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4 Must-do treks in Kashmir to look forward to

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Kashmir enjoys enormous fame for its scenic beauty and rightly so given its luscious spread of visually appealing corners all around its territory. Kashmir is famed for housing a good number of trekking sites around its lakes and valleys. Kashmir valley runs along the magnanimous Himalayan range which makes it a suitable route for exploring the mountains and valleys that falls along this route.

Trekking is an outdoor physical activity that requires a lot of walking which can be for a day or several days or sometimes even weeks. This adventure sport is thoroughly enjoyed and holds a quality stature among hiking or trekking enthusiasts given its rewarding result. Treks that stretch on for days can feel extremely demanding to both the mind and body and so a little preparation goes a long way in sustaining anybody to last for the trek duration.

Kashmir offers scores of trekking sites to explore given its large coverage of mountains, valleys, glaciers, and lakes. The natural environment surrounding Kashmir provides the adventure-seeking soul with the right kind of outdoor activity to fully relish.

Listed below are some of the most famous and exciting trekking areas in Kashmir:

  1. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

  2. Naranag Gangabal Trek

  3. Tarsar Marsar Trek

  4. Kolahoi Glacier Trek

1. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Spectacular view of the luscious meadows and endless spread of valleys.
Photo by BMC Adventures

Kashmir Great Lakes trek is considered to be one of the most popular and beautiful treks in India. This can be credited to the fact that it offers exquisite panoramic views of a vast expanse of several lakes, valleys, alpine meadows, and glaciers. This trekking trail is also famously dotted as “Paradise on Earth” by locals and visitors alike. The lakes that follow along with this trail have immensely added to its grandiose trait. The campsites are equally magnificent as well. During the passage, you will be bestowed with the best picturesque views of the agrestal mountains, the glorious spread of meadows decorated with wildflowers, snow-capped mountain tops, and the illustrious alpine lakes. The best time to trek the trail is from July to early September during the monsoon showers.

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek may be physically challenging but it is definitely worth the effort as trekking is considered to be one of the best trekking experiences in India. The base of the camp is 2 km before Sonamarg and the first trek begins from Ninchai pass. From then on the trail proceeds to Vishansar lake and then on to Kishansar lake – Gadsar – Satsar – Nundkol lake – Narang.

Distance Covered - 65 Km

Duration – 7-9 days

Altitude - 13,750 ft

Difficulty level – Moderate - Difficult

Trek Cost - ₹ 13,500 – 20,000

2. Naranag Gangabal Trek

An endless expanse of the bright blue Gangabal Lake.
Photo by Thinkstock photos

Naranag Gangabal Trek is another alluring trekking expedition that falls under the list of one of the most noteworthy treks in Kashmir. Gangabal Lake, located in the foothill of Mt. Haramukh in the Ganderbal district, this trek is believed to be extremely captivating to both the eyes and the soul. The Gangabal lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the region, whereas the Naranag is renowned for its scenic meadows and an ancient gem called Lord Shiva Temple. The trek is open most of the year but March – November is considered to be the most ideal time to walk the trek route.

Distance Covered – 30 Km

Duration – 5 days

Altitude – 11,811 ft

Difficulty level – Moderate

Trek Cost - 13,200 – 15,000

3. Tarsar Marsar Trek

Calming Turquoise Tarsar Marsar lake
Photo by Tour my india

The twin lakes of Tarsar Marsar have their own charm of being extremely bewitching and inviting as they host the aesthetically delightful meadows, immaculate glacial lakes, pristine water bodies, and mesmerizing surroundings. Trekking along the lakes and en route, the clear blue afternoon sky creates an almost perfect state of dream-like beauty. The calming undertone that surrounds the trail holds an exemplary note for being loved and adored by all trekkers and visitors alike.

The monsoon season of July – August is relatively the best time to enjoy the trek. Despite its duration, the route is pretty undemanding and so it can poise to be both tranquil to the body and the soul.

Distance Covered – 48 Km

Duration – 7 days

Altitude – 13,500 ft

Difficulty level – Easy

Trek Cost 10,500 – 13,000

4. Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Picturesque View of the Kolahoi glacier
Photo by The Energy Resource of India

The Kolahoi Glacier, usually referred to as the “Goddess of Light”, is a landmark valley glacier also iconic for being the highest glacier in Kashmir. Nestled below the Kolahoi mountain and above the Lidder valley, the 5 Km hanging glacier is truly magnificent in its own way. The trek takes you through the most riveting views of Kashmir valley. The journey along the trek will help you capture the true essence of the Himalayan valleys. The trek also provides an illustrious view of the sprawling green meadows, endearing waterfalls, and spellbinding coniferous forests.

The trek route through lengthy can be said the be easy to moderate on a scale and hence fairly feasible to the body. The best time to experience the trek is from March – October.

Distance Covered – 50 Km

Duration – 6 days

Altitude – 12,600 ft

Difficulty level – Moderate

Trek Cost 12,000 – 14,000

The air around trekking in Kashmir has a distinguished aura about it. This can well be attributed to the enticing beauty that the area encompasses. Trekking in Kashmir offers a great deal or more to trekkers in terms of beauty, serenity, and an experience that heals both the body and the soul. Most of the treks take up to days and sometimes weeks but regardless, the reviews garnered have been nothing but positive. The enlightening experience that trek trails in Kashmir provide is unsurpassed and thus, it continues to be a source of much inspiration for more people to come and convene in this activity that offers an almost heavenly encounter.

Despite the rigorous amount of strength that is required for lengthy trekking, it is always at the end of the trek that you can fully appreciate the effort and the determination that was poured in to complete the trail. The treks will definitely test your limits and challenge you on a daily basis but they will also help rejuvenate your spirit and rest assured will surely be one of the most enthralling treks by a long margin. With the right equipment, proper preparation, and fitting guides, the trekking route in Kashmir has nothing but the absolute best that nature can confer.

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