The Great Indian


Regular Price - $30

19th & 20th October

28th & 29th September

180 minutes

Scavenger Hunt

$25 per person


Join us on this journey to explore your city while you submerge yourself in the Indian culture, history and heritage;

Be on a lookout for clues, solve riddles & earn points to win

 An all-inclusive travel experience in India worth $3000.


How it works?

Register for the hunt

alone: $25; as a couple: $45

Solve riddles to reach 5 locations around your city.

Complete different challenges in all the spots.

Earn gold coins and win your free trip to India. :)


Be a part of a story, including Kings, Gods, Devils and your guide, Narad Muni the famous travelling musician.

You may join in as a lone wolf or with your better half.

Be on a lookout for clues and riddles, solve the problems to reach 5 spots around your city to fulfil your challenges.

Every challenge will take place in your city and will be related to the Indian culture, history, traditions and heritage. 

Explore your town & gain maximum points to win an exciting 6-week travel experience in India.

And, the winner gets

A fully paid Social Travel: North India travel experience worth over $3000.






We'll take care of everything.






What you will be doing 

Meaningful Volunteer Work


Engage with locals

1 (2).jpg

Visit the famous Taj Mahal in Agra

Image by Shalvi Raj

Camping, Bonfire & Adventure Sports


Cultural, Heritage & Food Walks

Agra fort (2).jpg

Camel Riding & Desert Safaris

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-28 at

Experiential Yoga Programme

Experiential Travel Yoga Program in Rish

And many more immersive and cultural activities over a period of 4 weeks.

Click here to read more about the experience.

Learn more about  Social Travel North India travel experience.

Frequently asked questions

Tell me more about "The Tarzan Way".

The Tarzan Way is a travel based startup with the vision to innovate and simplify travel. We provide personalized travel plans, bookings and 24/7 live concierge without any commissions and transparent prices. We curate locally immersive & experiential travel programs to empower local communities and to provide travellers with a taste of culture, history and traditions of whichever place they visit. Our mission is to bring in creative ideas in the industry while simplifying the entire process of creating a travel itinerary, bookings and so on, because we believe that Travel is an art of experiencing different realities, and everyone deserves a chance to wander.

Why "The Great Indian Hunt"?

We're a young travel based startup operating since past 3 years running locally immersive and socially relevant travel programs. Over these years, we have been regularly getting mails from travelers who were interested in traveling to India but did not have the required funds, since a 6 week long program usually costs above $1000. So we took this, as an opportunity to launch our first scavenger hunt, for only $30 which can be experienced by travelers in any location, which helps travelers explore their cities/towns/villages while getting immersed in the Indian culture, traditions and history. And the best part, as we've mentioned before is that one winning team gets to spend 6 weeks in India experiencing our Social Travel: North India travel program worth over $1800.

Why should I participate in this hunt?

1. Fun & Adventurous - A scavenger hunt is an exciting journey to take with your friends, meet new people and try out new activities. The participating teams will find themselves in a wide array of unique experiences such as competing in a dance-off with a street performer, talking to strangers while solving riddles, learning about the unique history of India, and exploring their surroundings as a team. 2. Travel & Culture - Who wouldn't like to immerse himself/herself into another country's culture! Throughout this hunt, you'd be delving the Indian culture, history, traditions, cuisines and what not. It would give you a chance to live like a explorer for a day with your team. 3. Personality Development: A fun way to improve yourself as an individual. During the few hours as a part of the hunt, you'd be given several challenges to crack and think out-of-the-box to earn more and more points. It would help you improve your interpersonal skills as well as communication skills while you'd be interacting with people around your city and exploring your surroundings. 4. Bonding With Friends: The Great Indian Hunt is definitely something off-beat to try with your best friend or your significant other; The challenges would give you a chance to bond with this exciting journey. And last, but not the least, 5. The Grand Prize: Get your chance to join our Social Travel: North India travel experience and get free flight tickets, stay, meals and all acitivites for 4 weeks across the northern part of India, including the capital city, New Delhi; the beautiful amalgam of adventure and spiritual travel, Rishikesh; the land of Maharajas, Jaipur; Famous for Taj Mahal, Agra and 13 other breath-taking locations. Not to forget a wide array of activities, like river-rafting, camel riding, visit to the elephant village, the rikshaw tours, Bollywood Dance classes and so much more in this experience worth $3000.

