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Ravishing Rail Routes Inspired by Bollywood Hit Songs

Train journeys are visual treats for a traveler carting them over the valley of flowers, the fauna of forests, and blue waters that are bound to be a memorable picnic. From Kasto Mazza Hai in Parineeta to the Raftaarein in portray the real-life moments, emotions, and stories relating to the train journeys, and these fascinating stories excite tourists to visit those places ensuring nature at its best.

Travel long and experience more on these enchanting train routes across the country for a memorable trip. Pack up for an outing on the most fantasized train routes of Indian Railways that are etched in one’s memory forever by the hit tunes of Bollywood. Touching the drop drown from the window, watching the changing landscapes, passing over the winding tracks, and reaching the destination are truly nostalgic.

Toy Train: New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling:

Built-in the 1800s it’s the most popular train journey with a place in the UNESCO world heritage sites. Steam Train starts from the new Jalpaiguri chugging through sprawling tea gardens, highest peaks, and moist hills. A 10 min halt at Batasia, India’s highest railway station with a breath of wind surrounded by sweeping lawns and the landscaped vistas.

Journey Time: 7hr20m

Price: 150-700 INR

Rail route passing by flora and fields of small hamlets
A pic from

Mountains Calling: Mettupalayam - Ooty

Nilgiri mountain railways connect some of the most beautiful hill stations in the south, recalling the popular train song of Shahrukh khan moving through the lush green valleys, tall trees, narrow turnings, mountain breeze, and the train chugs echoed all around. The stretch begins with pretty paddy fields all in a row from Mettupalayam to Kallar.

Chug-Chug of train on the towers viewing the green meadows.
A picture from irctchelp. in

Journey Time: 3hrs

Price: 20-200 INR

Land of Snow: Kala - Shimla

A train journey amidst the snowy mountains into the narrow tunnels and scenic hamlets to reach the Queen of hills is a lively and memorable experience for nature lovers. The train chugs would take you through the dizzying Mountain trip with hairpin turns to have a whirling sensation. This romantic train trip with your loved ones in winter is a delight to your heart and soul.

Journey Time: 5hr 40min

Price: 500-1000 INR

On this rail route enjoy the vistas of mountain ranges.
A pic from

Goa is on: Mumbai-Goa, Goa- Bangalore

Goa is one of the alluring tourist destinations imparting the tourists with the premier rail route experience from dawn to dusk passing across the cascades, spice Plantations, river flow, and dense forests. Enjoy the pleasure of drizzles on your cheeks and fresh air in your hair along the rail route that takes you close to nature. This ride recalls the story of raj and Meena on your tour to the world's second beat falls Dudhsagar.

TEJAS EXPRESS – Mumbai to Goa

Journey Time: 12hrs

Price: 500-1900 INR

Goa to Bangalore

Journey Time: 14hrs

Price: 360-1400 INR

Reaching Goa on this route is a visual treat to the travelers
A picture from

Desert Express: Jodhpur to Jaisalmer:

Skirting over the dunes with tiny shrubs, thorny bushes, and wild camels walking on the brown shades of sand and meandering with the drifts. Tracks on the glittering sand take you over the great dunes and oasis of the barren area just like the ship of the desert.

Journey Trip: 5hrs

Price: 200- 1000 INR

A visit on the dry lands of Thar desert with warm colored hues.
A pic from the Rajasthan tour planner website

Snow Ride: Banihal to Baramulla:

A journey that seems to be a surreal endeavor at that moment, as the train moves on the tracks blanketed with snow. This route takes you to the “paradise of Earth” through snow-capped mountains and massive lagoons, and birds treat you with the wafting aromas of Kashmir.

A tour to Srinagar is truly an experience of a foreign destination on the wheels.

Journey Time: 3hr10min

Price: 30 INR

Train cuddling on the snow beds.
A picture from

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