• Naman Mittal

Experience of a Solo Woman Backpacker in India

India is a challenging destination for a wide variety of reasons that include the population density, extreme weather, transportation delays, the proliferation of scammers, Delhi belly, culture shock, etc but at the same time it is beautiful, historical, fascinating and a land of many hidden jewels with beautiful hearts.

It started with complete nervousness

“I was very skeptical to come to India and travel all over India alone with such a young company. My first night of the experience was when I was the most nervous, I had to take a train from Kochi to Bangalore where my experience was to begin but I had a hard time locating the platform on which the train was supposed to come, India can be unorganized at some times.

All the anxiety, the fear, the terror came onto me once and my uneasiness gripped me hard. I knew I was being nervy and just needed someone to reassure me that everything is fine. So, I contacted my experience captain at The Tarzan Way. He made me realize that this is very normal in India and I just have to find platform number 3 and board the train there. When I finally got on the train and settled in, I lost the signal on my phone.

I couldn't contact anyone but I knew the train is the right one, the people are nice and I could reach out to The Tarzan Way if I had any kind of emergency"

You can plan your own personalized experience with The Tarzan Way at their Travel Support page.

My first location, the Garden City

“I reached Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, and started my travel journey with TTW.