• Kevi Sirie

Lakes in Kashmir: As entrancing as it can get!

Updated: Oct 5

With its glassy, still surface and spectrum of colors, a gorgeous lake can showcase several water's most mesmerizing qualities. Kashmir features brilliant lakes and is often centered in between incredible mountain ranges.

So, regardless of where one travels In Kashmir, you will find a plethora of beautiful lakes to swim in, hike around, and admire.

Lakes in Kashmir are simply stunning wonders of nature, with their shimmering waters and riveting reflections. Whether or not they are bordered by towering Himalayan mountain ranges or overgrown forests, there's always something magical about seeing a lake’s surroundings mirrored in its azure waters.

Here is a list of the most notable and alluring lakes you must visit on your next visit to Kashmir:

  1. Dal Lake

  2. Nagin Lake

  3. Gadsar Lake</