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Spiti Valley best time to visit in 2023

Travel to Spiti Valley at the best time to visit famous Monasteries, Parks, Villages, and Markets & enjoy local dishes with once in a lifetime experience of river rafting in Kullu valley.

Spiti Valley is such an exciting place to visit for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The high mountain passes, still, blue lakes, mother nature, and gushing waterfalls add to the charm of the place when you visit Spiti valley on the right and best time with complete travel or visit guide, information on tour package, things to do, attractions and stays in Spiti Valley. Planning your trip with locals in Spiti Valley. Don't be concerned, we've got you covered.

Check out our guide on the best time to visit Spiti Valley to know when there is fantastic weather and a beautiful season to explore the beauty of Lahaul Spiti Valley.


  • About Spiti Valley

  • Things to do in Spiti Valley

  • Things to avoid in Spiti Valley

  • How to pack for Spiti Valley

  • Spiti Valley Best Time To Visit in 2023

  • A brief itinerary for Spiti Valley

  • Best way to explore Spiti Valley

  • Where to stay in Night at Spiti Valley

  • Estimate Travel Cost for Spiti Valley

About Spiti Valley

A beautiful image of spiti valley best time to visit
Credit: unsplash

The Spiti Valley, located in the northeastern part of Himachal Pradesh, a piece of land between Tibet and India, is one of the coldest desert mountain valleys in India. This sparsely populated valley on the Tibetan Plateau showcases the rich culture of Buddhist traditions. Most adventure seekers and trekkers are well-versed in the allure of this destination and have made Spiti Valley a regular stop. This area is home to small villages, monasteries, pristine rivers, green meadows, snow-capped mountains, and friendly locals who live a simple life! Convince your mind and heart to join you on a colorful adventure and go now!

Things to do in Spiti Valley

Beautiful shot of a male hiker with a red travel backpack hiking up a snowy mountain in spiti valley during winter

Spiti is home to some of the most important Buddhist monasteries in the world. The three most important monasteries are Tabo Monastery, Dongyu Gompa, and Key Gompa. Make a point of visiting at least one of these. One of the best ways to experience life in Spiti Valley is to explore the different villages dotted around the valley. Each village has its own unique character and sights worth seeing. Some of the most popular villages to visit are Kaza, Langza, and Hikkim. Spiti Valley is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Some of the most popular ones to visit are Chandratal, Suraj Tal, and Pin Tal.

While ascending this lovely valley, look out your window at the charming little villages and scenic mountain passes that will make your ride more memorable. When you arrive in Spiti, explore the dozens of monasteries and breathtaking lakes, as well as participate in local activities and festivities that are sure to lift your spirits!

Things to avoid in Spit Valley

Female tourists on hand having difficulties in spiti valley best time to visit

Spiti valley is one of those once-in-a-lifetime spots for many. Incredibly remote, vastly away from man-made environment vastly different from the rest of India, and challenging to reach but try to avoid below:

  • A Spiti valley trip is best enjoyed when you visit it at the best time, Enjoy the surroundings never try to rush and travel hundreds of kilometers in a day.

  • Spiti is unlike anywhere else you’ve ever been the road is always under construction so it's better to be late than never, Spiti Valley is a high-altitude place throughout the valley and is not something to take lightly.

  • Not trying local food is your biggest mistake as you are missing some world-famous mouth-watering dishes you will love a lot.

  • Spiti valley is known for its sweet weather but that is not the case for nights as this place's temperature drops rapidly to zero degrees in a matter of time so always avoid packing less warm clothes.

  • Do not drive at night the road throughout Spiti is perilous, to say the least, and you should definitely not drive on them, especially at night.

How to pack for Spiti Valley

A person packing his bag for spiti valley trip best time to visit

Preparing for Spiti Valley is not just about packing a bag and leaving; it requires solid planning in advance. Situated in the northeastern part of India, covered with snow-capped mountains, one needs to carry the right woolen clothing and accessories for high-altitude treks. During the day, you may need to put on light layers (woolen and cotton clothes) and add thermals or heavy jackets at night. Regular jeans, thick trousers, a pair of socks, caps, scarves, trekking shoes, sunglasses, full-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, gloves, mufflers, and fleece jackets all depend on the season you choose to visit Spiti.

Spiti Valley best time to visit in 2023

Spiti valley best time to visit
Image by jcomp (

Summers are the best time to travel to Spiti Valley and enjoy its warm and pleasant temperature of 25 degrees during the day with a nightly drop of 3-4 degrees. Before the arrival of summer, the roads are blocked by heavy snowfall and are, hence, closed. Tourists are advised to consider the months of May–June, and September–November for their visit.

