategh Sagar lake

ü Eklingji Temple

ü Vintage Car Museum


1. Udaipur was created by Maharana Udai Singh and it became the capital of Mewar Kingdom.

2. It is popularly known as the ‘City of Lakes’. The city has an interconnected lake system which helps in the regeneration of groundwater and regulates the climatic conditions.

3. Lake Palace or Jag Niwas in the Lake Pichola is voted as the world’s most romantic hotel in the world.

4. Udaipur is said to be one of the most prominent Zinc and Copper mining destinations.


Bikaner is a beautiful manifestation of everything that Rajasthan encompasses. From forts to palaces, from Havelis to temples, from colourful desert life to mouthwatering food; this town has it all. Being slightly off the tourist radar is a blessing in disguise as the place has managed to retain its original charm.

Travellers will find that the old part of the city still preserves magnificent merchant Havelis, not by converting them into tourist sites but by making them livable. Bikaner is now a trade centre for wool, building stone, salt and grain. Bikaner woollen shawls, blankets, carpets and also ivory and lacquerware handicrafts are famous.

Places to visit

1) Lalgarh Palace

2) Junagarh Fort

3) National Research Centre on Camel

4) Gajner Palace

5) Shri  Laxminath Temple


1) Bikaner was founded by Rao Bika, son of jodhpur’s maharaja. it was formally a princely state which joined India after the partition. 

2)  Bikaner is also known as camel city. It is famous for its camel festival which is held every 12months in January.

3) The Bikaner fort(Junagarh fort) was never attacked by anyone.

Travel guidelines of Covid-19

Unlock 5 has few states opened for tourism but even though tourism has been resumed one must follow the guidelines given strictly. Tourism would not be like how it used to be but still, these amazing places with their peaceful and serene view would make your trip a memorable one. These were few states which are opened for tourism.

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