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A Guide to the Perfect Week-long Vacation to Goa in 2022

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The lovely sandy beaches of Goa are what attract a majority of its visitors. However, there is far more to discover in this coastal paradise, including interesting museums, wildlife sanctuaries, stunning waterfalls, exquisite churches, picturesque Portuguese districts, and old temples. It is far more reminiscent of Europe than the other places in India.

Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Judaism are all represented in the culture of Goa. So, you can see how people from many cultures and beliefs interact harmoniously. You can also comfortably speak to the people there in English.

There are many ways in which you can go about spending your week in Goa. You could choose to laze around on the beaches and in your hotel room or maybe use up your time to party at a few of the nightclubs or maybe even go on treks.

We’ve divided the plan into two parts; one that covers the North and the other that covers the South of Goa. Now, you don’t have to compromise on either! If you want to experience a little bit of everything, then just follow this guide to the perfect week-long vacation in Goa!

Kick off your trip with the frenzy of the North

The part of Goa in the North is like a boho haven and a popular party destination. The place is much more than that, though. Majestic forts, stunning cathedrals, hopping flea markets, and a wide range of other things of interest can be found scattered throughout a great number of locations.

1. Spend a day by the endless coastline

A beautiful and vibrant beach in Goa
Image by Limecar

When in Goa, you must spend at least an entire day entertaining yourself by the beach. You can either choose to spend the day on a beach like Vagator which is a hub for tourists or on a quieter beach like Morjim, or Butterfly beach.

While you’re there, you can also indulge in a few water sports or visit nearby pubs. There are plenty of activities available, such as parasailing and banana boat tours, so options are not something you’ll have to worry about. The beaches in the North of Goa are usually filled with people, so while you’re there you can always make some new friends and indulge in different activities along with them.

Number of days: 1

2. Explore the quirky gems of Panjim

An internal road between the colorful houses in Panjim
Image by Happymind Travels

The core of Goa is in Panjim. It has the ideal balance of everything—beaches, restaurants, shops, architecture, and more. Visit Dona Paula first thing in the morning. Street markets in the North allow you to enjoy Goa's liveliness and charm while live music floods the ambiance.

You'll also be pleased to know that there are usually numerous food stands that line the streets. You should spend at least two days in Panjim. The first should be used up to take in the magic of the streets. Go on a shopping spree and get yourself some unique jewelry and souvenirs.

You can also visit the numerous exhibits and museums that showcase some valuable and significant artifacts of Goa. On the second day, you should go sightseeing to all the monumental forts and learn about their history.

Number of days: 2

3. Uncover the appeal of Old Goa

The front of the majestic Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa
Image by Travlics

Your itinerary must include a stop in Old Goa if you want to discover the true essence of Goa and plunge completely into its history. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a great place to start your day. From here, go to the Museum of Christian Art and the Se Cathedral. You can learn a lot about the history and traditions of Goa from these breathtaking locations.

Travel to Miramar Beach from Dona Paula. The majority of Goa's wealthy residents reside in Miramar and Dona Paula, where you can see the difference by the wider avenues and tree-lined streets.

Number of days: 1

Unwind in the South

Many people tend to overlook South Goa because it is a region of Goa that not many people explore. It doesn't match the common notion of Goa being a place of loud music, partying, nightclubs, and a mix of restaurants serving food that isn’t the specialized Goan cuisine.

Compared to the hectic life of North Goa, it is calmer, greener and cleaner, and undeniably more peaceful and that is exactly why it is ideal for a pleasant vacation.


4. Camp on Cola beach

A couple of tents put up on Cola beach
Image by Thrillophilia

An exciting thing to do in South Goa is go camping by the beach, and Cola Beach is a great location to do that. The beach is flanked by a number of affordable and deluxe camps, so you can decide according to your budget.

You don't need a permit to camp at the beach, so those who prefer the old-fashioned method can also set up their tents in a calm spot on the beach. Camping in Cola may also be done in a fairly unusual fashion thanks to the lifeguards at the Beach who frequently rent out their huts for a night's stay.

Number of days: 1

5. Admire the horizon from Cabo De Rama

A bird's eye view of the Cabo de Rama beach
Image by Adventure Buddha

The Cabo de Rama fort is situated at the sea's border, once you cross the slick off-track road. You'll find it between the well-known South Goa beaches of Cavelossim and Agonda.

You can reach the fort's top by one of its two paths, and its on-site church via the other. By visiting this historical landmark, you will undoubtedly gain a wealth of knowledge about all the fort has experienced in the past. This fort is well known for offering travelers the most magnificent sunset views.

Number of days: 1

6. Scavenge the streets of Palolem for little trinkets

Palolem street market filled with people
Image by Treebo Hotels

Go to Palolem if the absence of people around you starts to feel a little overbearing and you miss the hustle and bustle. It's one of South Goa's busiest beaches, with lots of dining and retail opportunities.

Don't forget to practice your haggling skills before you go shopping for gifts for friends and family back home!

Number of days: 1


1. Which is the least expensive month to visit Goa?

Usually, October is the least expensive month to visit Goa.

2. Where is the best place to stay in Goa?

North Goa has the best places if you want to experience the spectacular nightlife and crowded beaches. South Goa is a wiser choice if you want to spend your Goa vacation peacefully and unwinding.

3. What is Goa known for?

There are numerous magnificent beaches in Goa. The breathtaking coastline provides tranquility and breathtaking sights for visitors to enjoy while they unwind in the sun.


Goa has been named the best vacation spot in India for fun, excitement, and peace. Given that Goa is close to the Arabian Sea, has a warm temperature, lovely beaches, and spectacular natural scenery, this makes perfect sense.

Your next one-week vacation to Goa could be at any time of the year, because there is always something going on here, from parades and festivals to cultural festivities. Its breathtaking surroundings call out to the explorers and you should know that it is worthwhile to learn about the culture that underlies every building.

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