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ANDAMAN - A heaven for all

A wooden boat adjacent to the beach
The mesmerizing beach at Andaman Source: Deepak Kumar, Unsplash

Andaman is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It is particularly known for its diverse and mesmerizing beauty of the beaches and marine life it holds. It certainly has the most stunning beaches and rich diversity of flora and fauna, but the thing which is lesser known is that the Andaman group of islands have various types of activities. These activities range from water sports, jungle trekking to museums, historical places to even some amazing nightlife activities.

With its major focus on natural and retreat locations, with certain locations providing high adrenaline rush activities, Andaman also has a soft side for historic and cultural relevances, due to its past.

Here are certain categories of things to do in Andaman, out of which one of them is certain to fit into your preferences and taste.


A woman diving towards the corals underwater
A woman moving over beautiful corals Source: Notto Suthipat, Unsplash

Notto Suthipat on Unsplash

Once in a while, we all like to push our boundaries. Here at Andaman, there are various such activities that allow you to push your limits and get out there and pump yourself with energy. A part of why this is so sought after is because the reward of these activities is truly mesmerizing and always leaves one awestruck.

  1. If you prefer underwater adrenaline activities, there’s plenty of them here. Starting from the top of the surface of the water, we have stand-up paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is Like surfing which allows you to explore the sea and its parts in a more unique way at your own individual pace.

  2. As we go deeper, there is snorkeling. This activity allows for so much insight into the ecosystem and the habitat of marine life. You can enjoy like almost as if you were a part of the water body itself. Now that is an experience that will leave you without any words in your mouth. Yes! That beautiful!

  3. Scuba Diving is an experience on a whole another level, as we dive into the depths of the sea and get closer to the habitat which stays under the deeper surfaces of the ocean. With proper gear on you, you are certain to have the time of your time, as long as you wish to experience the marine life in its totality.

  4. Similar to scuba diving, we have sea walking. Now we walk on land all the time but walking on land at the bed of the sea, that counts to be a part of your bucket list. This is an experience that makes you feel almost like a dream, with all the fishes swimming through you and you touching the corals and experiencing them alive.

These are the underwater activities, the best part is, there are activities from above the land as well.

  1. The balloon rides are at various locations in Andaman. They allow you to float on air like a bird and in the serenity, grab a stunning view of the beauty below. The comfort of feeling the air on your face as the balloon moves is so soothing and relaxing, that you feel like you’re on clouds. Which you almost are!

  2. Take a trip from a helicopter and have a look at the stunning views of beaches and forests from the top of the islands. As we see the smaller islands in a whole circle, we get an urge to stay there. The views and the whole combination of nature in perfect harmony are what Andaman is all about. The mesmerizing blue waters and the stark contrast of the green forests are a treat for the eyes.

  3. You can also dive through the vast expanse of the atmosphere and land on earth. Yes! That is skydiving. You will get such a beautiful view from up the sky as you are rapidly getting attracted to the ground. Your heart is sure to go racing while you’re at it. But, totally worth it.


Since this is an island, it is no surprise what kind of beautiful eye treats wait for us at this location. From a range of beautiful beaches and jungles, we can explore such a diversity of flora, fauna, and marine life thriving in these locations, that it is mind-blowing.

There are so many ways in Andaman that make one feel close to nature and a part of it too. With these activities, one can become a part of an ecosystem and absolutely feel the beauty of it there.

  1. The limestone caves, to begin with, are a natural deposition of limestone in a flowing form. Nature is magnificent, isn’t it? Not yet. There are treks and jungle trails. There is a mount Harriett trek. These treks are so soothing, with the calm environment, the soothing noise of the birds, and a known peace. A lot of people prefer these trails for bird watching and photography. With such a huge variety of birds in the habitat, everyone has their eyes on the newer and rarer ones. Elephant beach trekking is one of the favorites among the visitors.

  2. There are tours like semi-submarine tours and whale and dolphin watching ones, which allow you to have a look at the beautiful marine life from a distance, so as to be a part of such an experience.


