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13 Best Places to Have an Amazing Workation in Goa

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

As the times and lives are changing we are becoming more accustomed to working from home, then why not go on a vacation and work from there?

Goa is a green zone city, get some time to get away from the mental pressure with all that's going around the world, and go on a short workation for working on the beach.

Goa, our sunshine city is there to always cheer you up!

With all the beautiful beaches and hundreds of different activities to do, Goa again is not disappointing you. Hotels and Homestays offer a perfect workation package for you to enjoy and work side by side from home.

In this blog post, we will have a look at some of the best places for workation in Goa.

Best Places for Workation in Goa

Here are some of the best hotels and homestays for you to plan your workation in Goa ranked from low-cost workcation places to high-cost work + beaches hotels.

  1. The Hosteller, Goa

  2. Folklore Hostel, Goa

  3. Coconut Groove- An Indy resort

  4. Ciroc Hotel

  5. Hotel Vihaan

  6. Alcove Resort

  7. Villa Samaara 14

  8. Wave Calangute- Hi Hospitality

  9. Olaulim Backyards

  10. Casa Menezes

  11. Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort

  12. Capella Forest Retreat and Homestay

  13. The Secret Garden

Let's take a look at each of them and their pricing!

1. The Hosteller, Goa

A workplace with varied occupants.
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An ideal place to chill and meet new friends, the Hosteller in Goa is the place to be if you're looking for like-minded people who are here to share, work, and relax.

Situated in the heart of North Goa, its easily accessible location and ease of going to famous beaches and spots in North Goa make it the perfect place for Workcation.

Add the cheap and clean rooms with finger-licking and hygienic food to it and your Work from beaches vacation is complete. The Wifi is completely free and with high speed.

Cost: Dorms starting from INR 449/- and private rooms from INR 1800/-

You can build your own workation experience here and book the options that you like.

2. Folklore Hostel, Goa

An affordable homestay for workstation.
A picture from the whatshot website.

A 10-minute walk from the isolated and clean Vagator beach, this laid-back hostel is perfect for nature lovers who would love to work amidst the leafy (leafy-leafy!) trees with a clean beach breeze and an environment to calm down.

Perfect ambiance to work in with really amazing furniture and strong Wi-fi that every workaholic would love to have in a work-from-beach stay.

Work in the day and chill at the beach in the evening which is perfect for this stay.

Cost: Starting from INR 450/- for a dorm and INR 1800/- for a private room.

3. Coconut Groove - An Indy resort

A charming resort in South Goa just walking distance from the Betalbatim beach, this property is perfect for people who love solitude and want to just work and chill by the swimming pool.

South Goa is known for its calm and composed ambiance and this place completely fulfills that reputation. Work on the beach in Goa or work beside the pool or just stay in your room to work, this place offers it all.

Nestled in between palm trees this place is surely a treat to the eye and enchanting for the soul on a good budget too.

Cost: Starting from INR 1800/- for private rooms

Plan and book your stay here.

4. Ciroc Hotel

Workation | Workcation | Working on the beach
A picture from website.

Ciroc Hotel is a perfect hideout from busy city life. The resort is tucked away from the world, a perfect place where you would want to go to relieve all your stress. The hotel provides cottages with a beautiful view of the breathtaking sea.

Enjoy the time working at the beach or the cottage, start your day by taking a dip inside the sea and end the day by spending the time in the spa and refreshing all of your energy. You can also go sightseeing, boating, canoeing, and fishing.

Free WiFi is there to help you work without any disturbances. There's always staff working 24 hours at the front desk if in need of anything you can always go and ask them.

Cost: INR 1000+ per night.

Popular attractions near the hotel–Tiracol Fort and River cruise is the most famous.

5. Hotel Vihaan

Workation | Workcation | work beach
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Located near the Calangute beach Hotel Vihaan is a wonderful small hotel to spend your workation on. The High-speed working WiFi in the air-conditioned room is very relaxing to work on, the atmosphere around the hotel is very calming and peaceful, and there will be no disturbance for you while working.

