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  • Kaavyashree Sridharan

Top 5 Food Trucks in Goa to Experience a True Culinary Journey

If you have seen John Fraveau’s movie ‘Chef’, you know just how exciting it is to travel through cities on your mobile restaurant. Eating the authentic cuisine of the region, at beautiful places, and paying no more than Rs.100 to for it; eating from food trucks is worth the hype that follows it. Food trucks provide delicious comfort food without compromising on the quality, and the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, making it in a win-win situation for everyone. Even though India is yet to fully hop onto the food truck trend, Goa is one of the places which has welcomed it with open arms and given it a hearty Goan twist. Everything about Goa is gorgeous- the glistening ocean, the affectionate and welcoming people, the architectural history, and the lip-smacking Konkani food paired with Portuguese and French-influenced cuisine, and so much more. Below are some of the amazing food trucks in Goa, doing Goa justice.

1. Serial Grillers

Burger on a metal grill in a shop

Owned and operated by Luiton, a fellow burger fanatic, Serial grillers is an American-style food truck that’s parked 6 days of the week in Anjuna. As the name suggests, they specialize in all things grilled and are whipping up some of the best meat burgers Goa’s seen. I mean, they’re even doing a mouth-watering Philly Cheesesteak! The beef patties and veggies grill and sizzle and leave you sighing in content by the time you’re done.

- Cuisine: American 

- Time: 7 pm- 10 pm

- Location: Parked opposite La Bella restaurant, Anjuna

- Must-tries: Most popular items on the menu include:

  • An Agent 47 burger with the choice of a chicken or a beef patty

  • Wraps (both veg and non-veg) 

  • An epic monster burger that comes loaded with cheese, 3 meat patties, and an egg. 

  • An exotic middle-eastern za’atar-roasted veggie wrap that came as a pleasant surprise from such killer meat lovers.

  • Price range- Rs.80-100

2. Noronha's food truck

This popular food truck is run by three Goan brothers and serves up some of the most authentic Goan style meals and classic poi-sandwiches you will taste in Goa. The brothers celebrate Goan cuisine and welcome you with exuberant smiles. Mostly cooking snacks, you have a wide range to choose from depending on what you fancy- the fish cutlet and poi, the delicious chicken cafreal, and the chorizo poi, amongst many other bite-sized comfort meals. The food here is so full of life and flavor that many locals have been loyally visiting from 2009. What deserves special mention are their prices, cheap and best!

- Cuisine: Goan

- Time: 6:30 pm- 12 am

- Location: Assagao-Anjuna crossing

- Must-tries:

  • - Beef chilly fry with poi

  • - Beef croquettes

  • - Sausage poi

  • - Spicy Chorizo burger

- Price range- Rs.80-100

3. Antojitos

There’s something intensely satisfying about eating cheesy quesadillas and sandwiches at shockingly good prices. Antojitos was started by Steve and Elvis, and the two food entrepreneurs started selling delicious food from their merrily painted food truck at the Goan Carnival in 2016. They serve up some of the most delicious Mexican style food in Goa. The truck overlooks pretty fields and is now a landmark of the area. The prices are very pocket-friendly and have combos which are totally worth the bucks. They have quesadillas, shredded sandwiches, burgers, and recently launched pizzas; all offering options of scrumptious fillings such as prawns, beef, chicken, etc. For dessert lovers, they offer ‘The Snickerdilla’, a tortilla filled with marshmallows, chocolate, hazelnut and drenched in a salted caramel sauce. It is absolute bliss.

- Cuisine: Mexican

- Time: 5:30pm to 10:30pm

- Location: Caranzalem Circle

- Must-tries: 

  • Nachos

  • Three Amigos- 40oz of beef filling, prawns, and bacon

  • El Mexicana- salsa beans, cheese, chimi churi, jalapenos & a sausage 

- Price Range- Rs.250

4. Jerry’s Food Truck

Jerry’s food truck, easily recognized by the black and red flames painted on it, perfectly represents the fiery burgers and shawarmas sold here. It was started by Clarence Hendricks and is now famous all over Goa for its Indian influenced wraps and burgers. Their burgers are enormous and juicy, with either veg or non-veg patty, layered with beautifully caramelized onion, fresh lettuce, spicy sauces, and to top it off, oozing cheese. 

- Cuisine: American fast food

- Time: 6pm- 11pm

- Location- Bambolim

- Must-tries-

  • Chicken shawarma

  • Beef Burger

  • Goan sausage burger

- Price range- Rs.150 for 2

5. Food Engine

Saving the best for last, Joel Moniz started this food truck after breaking free of the corporate hotel chains and pursued his passion to serve authentic, hygienic, and finger-licking tasty food. He serves a concise menu including popular attractions like warm and fluffy pita bread wraps, a genuine Goan poee, and an age-old recipe of cafreal passed through his family. There are flocks of loyal customers who come to his truck. This is one of the best places to eat burgers, wraps, or fries and enjoy a unique meal that brings Goa to life.


- Cuisine: Goan cuisine

- Time: 5- 11 pm (closed on Thursday)

- Location: Outside of AJ Supermarket in Vagator

- Must-tries: 

  • Honey spiced chicken poee

  • Loaded Fries

  • Cafreal chicken

  • BBQ chicken

- Price range: Rs.70-100

Goa is a city that is so much more than its beaches and parties. It is a city with rich history and culture, which is deeply resonated in its food and different cuisines. Food trucks bring the best out of these dishes and serve them in local places that have a story in themselves. Have a bite with absolutely picturesque views, satiating both your eyes and food cravings.

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