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7 Mouthwatering Dishes You Must Eat When in Ladakh

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Ladakh is a region with great historical significance and rich and diverse culture. The food of a region gives you insight into its culture and practices.

Sometimes food also has sacred importance. The local cuisine of Ladakh is filled with flavours of organic spices with a touch of the region's past.

The mouth-watering dishes of Ladakh will surely give your taste buds a show. Here is a list of food items you must try when you visit Ladakh.


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One of the most competitive contenders in the “Best street food in India category”, Momos are a must-have dish while you visit Ladakh. Momos are dumplings stuffed with minced meat or vegetables covered in dough and are loved by everyone.

In Ladakh, momos are also served on special occasions or occasions of sacred importance such as the Losar Festival.

Chhu Tagi

Chu Tagi
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Chhu tagi is a rich nutrition Ladhaki dish that translates to water bread (the “chhu” means water and “tagi” means bread). Chhu tagi is made by cutting the dough into small circles and forming them into bow shapes and boiling them in a broth.

The Chhu Tagi is often served to peasants during harvest season since it is a heavy meal. The soup is made of goat trotters and vegetables.


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Tingmo is a staple food for the people of Ladakh. It is a steamed bun that can be eaten with dal or vegetables it has no filling and can be eaten for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Tingmo is also known as Timok in Ladakh and is a soft and fluffy bun made with whole wheat. The dough is folded into a spiral shape and steamed. It is best served hot within 15 minutes after preparation.

Butter Tea

Butter Tea

Butter tea is one of the most important drinks in Ladakh. It is served during every event of importance including sacred events, weddings, and festivals.

Butter tea not only is very tasty but also healthy as it keeps the body warm and hydrated at areas of high altitude. The tea is prepared with butter, milk, and salt and is churned repeatedly. It is popularly known as Gur Gur chai.


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Ladakh's local bear is known as Chhang. It is a drink made by fermenting barley and has an alcohol content of 5 to 7 percent, Chhang is consumed and given to guests visiting Ladakh.

It is also a popular drink served during special occasions such as marriages and festivals. It is also offered during wedding prepositions. It is a drink of sacred importance as it is offered to buddha by dipping ur finger and flicking it upwards.


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Khambir is one of the local wheat bread eaten by the people of Ladakh. It is a whole wheat bread having a thick crust and is a staple meal in the region. The bread is made by using the method of fermentation and is kept overnight after which it is baked on fire.

The lactic acid gives a subtle sour taste to the bread. Khambir can be eaten with vegetables, meat, and even butter tea.


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Ladakh being an area located at a high altitude has a predominant diet consisting of meat and fish. However, some of the delicacies of the region also consist of dishes only made from vegetables. One such dish is Skyu.

Skyu consists of vegetables and dough which is kneaded into thumb-sized flattened balls and boiled into a broth. Skyu is a high-calorie dish and is served during winters when the weather goes below freezing point.


Ladakh is the land of vibrant culture, picturesque landscapes, and amazing scenery. The food served in the city adds to the reasons one must visit the city. These Ladakh dishes will surely quench your appetite and you wont stop asking for another serving.

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