Visiting Spiti in May or June is a mistake. Though the weather might be good, you’ll be sharing the remote ancient sites with droves of domestic tourists, as May and June see the highest amount of tourism throughout India.

Since Spiti sits in a rain shadow, it’s one of the best places to visit in monsoon meaning July or August are go’s! Heading out on a Spiti Valley trip in September is even better with fewer people, lower prices, and the best part: harvest season!

A brief itinerary for Spiti Valley

A brief itinerary for spiti valley best time to visit

Most common Spiti valley travel visits range between 10 and 20 days. You have plenty of space to visit all the places we have mentioned in "Things to do in Spiti Valley," but people mostly confuse Spiti Valley with Lahaul Valley, or they are more or less restricted to only a visit to Chandratal. If you travel from Shimla to Kalpa instead of Manali, then the real adventure starts when you go beyond Nako, towards Tabo, Dhankar, or Kaza. The basic itinerary for an 11-day trip will look like below :

[ Day 1 ]- Departure from Delhi

[ Day 2 ]- Arrival at Shimla

[ Day 3 ]- Shimla to Kumarsain

[ Day 4 ]- Kumarsain to Kalpa & Chikul

[ Day 5 ]- Kalpa to Dhankar via Nako, Tabo and Gue

[ Day 6 ]- Dhankar to Kaza

[ Day 7 ]- Kaza to Spiti Valley, Key & Langza (Return to Kaza)

[ Day 8 ]- Kaza to Batal via Chandratal

[ Day 9 ]- Batal to Manali

[ Day 10 ]- Manali to Kullu

[ Day 11 ]- Kullu to Delhi (Return to Home)

Note: This route has an issue of road closing so please plan accordingly or take the normal route from Manali to Chandra Tal

Best way to explore Spiti Valley

A person travelling in a private taxi to spiti valley best time to visit

Though it is always cheaper and easier to use public transportation, if you want to explore Spiti Valley to its fullest potential and make the most of it, then a private vehicle is the way to go. This opens up new options such as interacting with locals and visiting unseen places in Spiti. Choose a vehicle carefully, taking into account performance factors such as mileage and tire strength, luggage space availability, a repair kit, spare parts, a tool kit, cables, wires, a gasoline pipe, and vehicle documentation. SUVs are ideal for hilly terrain and have spacious interiors for long journeys. Don't overlook these details and ruin your trip!

Where to stay in Nights at Spiti Valley

A hotel to stay in nights at spiti valley best time to visit

Accommodations are an important consideration when traveling, and you can base your decision on factors such as budget, comfort, location, and others. Hotels, guest houses, campsites, dhabas, homestays, and tents can be found in Losar, Spiti, and other villages. Check for hotel reviews, hygiene, and night comfort, or navigate local hotels for cheaper and better options. Check out a list of some of the best hotels, homestays, and guesthouses in your area using a search engine or recommendations from friends, and you can also use Google Maps to find popular hotels or camps nearby.

Estimate travel cost for Spiti Valley

Estimate travel cost for spiti valley best time to travel in India currency
Credit: Ayaneshu

When we travel, our primary concern is our budget. And we always try to stay within our budget, whether it is $5,000 or $15,000. However, sticking to it nowadays is extremely difficult. Everything, from lodging to food, is becoming more expensive. However, when we break down our travel expenses, we can see that lodging is one of the most expensive fixed costs that we must all bear. I'm sure many of us would have tried to cut hotel or lodging costs. But I recognize how difficult it is. I'm sure you'd sleep under the stars if it meant saving money on travel. This, however, is not always possible. As a result, we are looking for a suitable substitute.

The estimated travel cost for Spiti Valley is completely dependent on you; if you want to enjoy a custom travel plan, you will be charged high; if you go with a very basic plan, you will not enjoy the trip to Spiti as much. But for an idea, the average commute cost for a person is approximately $12,000; this may vary depending on your chosen route to Spiti Valley at the best time.

We suggest you talk to our travel expert to get you the best custom itinerary plans by clicking the button below:-

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Tech Update
Tech Update
01 may

The best time to visit Spiti Valley in 2024 is from June to September. During these months, the weather is mild, and the roads and passes are open, making it accessible for travelers. It’s the perfect window to enjoy the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of Spiti!


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preeti sharma
preeti sharma
05 may 2023

I liked your post superbly. Well, my Spiti trip experience was fantastic, and I would strongly advise anyone planning a trip to Ladakh to do the same. It would certainly take 7-8 days to have an unforgettable experience. ladakh tour packages

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