Wanderlust in The Land of Ruins

Have you ever been very burdened with work or studies, meeting deadlines, and feeling bored out of your mind? Great, I've got company! Well, I held onto this feeling and impulsively texted a friend I'd never met before to plan a 3-day trip to Hampi. Crazy? Hold on to that thought!

After what seemed like a never-ending week and a busy day, we made it. Finally, we were at Platform No 8, catching up on each other's lives. The feeling of leaving our routine behind to explore everything that we had planned was exciting. More so, when it involves full-fledged research packed into a spreadsheet!

At 10 pm, we boarded ‘The Hampi Express’ took pictures, and warmed up to our co-passengers. Our most awaited train journey began with the feeling of how when we wake up, it will be in a place we have never been to before, people we have never met, and all of the adventures about to happen were sinking in.

At least, that's what we thought. In the next 60 seconds, the air suddenly felt thicker as we realized that we had boarded "The Ajmer Express" which was taking us away from our destination at a great speed in the opposite direction. It all came crashing down on us as we were trying to stay calm to find a way out. Our co-passengers were our saviors who found us a passenger train that we could board in the next stop to reach Hospet as we earlier intended to. As we waited for the next stop, we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves for the mess we had gotten into.

It was around 11:15 pm, we were stranded in a railway station without a single soul in sight except for the shop vendors. As we stood on the skywalk overlooking the railway station in Tumkur holding tickets to the passenger train, I said, “Such a beautiful full moon, I know we messed up but I guess it’s worth the view, eh?” and we admired it for a few seconds to only realize that it was a street light and we were losing it. We were supposed to be sleeping cozily, 2 hours into our memorable train journey but we were about to board a train with no idea about when we were going to reach.