Why is now the best time to head on a workation?

Updated: Nov 2

Over the past few months, every one of us has remained largely around our hometowns or cities where we work in.

With the pandemic coming hard, for the second time now, the need for a break from this repetitive nature of isolation is felt.

There is no denial in the fact that our travel goals were flushed and we still can’t pursue them to the fullest and in the best manner possible. These stressful times have worked up our anxiety levels and the fear of moving out is imminent.

The days have got boring with being locked up in our houses, failing to catch up on work most of the time, pending tasks, and not being able to do ‘friends’ stuff anymore outdoors is really disheartening, isn’t it?

So we often wonder to ourselves, is it just a hallucination or is any of this real? This question is common in all of our hearts now.

This is, in fact, very true. After all, we are social animals. But, desperate times require desperate measures.

So staying a little cautious and calm about outdoor life is not bad at all. The fight against the pandemic is also supposed to be fought psychologically.