10 Hollywood Movies Shot in Stunning Indian Destinations where you should travel

Updated: Feb 2

With beautiful architecture, deep history, multiple cultures, and natural beauty, India is a mix of different people and locations, providing a great background for different movie scenes and shootings.

International Movies Filmed in India | Foreign Movie shooting in India | Hollywood movies based on india

The people are loud and welcoming, the places historic and awe-inspiring. Many directors from the US, Canada, and Australia, among various other countries, have chosen India for the scenes of their movies due to the contrasts, history, and rich cultural background it provides. Some directors may play up this and make it a big part of their movies, others yet may choose to let the richness of the setting be, framing the characters well.

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"India is a curious place that still preserves its past, religions, and history. No Matter how modern India becomes, It is still very much an old country."
Anita Desai

We've picked some of the best Hollywood movies based on India, some you may not have heard about and some you never knew were shot in India. Either way, we recommend you watch all of them, if not for their fabulous storylines then for the stunning Indian destinations they feature!

  1. Salaam Bombay

  2. The Namesake

  3. Eat Pray Love

  4. Viceroy's House

  5. The Darjeeling Limited

  6. Jobs

  7. Trishna

  8. Lion

  9. Dark knight rises

  10. Million Dollar Arm

1. Salaam Bombay

Salaam Bombay | Hollywood Movies Shot in India | Foreign film shooting in Bombay | Hollywood movies based on India

Features - Outskirts of Bombay, Bombay city

Year - 1998

This highly acclaimed popular film directed by Mira Nair broke many hearts and garnered international praise for her risky choice of plot and sensitive topics touched upon with all the expertise of brilliant direction. The film follows a little boy, Krishna, who is taken into the chaotic, brutal, and unforgiving slums of Bombay following a string of unfortunate events. Nair introduces a range of characters to the setting, centering them around the city's brothel, touching upon topics such as poverty, prostitution, child rape, enslavement, drug addiction, and child labor.

Although she does so smoothly, incorporating them into the setting, viewers get a brutal glimpse of the unforgiving streets of Bombay and its state i