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Workation in Himachal Pradesh: 15 Best Homestays and Hotels

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Working from home was never our choice but a necessity to make sure that our families and our world is safe from this unprecedented crisis of the pandemic.

Adjusting to the problems of working from home has become a major issue due to not having enough time to adjust to it and the fact that it's really hard to concentrate and get a productive environment.

Traveling is something we usually used to do to escape the monotony of working and now we can't even travel to a nearby restaurant or cafe without worrying about all the safety precautions.

At this time our best bet to work from home and keep our minds sane is to travel while working. The workation means that work while vacation is being adopted by many to escape the boring work-from-home life.

A man working from Himachal and enjoying the view
The best way to make work from home productive

The best places to work from home are no doubt the mountains and Himachal Pradesh has the most serene locations to work from the mountains.

Workation in Himachal is the most satisfying and relaxing experience as you get to stay in amazing homestays in the mountains with a surreal view of the Himalayas.

Be it workation in Manali, workation in Kasol, or workation in McleodGanj, all of them are worth spending time and money on.

Here are a few options for workcations in Himachal and work from Himachal Pradesh can only be enjoyed from such amazing locations:

Best Homestays & Hotels for Workation in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state in the northern part of India. It is bordered by the states of Jammu and Kashmir to the north, Punjab to the west, Haryana to the south, and Uttarakhand to the east.

It is home to many beautiful places and is also a popular destination for workation. In the below list, we have covered some of the best hotels & homestays for workation in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Pinkhouse Cafe Cottage, Kasol

Perfect place for budget workation in Kasol, pink house cafe
Literally a pink house!

Set just 2 minutes away from the main Kasol square and all the best cafes in Kasol, this cozy cottage cafe is perfect for a budget-friendly Workcation in Himachal Pradesh.

The place has an amazing view of the mountain ranges from all the rooms and balconies with home-like food to give you a feeling of having that mountain life you always wanted.

Room Type: Double-sharing private rooms

Cost: Starting from INR 4550/- per week with meals

2. Whoopers Hostel, Kasol

A Hostel set on the riverside of the Parvati river, it offers one of the best environments for working away from home in the mountains.

The Whoopers hostel is the coolest place you'll find in all of Kasol with all the rooms themed after the famous TV show Game of Thrones and having the perfect combination of gaming equipment and gym equipment to chill after working from Kasol.

Room Type: Private rooms and Dorm rooms

Cost: INR 3800/- per week for a dorm room

3. The Hillside, Kasol

Situated just a walk from the main Kasol market, the Hillside Kasol offers some of the best mountain views from its amazing location. A perfectly furnished hotel with a luxury feel to it makes it perfect for a Workcation with your partner and friends.

The hillside has facilities for a barbeque to have those amazing music and barbeque nights in their big lush garden. If you're looking for a luxury stay in Kasol then this is the place to be at.

Room Type: Double-sharing private rooms

Price: Starting from INR 24000/- per week with meals for two people

4. Parvati River Cottage & Cafe, Jari

Jari is the major city that comes just before Kasol and this amazing cottage stay is nestled just a kilometer from the main city of Jari by the riverside.

A workation in Himachal can only be perfect if you enjoy sitting at the riverside while enjoying the amazing view of the mountain ranges. Workcation Kasol is what you might want but this stay at Jari would make you forget Kasol and Manali and work here.

Room Type: Private rooms

Cost: Starting from INR 15,000/- per week for two with meals

5. Colonel Dacha, Jari

A perfect cottage situated on the way from Jari to Kasol, Colonels Dacha is everything you would expect to have in a lovely stay in Himachal.

Just walking distance from the Parvati river and having an amazing view of the mountain range, the comfortable rooms, and ample space make it ideal for a Workation.

Room Type: Private rooms with multiple sharing options

Cost: Starting from INR 12,250/- per room for two

6. Latoda Eco Lodge, Jibhi

Perched in the middle of mountain ranges with deodar and pine trees all around the stay, the place is perfect to just sit back in a quiet environment and work peacefully.

The rooms are made keeping luxury in mind and the home cook food makes it the place to stay if you're looking for a home-like feel at Himachal.

Room Type: Private rooms with amenities

Cost: Starting from INR 20,500/- with meals for two

7. Peekaboo Homestay, Jibhi

Homestays in Himachal are known for their hospitality and the hosts at Peekaboo homestay are the best to show the same.

Working from Himachal Pradesh is the best but finding the perfect stay with an amazing environment and the perfect food is hard. Close to the Jibhi market, the place is amazing for a homely feel in the Himalayas.

Room Type: Private rooms in the homestay

Cost: Starting from INR 20,500/- with meals for two

8. Doghari Chalet, Jibhi

A perfect stay for the nature lover, this comfortable stay is perfect for a workation in Himachal since it is just on the edge of an amazing mountain cliff from where you can hear the sound of the river gushing at night to help you sleep and the sound of birds chirping in the morning to give you that calming feeling to be most productive in the day while working in Himachal Pradesh.

