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Most Instagrammable Places in Northeast India

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The Northeastern part of India is a wonder in itself. This corner of India holds an array of stunning natural wonders and has long been famed for offering stunning views of mountains, lakes waterfalls, wildlife parks, and valleys. It is truly a photographer’s paradise. You may just be an occasional traveler but that definitely should not be a reason to stop you from posting the most visually pleasing pictures on your social media. Instagram aesthetics shouldn’t just be confined to the world of Influencers. To ignite the influencer inside of you, visiting Northeast India will surely help you achieve the status as it has so much to offer in terms of Instagrammable places in Northeast India.

Instagarmmable places in Northeast India

Here is a carefully curated list of the most instagrammable places in Northeast India that will surely make your jaw drop:

Ziro Valley

Credit: Reshav Bhuyan

A valley adorned in patches of sprawling paddy fields surrounded by thickly forested mountains of bamboo and pine trees, Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is a treat to the eyes. The valley is one of the most loved destinations in the state. The various pictures on social media singing praises of the place will live up to its hype.

Dzukou Valley

Credit: Prasanta Talukdar

A hidden paradise nestled in the hills of the Nagaland-Manipur border, Dzukou Valley is a landscape that is straight out of a storybook illustration. Every inch of the valley from the point of its inception serves as a picturesque location that will grace your Instagram feed with so much flair.

Umiam Lake

Credit: Sam Issac

One of the most scenic regions in Meghalaya, Umiam Lake is truly every photographer’s paradise. The hills overlooking the lake give a dramatic tone to the entire surrounding. Another testament that adds to the credibility of this lake is that the site serves as a popular wedding destination.

Tsongmo Lake

Credit: Sumit Agarwal

An ethereal water body in Sikkim, Tsongmo Lake gives off a paradisical impression as you explore the surrounding of the lake. Every inch of the lake serves as an ideal spot for an Instagram-worthy picture. The color of the lake changes with the changing seasons and hence every season has something different to offer to its visitors.

Cherrapunji Living Root Bridge

Credit: Trip Savy

A unique man-made wonder called the Living Root Bridge in Cherrapunji is indeed a place worthy of blessing the Instagram feed. The bridges are spread all over Meghalaya but the one in Sohra is famed for the double-decker bridge which is almost pristine and flawless in nature.

Loktak Lake

Credit: The Culturegully

If you are looking for a location that provides an endless picturesque view without obstruction, then Loktak Lake in Manipur is the one for you. The lake is a natural wonder with a panoramic view of meadows and plains, and Phumdis which is a type of circular vegetation. It also boasts of housing the only known floating island in the world.

Manobarie Tea Estate

Credit: Getty Images

The Manobarie Tea Estate is the largest in Assam. It is an endless expanse of the luscious green tea plantation that offers the perfect setting for taking the best picture at all and any angle. As you enjoy the scenic beauty of the garden, you can also take time to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea.

The Heritage Kohima

Credit: Joony

A colonial bungalow turned into a hotel, this stunning location in the capital city of Nagaland is unrivaled when it comes to stellar backdrops for pictures. The whole length of the place gives off a vintage vibe given that it was built during the mid-20th century. It also hosts a traditional hut and pavilion which offers a spectacular view of the mountains surrounding the town.

Laitlum Canyon

Credit: Moishur Rahman

A sublime viewpoint that can truly be considered picture-perfect is the Laitlum Canyon in Meghalaya which is truly a work of wonder. The viewpoint extends a bird’s eye view of the surrounding that includes the stunning gorges, steep winding stairways all the way down the valley, and a view of Rasong, a small hamlet that rests in the folds of the ridges at the Laitlum gorge.

Majuli Island

Credit: Alex Reynolds

A quaint river island settled in the Brahmaputra River, Majuli island is the largest river island in the world. The island is covered in lush greenery on all sides with scattered bamboo huts and many villages dotted all around the landscape. An oasis of tranquillity, it is an ideal location for taking the most phenomenal photos for your Instagram feed.

Rih Dil Lake

Credit: Thawngpang Relnak

The Rih Dil Lake in Mizoram is among the most serene water bodies that you’ll ever encounter. The heart-shaped lake is encompassed by a dense forest mountain on one side and a luxuriant rice paddy field on the other. Its surrounding is so enticing that any picture taken around the lake will turn heads for a second glance.

Gurudongmar Lake

Credit: Siddharth Bakaria

The highest lake in India at an altitude of 17800 ft, the Gurudongmar lake in Sikkim is rightfully the highlight among all other entrancing destinations in the region. The lake with sparkling turquoise water body is adorned by snow-capped mountains all around it. This pristine lake is so magnificent that it undeniably deserves a spot on your Instagram page.

So, the next time you decide to visit this wonderful region of India, make sure you take your best self and a good camera to capture all the wonderful natural wonders that the place has to offer. Enjoy the vibrant culture, and hospitable natives, delectable local cuisines, and the stunning visuals of Northeast India that your Instagram feed will love.

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Zakie Sirie
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