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Why is now the best time to head on a workation?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Over the past few months, every one of us has remained largely around our hometowns or cities where we work in.

With the pandemic coming hard, for the second time now, the need for a break from this repetitive nature of isolation is felt.

There is no denial in the fact that our travel goals were flushed and we still can’t pursue them to the fullest and in the best manner possible. These stressful times have worked up our anxiety levels and the fear of moving out is imminent.

The days have got boring with being locked up in our houses, failing to catch up on work most of the time, pending tasks, and not being able to do ‘friends’ stuff anymore outdoors is really disheartening, isn’t it?

So we often wonder to ourselves, is it just a hallucination or is any of this real? This question is common in all of our hearts now.

This is, in fact, very true. After all, we are social animals. But, desperate times require desperate measures.

So staying a little cautious and calm about outdoor life is not bad at all. The fight against the pandemic is also supposed to be fought psychologically.

Another lockdown following the resurgence in COVID infections; Image credit: Economic Times

With most of the cities grappling with the resurgence and now the fungal infections, a culture, a phenomenon rather, has erupted to cope with the stress that comes with living in an urban setting.

Most of the millennial working population has started debasing themselves from urban hubs. The shift from populous cities to quieter destinations provides a pristine experience with advantages unaccountable.

To places that feel quieter, less troubled, and with less threat of being exposed to infections, people tend to shift. Finding comfort and tranquility while being prompt with work targets is something that we all desire.

Physical and Mental Safety

With all the stress of the destruction caused by the pandemic knocked off, you really come closer to appreciating the little things.

Every action of yours comes to an understanding, you look forward to the exciting get-along with fellow visitors at your stay, and everything in your life makes absolute sense as you meet the horizon of thoughts with conclusions about your behavior.

Staying away from the bustling and troubled cities enriches you. The havoc, about which you’ve felt helpless, is away from you. With staying away from messed up situations, like at a workation, the seamless worry tends to get eased away.

These stays are another opportunity to revise the nursery lessons that your actions towards the environment are what is served back to you. A bigger and definitely more important purpose seems significant, that is, the discovery of the self, which is facilitated by the peacefulness that surrounds you.

You feel elated and energized, beginning your day in a 100% better mood, and thankful for every moment that persists in your life.

Losing yourself into the wilderness of the Himalayas, Image credit: Pinal Jain on Unsplash

Taking a workation in a safer, less-crowded town has incredible impactfulness. For starters, you are physically safer than in any city. The infections at tourist destinations are way less than in major Indian towns like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, or Lucknow.

Working from the mountains gives you a level of freshness in your life. You begin appreciating what is around you inwardly in order to heal what’s within. Not to forget the physical benefit of staying in a close neighborhood of the naturally enriching niche.

The air, the quality of food, and the water are all so pure when it comes to mountains. Living off the grid helps you appreciate the surroundings and grow with them as much physically as mentally.

The towns are with few inhabitants, making the spread of the virus a little less effective than in regions with denser populations.

The Larger Meaning

These tourist attractions have, contrary to densely populated cities, better to offer for everyone. Here, you are at a place where the tension is reduced due to limited human demands, nature has its dominance and people’s efforts are subordinated to the larger interest of environmental peace.

Somehow, you will feel a strange level of content even while away from home. These destinations can’t fail to surprise you. The destinations are nowadays not hosting a significant number of tourists or visitors. So, you would get what you really want: PEACE.

Additionally, people in these small towns or villages are living with a sense of satisfaction as they feel a close connection with the environment, not attempting to harness material maximization, which you will find sadly in your metropolitans.

There will be a limited number of cafes or maybe none- just a simple tea stall, a Dhaba serving not fancy but tasty food. Hence, conducting your daily life here, even for a brief period of time, can be a good learning experience.

This experience will enable you to appreciate nature and its varied set of elements rather than just coming to terms with material happiness.

The context to the fabric of life is simple: have gratitude towards nature and find a perspective. That can be attained only when one has come closer to their salvation.

Team building and growing your company

With most of the offices shut due to the spread of the virus, now, smaller companies and startups from across the country have taken cognizance of the vitalness of knowing how your subordinate or colleague feels or if they are safe or not.

This paved the way for a drive towards popular tourist destinations for setting up their secondary offices. A perk that comes with it is you get to know what each person’s thought process is.

Living with your colleagues, you learn better and share each other’s experiences in a better form and effect than over a Zoom call or a text.

It provides operators with another thrust as each one works with remarkable enthusiasm due to a better environment. Everyone works a fresh level of zing, facilitating innovation and growth over time.

Communication is the key, Image credit: Steven Lasry on Unsplash

The team starts interacting like a family, shrugging off the tangible and intangible burden of tasks and taking productive leaps ahead.

This can bring long-term growth as better ideas are brought to the table which can lead to substantial changes in the future.

This exercise enhances communication, with teammates interacting all the time and having free-willing ‘water-cooler conversations’ while sitting with a nice cup of coffee and enjoying the lush green mountains.

Now or when!

Going out, exploring and learning with your team, Image credit: Helena Lopes on Unsplash

With the pandemic on the loose, and other infections spreading, migrating to work from the mountains can be an enthralling experience keeping you captivated for so long that you might even not want to return back to your urban backgrounds with all that unnecessary, ‘always on the move lifestyle.

A general sense of satisfaction becomes a part of the daily thought process, you start to appreciate life with greater levels of joy pounding in your mind and soul, and your body feels upbeat as you begin each day.

You’re passionate about your niche and your evenings pass hanging out with your colleagues, a bunch of friends, or even strangers, learning from them, and enhancing your social skills.

It is going to be a lovely time that will pass so quickly without moments of desperation or even prolonged bad mood, which is the case with city dwellers.

You can use this time to really gain some perspective and do what you love the most: TRAVEL without making many changes to the routines of your daily lives.

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