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How to reach Sikkim

Sikkim is a place with beautiful people
A lady merrily performing at Sikkim festival

Beautiful snow-capped mountains, waterfalls in every turn, enthralling nature's beauty, grand Tibetan-styled Buddhist monasteries is a paradise of every nature lover. The rich breathtaking beauty of the Sikkim flora will always stay fresh in your mind.

How to get around Sikkim state

Transportation to Sikkim is never a problem. All means of transportations are well rooted here. Despite being a hilly terrain the accessibility of Sikkim is never a question.

By air:-

Sikkim is a beautiful place
Morning sunrays waking the mountains


Sikkim can be accessed from two airports of which, one is in the Sikkim capital-Gangtok and the other is in West Bengal. Pakyong airport which is the first airport of Sikkim is just 35km away from Gangtok, whereas Bagdogra airport is 125km away from Gangtok. But people mostly prefer flying to Bagdogra airport as a number of airlines from the main cities operate to Gangtok.

Pakyong airport of Sikkim is a recently constructed airport and the systems are not fully functional. So taking a flight to Bagdogra airport is the best choice.


Sikkim tourism also offers a chance to explore Sikkim in a different view, the helicopter experience from the Bagdogra airport to the Sikkim capital is simply awesome.

By train:-

sikkim is a beautiful place with nature's beauty at it's best
A picturesque of Tsomgo lake

The nearest railway station to Gangtok is Jalpaiguri railway station, which is located at a distance of 120 km from the Sikkim capital. Siliguri railway station in West Bengal is also a railway station close to Sikkim. Trains from most of the cities connect to Sikkim, and from outside the railway station, you can take a bus or a cab to reach your destination.

By road:-

sikkim is a beautiful place
The road not taken @saileshsharma

The national highway 31A is the best route to Sikkim to travel by road. The scenic beauty of Sikkim, the Buddhist monasteries, the lakes, and the waterfalls adds to your

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