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Try These 7 Offbeat Thrilling Activities In Uttarakhand Instead Of Rafting

Let’s try something new!

On every trip the travelers push themselves to try something new like authentic food, outdoor activities, and adventure sports. Adventure sport is one thing that everyone wants to try and experience for lifetime. An adventure sport is done using the elements of nature such as land, air, and water to embrace the nature with high risk and physical exertion involved in it.

Uttarakhand being the adventure capital in India offers varied extreme sports. Taking a leap, swooshing in waters, touching the sky, admiring nature are few things that entices tourist visiting Uttarakhand.

Make your heart skip a beat while trying these offbeat extreme sports in Uttarakhand.

1. Hot air balloon

1.Hot Air Balloon: Make a wish and takeoff

An Ariel adventure that gives safe, easy, and fun filled experience. Hot air balloon ride is perfect for people who want to try sky diving or paragliding but couldn’t gear up for it. This activity is purely dependent on weather and flight is dependent on climatic conditions. Between the clouds and mountains 500ft up in the winds you experience the astounding view of Shivalik Valley in Rishikesh.

One can choose to fly during golden hours, to capture the sun rising and dropping down slowly in mountains. You will be the co-pilot guiding the pilot before takeoff and landing. The activity is done at Mazri grant, 32km away from Laxman jhula. Plan an on air date for your better half.


Morning : 5am to 8am Evening : 4pm to 8pm

Price: Rs 1500

Duration: 15minutes

Ideal for: All age groups.

2.Ziplining: A bout of fresh air

Ziplining is an enthralling experience of long slide from an elevated cliff to the base with proper cables and pulleys. Once the pulley slides down on the cable at 160kmph, you feel like drooling on dense forests, capped Mountains, and Cascades. Dhanaulti, Kanatal, Sankri village and Rishikesh are prominent for this adventure activity. If one wants to raise the bar, can try ziplining with a cycle.

Timings: 10am TO 5pm

Length: 70-200mts

Cost: Rs 500–1550

The price range depends on the location and length of zipline.

3.Air safari: Capture like a drone camera

Getting the bird’s eye view of nature through para motors, paraglides, giant swings, trikes and parachutes is an expedition of the mystic land that one shouldn’t miss out on. Air safari will take you through the Mountain peaks, forests, Landscapes, and glaciers of Uttarakhand with a breathtaking view at less risk. Enjoy the safari ride with a drink and kinfolks.

Rajas’ airfield, Azari Grante, Haridwar-Dehradun highway, Doiwala are few places that offer Air safari in Uttarakhand.

Timings: 5am TO 6pm

Duration: An hour

Types of Aircrafts and prices:

Kitty Hawk 8-10 KM: Rs 4400

Explorer 15-18 KM: Rs 6999

Valley Expeditions: Rs 10999

Rishikesh Expeditions: Rs 20499

4.Fox Flying: Get wings to fly

Need wings to fly, try flying fox adventure as it sets you free in the sky with flapping hands like a bird. Flying fox is familiar to ziplining technically, but once you glide down and see yourself moving at same speed of gushing Ganges you feel the adrenaline kick. In Rishikesh you experience the freefall of 60secs at a speed of 140kmph with a spectacular view. Mohan chatti, Tadem and Rishikesh in Uttarakhand provide fox flying. Attempt a slide with your partner in crime.

Timings: 10am TO 5pm

Price: Rs 1800

Ideal for: Couples, Friends, and Peers.

5.Zorbing: Walk on water

A recreational sport of rolling downhill usually done on slopes and water. Zorbing uses the gravity forces in its best way to leave us in splits. A Zorb ball with two people inside it slowly glides down and paves speed as you run, jump, and dance. An adventure water sport that makes you feel like floating and surfing on the tides.

This activity is done in Bhimtal, Jim Corbett lawn, and Nainital in Uttarakhand. Go for an indoor roller coaster with your partner or kids.

Timings: 10am TO 5pm

Price: Rs 300-500

Duration: 20minutes.

Ideal for: Adults and Kids.

Thrilling  and best suited activity for all age groups in.
A picture from East coast website.

6.Cliff Climbing: A little more altitude, a little less altitude

Choose the altitude to get your feet cold and crawl like a spider man to the hilltop for vista. Rock climbing is the best workout that bestows you with healthy mind and body. You can enjoy the best rock climbing in Nainital, Mussoorie, Gangotri, Pithoragarh, and Rishikesh.

Timings: 10amTO 5pm

Price: Rs 500-850

Duration: 20-40minutes

Ideal for: Adults and Fitness freaks

The price varies depending on the duration and cliff you opt.

Thrilling activity for Mountaineers.
A photo from Kindalcliffs

7. Mountain Biking: Elixir your life

Mountain biking/cycling is a sport that excites a mountaineer, rider, and trekker. A ride on the rugged terrain, riverbeds, and valleys is something that set one’s heart on. Bet a race with your friends or colleagues on the terrain.

Mountain biking are performed downhill, trail riding, cross country, and enduro. Almor and Binsar offer trail riding and Malari offers some of the best cross countries. Best time to take a ride is pre and post monsoon on majestic Kumaon and Gharwal valleys. Lansdowne to Pauri, Thaurdwara to Jim Corbett, Jungles to tehri are among best choose to curate your trail route and pay accordingly.

Price: Rs 2000 - 32,000

Duration: 5-20hrs

Ideal for: Bike Riders and Thrill seekers.

Mountain Biking has gained popularity in recent times for its thrilling rides.  .
A picture from Active website

Apart from the famous sports like white-water rafting, Trekking on hills, highest bungee jump, camping in Rishikesh and kayaking you can explore these unusual action sports on your next trip to Uttarakhand. As a hub of adventure sports Uttarakhand tourism has something unique in its palette to amaze the travelers.

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