Urban Legends: Surviving the Night

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

It was a rough year for Mr T, he lost his mother, and his younger brother in a terrible car accident. The death of his mother particularly shook him up, they were very close. Unable to process this tragedy he lashed out in his workplace. He was subsequently fired for disorderly conduct. He also went through a heartbreaking divorce from his high school sweetheart. Life, he thought, couldn’t get much worse.

Two months passed by. In the meantime, he had bought a new car. He had successfully bounced back and landed another job. But it was a hectic one, he was constantly traveling and buying a new car made sense to him. But it was not just the practicality, he wanted to buy a new car for some time now. Driving was the only thing that stopped his mind from wandering off. He liked the way the wind felt in his hair when he drove swiftly in the empty roads of the night, he loved to smell the aroma of the new leather. The reflective blue color gave off a particular shine to the eyes of the onlookers.

Mr T was racing his car in the eerily empty roads of Darjeeling that fateful night that made the oblivious Mr T shudder. The deafening silence was broken only by this solo traveler. Going up and down these isolated hills would have been dangerous but Mr T was not scared. He had just closed an important business deal in the morning. He was in line for a promotion in his new job. Things were finally taking a turn for good.

A car driving on an isolated road.