How many teams in total are participating?

To make the competition fair for everyone, and due to limited resources, we've kept a cap of 80 teams to be participating for the hunt. This will make sure there are not too many teams to compete against, while at the same time it's not a competition between minimal amount of teams, which makes it achievable yet challenging and thrilling at the same time. May the best team win! ;)

What kind of "tasks & challenges" will we be performing?

As much as we'd like to tell you the tasks and challenges, we're keeping them a surprise. All we can tell you is that you'd be given a riddle/puzzle/task, which will lead you to a location where you will have to perform a challenge, which will help you win gold coins and lead you to the next locations. You'll be visiting 5+ locations and performing various challenges as well as bonus tasks in the earliest time possible to win the grand prize.

Is there a venue for the hunt? Is it online?

The hunt is designed in such a way that you'll be reaching local areas around your city/town/village with your team mate or your friends and perform challenges and tasks accordingly. The communication with The Tarzan Way's coordinators, allotments of tasks, proofs that the tasks are completed and so on will take place online through WhatsApp Groups.

What is the duration of the hunt?

The duration of hunt is 180 minutes, i.e. 3 hours.

When is this hunt happening? Are there any slots?

The hunt is happening on 18th & 19th October in 6 time slots, 3 each day. The participating team can choose the time slot according to his or her convenience.

Can I participate in more than one slot?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate in more than one slot.

Can I join with my friends?

You can either take part as a lone wolf or as a couple with one of your friends.

Any pre-requisites required for the hunt?

You do not require any specific set of skills; just a sharp mind and comfy shoes with a fully charged smart phone and an active internet connection would do. :)

I don't know anything about India; what are my chances of winning?

Don't worry! Even if you don't know anything about India, the hunt is designed in such a way that anyone without prior knowledge has an equal chance of winning. All you need is to think out of the box, be aware and have lots of enthusiasm.

Does the hunt require physical strength?

Absolutely not. You're just supposed to be active and have a competitive spirit

Can I take help from my friends who're not participating?

Definitely, you can involve your friends who're not participating in the competition, though if you win the competition, the prize can only be availed by the registered participants. The others can (if they've actively taken part in the hunt) can avail a 15 % discount if they travel to India with the winning team.

What if I lose?

Note that the scoring is based on number of gold coins or points the participating teams have earned. The first five runner-ups would receive a 25% discount and an additional $30 off on our Social Travel: North India program. All the remaining participants would receive a $30 off on our Social Travel: North India program. Apart from that, if you prefer any other travel experiences, you can avail the $30 discount within a 2 year period. :)

How does the winner get selected?

For all the challenges and bonus rounds, the participating teams will achieve gold coins. Moreover, there will be bonus tasks and challenges for an extra set of gold coins. The team achieving the maximum gold coins over a period of 180 minutes would be declared as the winner.

What if there's a clash between two participating teams?

A clash round between two, or even more participating teams will be resolved by a 3-minute Trivia Round where the participants will be asked questions related to travel, related to India and the world. The team which answers the maximum questions in the earliest time would win. :)

What will I exactly get if I win?

The winning team/participant will get a chance to join Social Travel: North India which is a culturally immersive and socially relevant travel experience. The experience includes 4 weeks of accommodation, meals, and travel to 16+ different cities over the northern part of India. Various activities including bollywood dance classes, white water river-rafting, adventure getaway, ziplining, camping, trekking, visit to an elephant village, pottery classes, walking tours, city rikshaw tours, and volunteering with NGOs are a part of this travel experience. If you win, all-round flights to and from India, your accommodation in India, meals and transportation in India, a travel coordinator at all points, feedback lunch meetups, along with all the activities will be covered. For more information about Social Travel: North India, you can click here.

