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13 Unique things to do in Sikkim

  1. Hang gliding

  2. Mountain biking

  3. Rock climbing

  4. Paragliding

  5. Trekking in Goecha la

  6. Bungee jumping in Singshore bridge

  7. Dzongiri trek

  8. Caving in North Lha Rhi Nying Phu

  9. Yak safari

  10. Wildlife expedition

  11. Visit Kichipudi lake

  12. Visit Zero-point in Yumthang valley.

  13. Bird watching in Kewzing

Adventurous activities

Hang gliding

Sikkim is a great place to do adventure
A amn hang gliding in Sikkim

No doubt Sikkim is one of the major tourist attractions in India. Covered in a blanket of hills and mountains, Sikkim offers a great experience for hang gliding. Hang gliding is an adventure sport usually done on the hills and mountains of Gangtok. A professional hang glider tags along to ensure you get that perfect gliding experience. Provided with safety gear, this sport can be best enjoyed in seasons with clear weather.

Mountain biking

Sikkim offers great place for adventure activities
In search of audacity

Biking on the rocky untarred terrain of the enthralling Sikkim is surely a mesmerizing way to explore the Sikkim state. The audacity of the rugged Himalayan terrain calms the adventure junkie inside you. It is also the best way to explore the hidden paths and places of this magnificent land. Sikkim also offers different biking expeditions where you can choose from a wide array of Sikkim tourism packages that include city cycling, village cycling, pilgrimage cycling in which one is different from the other.

Rock climbing

Adventure is everywhere in Sikkim
A lady doing rock climbing

Rock climbing is a fun yet adventurous and unique thing to do in Sikkim. Being located in a Himalayan background Sikkim provides a plethora of opportunities to go rock climbing in natural or man-made rock formations. Upon rock climbing, you become mentally strong enough to take risks and challenges in life. Even if you are a newbie or an expert rock climbing can be easily mastered.


Adventure would love sikkim
Gliding through...

As you all might have seen paragliding is a sport that helps you glide with a help of a parachute. One of the best places to enjoy paragliding in India is the Sikkim capital. Gliding through the snow-covered mountains and valleys offers a sight to behold leaving you with a beautiful gliding experience. The amazing landing ridges add to the excitement of this sport. The Gangtok weather is perfect for it. The best time to perform the sport is during summer in Sikkim.

Cost - 1800

Trekking in Goecha la

Sikkim is a great place for adventure activities
A man trekking through Goecha la

It is a trekking experience that you will never forget in your life. It takes you to the close vicinity of the world's third-highest peak Kanchenjunga. Trekking that takes 10 days can be challenging but in the end, it's all worth it. The beautiful rhododendron forests, the Samiti lake and the dramatic scenery bless your trekking trail. The magnificent heartwarming sight of the morning sun rays hitting the Kanchenjunga peak is everything you have been longing for. Make sure to trek from October to December time.

Cost - 17000

Bungee jumping in Singshore bridge

Singshore bridge is one of the highest bridges in Sikkim state. Singshore bridge being a bridge that connects two mountains offers the perfect scenery and spot to perform bungee jumping.

Dzongiri trek

An adventure seekers paradise
The beautiful Dzongiri trek

Trekking in Dzongiri is considered to have the most divine routes. The challenging and risky routes cool your heart and refresh your soul making you feel you did something good today.

Trekking and reaching the Dzongiri top offers you a 360-degree view of Sikkim and the mountains. The rich alpine forests, with filthy rich flora and fauna and the rhododendrons, is definitely a sight to behold. Make your spring season memorable with a Dzongiri trek.

Caving in North Lha Rhi Nying Phu

Explore the audacity of Sikkim
Explore the unexplored

A cave located in Tashiding is considered to be a sacred cave of Sikkim. The cave lets you explore what is inside the Himalayan mountains. The uneven slopes and steps and the narrow passes add to the thrill and adventure of the sport. The time from March to June and October to November is the best time for caving here.

Cost - 4500

Other activities

Yak safari

Adeventure is everywhere in Sikkim
A Yak feeding himself

When visiting Sikkim a yak safari is a must. It is a kind of activity you can engage only in the Himalayan region. The yak safari gives you a closer look into the local culture of the Sikkim people, the Sikkim language. The locals travel on the yak as it is convenient and an easily available mode of transportation. The nicely decorated Yak takes you to different valleys and mountains that are inaccessible otherways. In order to experience the yak safari in Sikkim, one needs to book in advance. Enjoy the beauty of Sikkim in a unique way and take home the experience of a lifetime. The suggested time for trying out yak safari is from March to May and from October to December.

Cost - 500

Wildlife expedition

Adventure is in the air
Animals in the National park

Sikkim houses a lot of animals and birds which are unique to this area. The flora and fauna of Sikkim will never fail to amuse you. Gurudongmar in Sikkim being a high altitude place with scarce vegetation supports a lot of wild species. The Tibetan sand fox, Tibetan wolf, Tibetan Gazelle, spectacular Grandalas, Monals, Tragopans and the most colourful mountain birds can be spotted here. Apart from this, there are a few national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to add to your wildlife expedition list.

Visit Kichipudi lake

Adventure lovers paradise
The calmly flowing Kichipudi lake

Also known as the wishing lake, this is a sacred lake for the Sikkim people. Owing to the sanctity of this lake, it is overlooked by a number of devotees and tourists from all over the world. The lake is also an ideal trekking spot. Trek to the lake from Pelling and refresh yourself in the divine waters of Kichipudi lake.

Visit Zero-point in Yumthang valley.

Zero point is an amazing place in Sikkim
Snow covered Zero point

Zero-point in Yumthang valley is a high altitude place in Sikkim. It is covered with snow most of the time and cannot be accessed throughout the year. But the place is quite famous for fun activities like snowboarding and skiing. You can visit the place if you are a snow baby.

You can also enjoy the valley of seasonal flowers in the Yumthang valley blooming just to welcome you.

Bird watching in Kewzing

Adventure lovers paradise
Birdwatching is a great timepass

Kewzing in Sikkim is a bird watchers paradise. Even if you are least interested in bird watching you would fall in love with the place. There are 200 different species of birds to accompany you with their chirping.

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