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Try These 7 Offbeat Thrilling Activities In Uttarakhand Instead Of Rafting

Let’s try something new!

On every trip the travelers push themselves to try something new like authentic food, outdoor activities, and adventure sports. Adventure sport is one thing that everyone wants to try and experience for lifetime. An adventure sport is done using the elements of nature such as land, air, and water to embrace the nature with high risk and physical exertion involved in it.

Uttarakhand being the adventure capital in India offers varied extreme sports. Taking a leap, swooshing in waters, touching the sky, admiring nature are few things that entices tourist visiting Uttarakhand.

Make your heart skip a beat while trying these offbeat extreme sports in Uttarakhand.

1. Hot air balloon

2. Ziplining

3. Air safari

4. Fox flying

5. Zorbing

6. Cliff climbing

7. Mountain biking

1.Hot Air Balloon: Make a wish and takeoff

An Ariel adventure that gives safe, easy, and fun filled