The hotel also provides a bar and spa for you to relieve all your working stress there, and enjoy the delicious dinner provided by the hotel restaurant.

Cost: INR 1500+ per night

Popular attractions near the stay – Are the basilica Of Bom Jesus, Chapora Fort, and the River cruise.

6. Alcove Resort

Workation | Workcation | Workation package india
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Situated in beautiful and peaceful south Goa, this resort sits in the lap of nature surrounded by lush greenery. The resort provides a breathtaking view of the sea.

Pool with a magical view as well, High-speed WiFi facility is available, there’s so no need for you to worry about your meetings now, the place offers a sun terrace to enjoy the beautiful sunset with Delicious food that they serve will take your heart away.

There’s a hot tub/Jacuzzi for you to relieve all your stress of the day. Nothing is better than enjoying a vacation while working.

Cost: INR 2000+ per night

Popular attractions near the resort – Are the Anjuna flea market and Tiracol Fort.

7. Villa Samaara 14

Workation | Workcation | Workation package
A picture from the villas on rent

Located near one of the famous beaches of Goa Calangute Beach, the Villa Samaara 14 hotel provides beautiful and world-class interiors and amazing facilities perfect a for workcation.

The hotel has High-speed WiFi, an air-conditioned room, and well-trained staff so that there would be no disturbance during your work.

The swimming pool and the lush greenery that surrounds the hotel are the perfect places after work to hang out. Wake up early and enjoy the beautiful sunrise on Baga beach, rent a bicycle, go on a ride enjoy the amazing weather and fresh air, and start your day perfectly.

Even though the work can be hectic but a vacation as soon as the work ends will leave hundreds of memories for you.

Cost: INR 3000+ per night.

Popular attractions near the resort – are Calangute beach, Baga beach, and Morjim beach.

8. Wave Calangute – Hi Hospitality

Workation | Workcation | work from anywhere
A picture from the website.

This breathtaking hotel is located near Calangute beach with a stunning view, the beautiful calm and clean waters of the Arabian sea give you that peaceful environment, and complimentary WiFi is exactly what you need for work.

Relish delicious Goan cuisines while working there, as the hotel is known for its 24×7 kitchen service that serves anytime the best Goan delicacies and is a paradise for food lovers.

The warm and helpful staff is always there to help you at any time. Power backup and inverters are installed to deal with unexpected power cuts, no disturbance will come your way of wonder.

The outside swimming pool and beachside gardens of this hotel rake a special place in one’s heart. Enjoy your time fully here, a peaceful and best environment workation!

Cost: INR 3000+ per night.

Popular attractions near the resort – Calangute beach, Baga beach, and snow park

9. Olaulim Backyards

Workation | Workcation | work from anywhere
A picture from the

In a need to be away from all the stress that’s holding you back?

Pack your bags and head to the perfect hideout direct into the lap of nature, Olaulim Backyards is a place surrounded by lush greenery and backwaters of Goa, exactly a place you need for a workation, away from all the stress of the city, go to this beautiful homestay and become one with nature.

A perfect village lifestyle might be the only thing that you have been craving.

Free internet and WiFi facility is available, sit amid nature and enjoy your work, the only time you will feel work is amazing after all that’s the magic of Goa.

There are numerous activities as well that you can do in your free time, there’s a lazy river flowing as well if you are a nature-loving person, this place is calling you!

Cost: INR 4000+ per night

Popular attractions near the homestay – you can try kayaking, village walking, and bird watching.

10. Casa Menezes

Workation | Workcation | work beach
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Casa Menezes the beautiful castle is 300 years old ancestral home of the Menezes family. The home is surrounded by paddy fields and palm trees. Stay at this breathtaking hideout, and you will feel like the time has stopped there.

The hosts are very knowledgeable and warm-hearted, talk to them and get to know about the beautiful home that you will be staying in, Free and High-Speed WiFi are available for you to enjoy your work while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Booked in the off-season you have no one to disturb your meetings or calls as you sit in the garden experiencing the beautiful nature, a lot of things are there for you to explore so take some time and enjoy your workation at this wonderful and magical place that will take you to another universe.

