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Ravishing Rail Routes Inspired by Bollywood Hit Songs

Train journeys are visual treats for a traveler carting them over the valley of flowers, the fauna of forests, and blue waters that are bound to be a memorable picnic. From Kasto Mazza Hai in Parineeta to the Raftaarein in Ra.one portray the real-life moments, emotions, and stories relating to the train journeys, and these fascinating stories excite tourists to visit those places ensuring nature at its best.

Travel long and experience more on these enchanting train routes across the country for a memorable trip. Pack up for an outing on the most fantasized train routes of Indian Railways that are etched in one’s memory forever by the hit tunes of Bollywood. Touching the drop drown from the window, watching the changing landscapes, passing over the winding tracks, and reaching the destination are truly nostalgic.

Toy Train: New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling:

Built-in the 1800s it’s the most popular train journey with a place in the UNESCO world heritage sites. Steam Train starts from the new Jalpaiguri chugging through sprawling tea gardens, highest peaks, and moist hills. A 10 min halt at Batasia, India’s highest railway station with a breath of wind surrounded by sweeping lawns and the landscaped vistas.

Journey Time: 7hr20m

Price: 150-700 INR

Rail route passing by flora and fields of small hamlets