• Naman Mittal

How the 2nd wave of Coronavirus will impact traveling in India

The Coronavirus has struck again and struck hard again. A time where every industry had just started to revive from the unprecedented crisis and got a sigh of relief, the sudden spike in the cases of Coronavirus has ruined all of it. Traveling is going to be hit again and going to hit hard. Airlines and hoteliers are already seeing a decline in the number of bookings and a rise in the cancellation of already booked tickets.

The question is, how bad is it going to be for your future travel plans? Do you need to cancel your already planned experiences? Should you postpone your plan to travel?

Increasing cases is a major concern

The first and the obvious problem with traveling right now is going to be the increasing number of cases and the increase in the probability of getting infected by the novel Coronavirus. The fact that India is reporting a record increase in these cases is a major concern for any traveler. Experts say that the 2nd wave of Coronavirus is going to be even bigger than the previous one.

Having flattened the curve at the beginning of the year and the vaccines kicking in, the population had been relaxed and thought of it as an end to the pandemic but as the masks came off and the social distancing disappeared, the infection started spreading without getting a hint of it.