Cost: INR 4500+ per night

Popular attractions near the homestay – Visit Batim village, the nearby lake is the perfect place for bird watching, and bicycles are available for you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

11. MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort

Workation | Workcation | working on the beach
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This resort is designed in a very romantic way, welcoming all the couples and honeymooners there. Take your work and loved ones there, enjoy some time away from everyone and spend some quality time together.

The hotel provides a magical view of the Arabian Sea, poolside restaurants, a Spa, and just a life of fairytale where you are there only with your loved one.

The hotel also provides High-speed WiFi, a business center, and meeting rooms for you to work flawlessly. Take your loved ones to the beach and enjoy different activities with them.

After a day full of hard work relieve your stress with a hot bath, there are also BBQ facilities available to relish a delicious dinner with your loved ones.

Cost: INR 5000+ per night.

Popular attractions near the resort – Are mobor bare each, Betul spring, and Cabo da Rama fort.

12. Capella Forest Retreat and Homestay

Workation | Workcation | working on the beach
A picture from the

Another great option for a Workcation in Goa, this Homestay sits amid nature the beautiful view of the forest and nature will help you relieve all your stress. Hiking up the hill will make you feel refreshed.

A perfect place for workcation for a wildlife enthusiast. The hosts are very warm-hearted and nature lovers, they’ve put many books related to the same, enjoy your time reading and relaxing.

The Homestay provides High-speed WiFi and an outdoor swimming pool, enjoy your time and work amid nature. After a hard-working day, a massage is all that you need.

Cost: INR 5500+ per night

Popular attractions near the stay – Heaven for nature lovers and bird watchers.

13. The Secret Garden

Workation | Workcation | workation goa | workation in goa
A picture from the website

True to its name The Secret Garden is a perfect hideaway from all the chaos going around you, the 200 years old ancestral home has now become a perfect spot for you to spend your workation.

The wonderful Garden that takes away everyone’s heart took more than a decade to complete, but it is a place where you would love to spend your lazy afternoons and refreshing mornings.

Early yoga classes and free breakfast is all that’s needed to start a wonderful day, work in peace in the garden or the outside pool, with High-speed working WiFi.

After a good long working day, Go out to enjoy the beautiful sunset on Baga beach, try some water activities, and Grab the wonderful opportunity of workcation in this magical place.

Cost – 6000+ for two nights

Popular attractions near the stay – Baga beach, water activities like scuba diving, Windsurfing, etc.


1. Why Goa is a perfect workation destination?

Goa is the perfect place for a workation because it's a beautiful and relaxing setting, with plenty of things to do and see. It's also an affordable destination, and there are plenty of options for accommodation and transportation.

2. What is the best time for a workcation in Goa?

Apart from winter, other seasons would be a better time for workcation in Goa with less crowd and low cost.

3. What do I need to consider before booking a workation in Goa?

There are a few things to consider before booking a workation in Goa, such as the cost of accommodation and transportation, as well as the type of work you'll be doing. You'll also need to make sure that you have a valid work visa.

4. What are the best workations in Goa?

Some of the best workations in Goa include Alcove resort, Casa Menezes & Folklore hostel.

5. How is Goa in winter?

Goa is flocked with many tourists during winter to celebrate Christmas and New years.

6. What are the famous stays in Goa?

Goa has many luxurious villas and small local homestays to host all kinds of tourists.

7. How many days are sufficient to visit Goa?

A long holiday trip to Goa is always advisable as there is much more to explore apart from heritage sites, beaches, and churches in goa.

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Workation in Goa

Final Words

Now all you have to do is pack your bags and go for a perfect workcation, enjoy your work as you enjoy these beautiful places.

Vacation + work can never go wrong, whether you want to enjoy the beautiful and luxurious lifestyle at magnificent hotels or a peaceful and village lifestyle at homestays.

The work is calling you so it’s time for you to, call work back with the same energy, spend some time away from the chaos of life, and enjoy life while working, after ‘Abhi Nahi Toh Kabhi Nahi.’

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