Room Type: Private double-sharing rooms and Suite rooms for groups and family

Cost: Starting from INR 26,000/- per week with meals for two

9. The Hilltop, Tosh

Tosh is a small village just an hour from Kasol and a small trek from Barshaini will take you to Tosh. You can even go there by taxi but the Tosh trek is something people love to go to.

Hilltop is situated at the end of this village with the perfect view of snow-capped mountains in the distance and the sound of dam water falling in the distance.

This place has some amazing food options and a serene waterfall is just 15-mins trek from the stay.

Room Type: Private double/triple sharing rooms

Cost: Starting from INR 1500/- for two people per week

10. Sunset Point Homestay, Bir

A highly-rated stay by all the visitors that have been to Sunset point, the homestay is made just like a home by the host there.

The food is as good as the view from the windows of all the rooms of the stay. The stay also offers activities like trekking, paragliding, and more adventure activities on the weekends to get that adrenaline rush while workation in Bir Billing.

Room Type: Private room with a view

Cost: INR 11600/- for two people including all meals per week

11. Hipostel, Bir

Hostels in Himachal Pradesh have the most amazing vibe for a perfect workcation during the day and relaxation at night. Situated close to the Bir market and provides the perfect ambiance for work from Himachal Pradesh.

The hostel has a very upbeat and hip chilling area with a colorful setting to bring the creative mode to you.

Room Type: Sharing dorm and private rooms

Cost: Starting from INR 4200 per person for a dorm bed per week

12. Andaman Homestay, McleodGanj

Andaman Stay in McleodGanj just 4 kilometers from Dharamshala offers a very peaceful and serene atmosphere with a very homely vibe with a welcoming host.

The place is famous amongst foreign backpackers for long stays since you'll feel just like at home while workation in Mcleodganj.

Room Type: Private rooms in homestay

Cost: Starting from INR 12,250 per week for two people including all meals

13. Shalom Backpackers, McleodGanj

Situated in the calm and serene upper Dharamkot area, the Shalom Backpackers hostel is one of the hippest places to be in McleodGanj and working in the Himalayas.

With an amazing play area to chill and relax, outdoor seating with tables and chairs with a breathtaking view and interactive nights with activities, this place is the ideal paradise for a working individual looking for a respite from work from home and wanting to opt for workation in McleodGanj.

Room Type: Private rooms in and dorm beds in the Hostel

Cost: Starting from INR 5100/- per week for a dorm bed

14. Keekoo, Manali

With the option to choose from either private rooms or dorms with an all-wooden look that makes you feel even close to nature if the breathtaking view doesn't do it for you.

With all the latest and luxury amenities with wifi to room service, this place will make you feel like you're in Manali but staying in a modern hotel.

With all the major amenities for Workcation Manali, this is the perfect stay.

Room Type: Private rooms in and dorm beds in the Hotel

Cost: Starting from INR 11000/- per week for a private room with meals and INR 6000/- per week

15. Mountain Top Hotel, Manali

An amazing stay with modern interiors at the heart of Old Manali makes it the perfect destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the touristy vibe of Manali with the chill vibe of old Manali.

A workation in Manali seems like a tough job considering the inflow of so many tourists but this place sets the example of how perfect a workation in Himachal Pradesh should be.

With a gaming area and a view to die for, this place is the place to be for any working individual wanting to work from Manali.

Room Type: Private rooms in the Hotel

Cost: Starting from INR 9200/- per week for a private room for two with meals


1. What are the best places for workation in Himachal?

There are many beautiful places to work from in Himachal, but some of the most popular include Manali, Dalhousie, and Dharamsala.

2. What do I need to consider before going on a workation in Himachal?

There are a few things to consider before going on a workation in Himachal, such as your accommodation, internet connectivity, and whether your work allows you to work remotely.

3. Is kasol good for Workation?

Yes, kasol is a great place for a workation as it is set in the stunning scenery and has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

4. Where can I stay for a month in Himachal Pradesh?

There are many places to stay in Himachal Pradesh for a month, depending on your budget and preferences. Some popular options include hotels in Shimla, Manali, and Dharamsala.

5. Is Workation possible in Spiti valley?

Yes, workation is possible in Spiti valley. There are many coworking spaces and cafes in Spiti valley that offer a conducive environment for productive work.

6. Where can I stay for free in Himachal Pradesh?

There are many places to stay for free in Himachal Pradesh, depending on your budget and preferences. Some popular options include camping in the Himalayan foothills, staying with a homestay family, or volunteering with a local NGO.

Final Words

These are our top picks for work from Himachal and all the cities in Himachal.

The workation packages that you can check out to book the best experience for workation can be checked out here and if you wish to book a different stay then you can fill out a very short form here and our team of travel experts will help you plan your trip.

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