Andaman has so much beauty in its treasure that one would doubt there are hidden spaces here. But the truth is, there are way too many undiscovered and secluded places, which allow you to silently get away from the mess, to give yourself the break you need.

If you are looking to isolate yourself, get kayaking and go your own way at the mangrove plantations and find some untouched places in the midst of nature.


There are so many activities here that one might not even have heard the name of. But the good part is, we can get to try something new and learn a new skill, although which will not be used that often, but skill is a skill. Learning a new thing is once in a lifetime experience.

  1. Rubber plantations here are well known and give a piece of thorough information and knowledge on the processing as well as usability of the rubber material. They freshly prepare the rubber by collecting from the plantations and processing it in the factory. This whole process is thoroughly knowledgeable.

  2. You can learn so much here, from rubber plantations to so many new activities. Any activity which has been tried once is something new learned. May it be paddleboarding, or kayaking, or knowledge at museums or even historic cultures. Anything which has made you better has been learned.


Two wings of the Cellular Jail with a garden
The age old Cellular Jail at Andaman Source: The better India

Andaman was thoroughly exploited by the British, in terms of beauty for a getaway and the isolation for the infamous cellular jails, predominantly used in the pre-Independence era. The cellular jail is of so much historic importance and has so much history and background stored in there.

  1. The history of cellular jail has been displayed in the museum, along with books and papers of the era before independence.

  2. Visit the statue of Rajiv Gandhi alongside the view of the stunning sea. Enjoy a cool evening here, while paying your respects for the late PM.


As we see that Andaman boasts of varied historic background and a rich and diverse natural ecosystem, it has a lot of information, which the world yet needs to learn of. So much of this precious information is put out for the tourists who visit. These museums allow for an insight that is thoughtful and informative. While some of them believe in mostly exhibits, we see that most of them do have libraries, which contain research papers, journals, books, and documented information for interested people to read and observe.

  1. The Museum at Cellular Jail is very informative.

  2. The Zsi museum gives a piece of insightful information on marine life as well as the ecosystems and their studies. Here we see beautiful exhibits and some are even rare species that have been stored carefully. There is a library with research papers and journals that encourage knowledge and study.

  3. Anthropological Museum has a fair share of history, culture, and evolution of the tribes of Andaman. The Museum has amazing pictorial as well art setups to depict the information they have. You might want to note down points because this is information of a tribe that has a history of very less contact outside. Documentaries and short films here give a more insightful view into their lives and tribes.


A semi-open and open restaurant by the beach
A relaxing pub at a beach Source: Andaman Tourism

Out of all the above kinds of choices, this one is certain to interest each and every one. Maybe you say you’re not the party kind, well if you prefer sitting alone on the beach in silence with some delicious food and cocktails, there is a place for you.

  1. Right from dance clubs and interactive bars to isolated and peaceful pubs, Andaman has a setting for each kind of preference or filter you might want to set to these places. Out of all these, one thing is very certain, that no one goes to their hotel room after a tiring day, disappointed by not finding their right kind of relaxed bar.

  2. But if you want to get away for a peaceful night you can do that too. There are various treks that happen at night and allow you to see the pristine beauty of the forests and hills under the stunning stars. You can even take a relaxed walk on the shore as the waves of the sea hit the wet sands creating a blue luminescent hue which is sufficient to light up anyone’s mood. That is almost like stars above and stars below. One could even say a painting come alive.

Who is to say anything about these, until you yourself don’t get on and go off to these places? These are all such diverse in beauty and heritage and it is so mesmerizing to see a location bring alive so many aspects of traveling into one package. Every aspect has a highlight and Andaman does justice to each of these filters or even some which you might’ve had for your own trips. It is just the best place to take yourself for any kind of activity. If you’re feeling adventurous and want a trip that unfolds itself at every milestone, look no further. This location is exactly what you need, and obviously, your essentials as you pack for the trip.

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