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Destinations to Visit for 5 Types of Personalities

Different people have different tastes, of course, and this applies to travelers as well. You may not know it, but whether consciously or subconsciously, you and the people around you chose destinations according to their personality type and most of the time, consistently. In this blog, we cover 5 major types of personalities - Introvert, Extrovert, Adventurer, Historic, and Romantic - and what destinations you can visit according to your personality type, or if you're in the mood to explore places you usually don't go to. Here are 3 of the best destinations for each personality type!

[1] Introvert

Most people have an introverted side to them, but some are always or most of the time in that personality category. An introvert is characterized by the likely characteristics of wanting to be alone/with a smaller group, keeping to themselves, preferring quiet and less crowded places, and having low social batteries. All these features, while not necessary, make an introvert the perfect candidate for destinations with peace and fewer surprises as well as people.

1. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh - This serene, high altitude destination is perfect for those looking for a quiet and beautiful getaway. Whether you'll be sipping coffee in a cafe or trekking in the mountains, there is an abundance of peace and space for all travelers.

2. Ratnagiri, Maharashtra - Overlooking the Arabian Sea, this quiet and unexplored town in Maharashtra is surprisingly less known and the perfect destination for those looking for a getaway with less crowded beaches.

3. Kausani, Uttarakhand - Kausani is a quaint village situated in between mountains, offering majestic views and an unforgettable experience all in a quiet and unobtrusive setting and town.

[2] Extrovert

Extroverts by nature are, well, extroverted - they like putting themselves out there, meeting new people, being around others most of the time, and finding new experiences, all the time. These locations in India will help you make new friends, find new trinkets, explore places better, and have an unforgettable experience.

1. Kargil, Ladakh - Although this town is not as big as its famous counterpart Leh, Kargil offers the best combination of stunning views with bustling life in a small town where you can meet a host of different people and enjoy as a group.

2. New Delhi, Delhi - The city of Delhi is very well known, and its people are very friendly too. It is perfect for extroverts - with its many destinations, varieties of cultures and people, and different crowds in every corner, you'll never run out of things to do and people to meet!

3. Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh - This city, although quaint, is very well known to have a wide range of people in its midst - it is one of the ultimate hippie hotspots of India and you can meet people from a wide range of countries and walks of life here.

[3] Adventurer

Being addicted to an adrenaline rush is a very real thing, In India, there is never any shortage of adventures you can go on, but these places will give you the memories of a lifetime:

1. Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh - The village of Bir, situated in the midst of mountains and a distance of two hours from Dharamshala, is very well known for the adventure sport of paragliding, although you can also trek and do a variety of other activities in this village.

2. Har ki Doon, Uttarakhand - Har ki Doon is a beautiful valley situated in between the Garhwal Himalayas of India and the valley is perfect for trekking. With this beautiful cradle as the destination, a trek to Har ki Doon will definitely boost your adventure spirit!

3. Manali, Himachal Pradesh - The city of Manali is perfect for all kinds of travelers, but especially suited to adventure travelers since it offers access to the thrilling Rohtang Pass trek, and has a variety of treks and destinations to offer - you can trek, do paragliding, and even bungee jump in this magnificent city.

[4] Historic

Whether you're a historian or just a passionate learner, you'll love these destinations. Although there is something to learn from and in every location, these places have a deep history rooted in them that will excite your inner academic and keep you in awe. India is a country with a long and expansive history, and nothing shows this better than these places.

1. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - Home to temples as much as 1000 years old, this city's exquisite architecture and culture will stun you. There is something to learn at every corner, and the city is known to be one of the oldest in India.

2. Hampi, Karnataka - A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city is known for its magnificent history spanning decades and well-preserved ruins. It used to be the wealthiest city of India hundreds of years ago and still boasts structures with histories that will astound you.

3. Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh - The city is well known as the setting for the epic Ramayan and is believed to be almost 9,000 years old, previously the stronghold of the kingdom of Kosala around 2,000 years ago. There is much to explore and see in its jilted streets, old buildings, and protected sites such as the Kanak Bhavan, Hanuman Garhi temple, etc.

[5] Romantic

A romantic is not often vocal about their romantic characteristics - but all kinds just want a good swoon-worthy story and a beautiful place to spend with their soul mates. These destinations don't all have a wonderful story, but they are destinations where there is just enough crowd to not get boring, and just enough peace to spend time together.

1. Imphal, Manipur - the city of Imphal has a history and an untouched charm - a less known place, the city is known for its historic places where the Imphal battle of the Second World War was fought. It's abundant greenery, serene lakes and rocky beaches are perfect for a romantic getaway, or even a solo trip for some self-love.

2. Agra, Uttar Pradesh - Known for the famous Taj Mahal, the city of Agra is romantic to its core. The preserved site of the Taj Mahal has a beautiful love story to support it, that of the emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, for whom he built the palace. The city is a mix of old history and the eclectic and has multiple cafes, sites, and viewpoints to keep you busy in the romantic city.

3. Alleppey, Kerala - The city, coined as the 'Venice of the East' (need we say anymore?) for its multiple canals and boats, is as romantic as it gets. You can rent a houseboat or stay on land and explore the beautiful destination - it is the perfect romantic location.

We hope you liked this collection of places and types of people! You can be more than one or none at all, but regardless, every one of these places has something to offer. You can check out our experiences page for some amazing travel experiences to many of these cities, for whichever purpose you're going!

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