What if I win and I'm unable to join for the 4 week trip due to some reason?

Don't worry! The dates for the travel experience will be selected according to your convenience. You can avail the trip during any point of time within a 2 year period. Otherwise, it is transferrable, i.e. any of your family members or friends can avail the experience during the 2 year period.

What about my Insurace and VISA if I win?

Once you win the hunt, you will be allotted an Experience Captain, who will take care of your travel experience from that point onwards. He will help you out with your VISA, Travel Insurance and any other specifics required for the program. Your experience captain will also provide you with a pre-arrival brochure, packing list and all the relevant information required for the experience.

How do I register for the hunt?

To register for the hunt, you can either click here or at the register now mentioned below, which will lead you to the payment portal. Once you make the payment after adding the relevant details, you'll receive a confirmation email from our team. Try and register before September 5 to avail the early bird discount. :)

Why there is a registration fee?

We've kept a limited number of teams, i.e. 80 due to our limited resources and since we're looking for only serious participation from the interested travelers, we decided to keep a nominal registration fees of $30, out of which $1 goes to charity, while the remaining would help us with the administration costs for the hunt. The hunt is specifically for passionate travelers who want to visit India, but are unable to visit due to financials constraints. Even for the losing participants, we're offering numerous discounts ranging from 15%+$30 on the overall fees and up to 40%+$30 of the overall fees for Social Travel: North India experience. Note that this fees can be redeemed for any travel experience with The Tarzann Way over a period of 2 years.

What if I've registered but I can't take part in the hunt?

In this case, you have the following options - 1. Try changing your slot timings; The hunt will take place in 6 slots, 3 each on 28th and 29th September, you can choose a slot according to your convenience but make sure to inform us at least 7 days before regarding the same. 2. You may ask your friends or family to participate instead of you. 3. You can apply for cancellation and you can either receive a refund if you apply 14 days before start of the program, or you can avail $30 later for any travel experience in India with The Tarzan Way

Are there any early bird discounts?

Yes, there is an early bird discount for people who apply before September 5, 2019. Lone Wolf: $25 ; Couple: $45

I'm having issues while proceeding the payment.

If you're unable to make the payment, kindly get in touch with us and we will get back to you within the next 6-12 hours. If you want an immediate response, you can reach out to us on WhatsApp.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you are unable to take part in the Great Indian Hunt, you can avail a complete refund if you cancel 14 days or more before the start of the program.

How do I know this is not a scam?

- As a travel company with our mission to bring transparency and flexibility for the travelers, we can assure you that this scavenger hunt is completely legitimate and there will be complete transparency in the selection process. All teams will be divided into groups of 10 and added to a group each and the scores will be mentioned in the groups to ensure transparency and fair play in the process. -Company verification details - PAN: AAGCT8887K TAN: DELT15842B GSTIN: 07AAGCT8887K1ZF We are a registered start-up recognized by the Indian government for bringing something new and unique in our industry and directly helping in the growth of our nation. Our start-uprecognition number is DIPP27070. -Putting our formal recognition aside, we have hosted international travellers from all over theworld (possibly from your city as well!) and our travellers love connecting with young travellers ready to take up a new experience. You can check out some of our reviews here.

I want to talk to an executive to know more about this.

Definitely! You can reach out to us here and we will get back to you within the next 6-12 hours. If you want an immediate response, you can reach out to us on WhatsApp.

How much is the registration fees?

The registration fees for one participant is $30 and for a couple is $50. Note that even if you lose, this fees can be redeemed for any travel experience you choose with The Tarzan Way over a period of 2 years.

Kindly read the next section with the frequently asked questions very carefully.

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28th & 29th September

180 minute slots;

Three slots for each day; 

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