The Last Resort

6th-18th October 


Join us on this journey to travel in a sanitized caravan with fellow travelers from Delhi to a jungle homestay and organic farm safe from the coronavirus;

Showcase your photography and videography skills using #ttwthelastresort

get a chance to win a fully paid trip in a Caravan to this homestay worth INR 15,000!


How it works?

Register for the giveaway

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Win a trip with travelers on a Caravan


Be a part of the new trend in traveling, the Caravan experience. Experience what it's like to live on  on the road.

Join fellow travelers, bloggers, and influencers in this adventurous journey starting from Delhi on 23rd and 24th October.

Get to capture your travel experience in a luxury Caravan and a beautiful homestay amidst the jungle

Each challenge can be done at home and all you need to do is tag is to participate and stand a chance to win

Tag us in your best travel pictures and shoot a video in your house to get the free giveaway of Caravan experience.


And, the winner gets

A fully paid Caravan trip to a safe homestay amidst a jungle






We'll take care of everything.





What you will be doing 

Traveling in a luxury Caravan


Engage with locals

1 (2).jpg

Relax at the secluded homestay


Enjoy activities in the organic farm


Kindly read the next section with the frequently asked questions very carefully.


Frequently asked questions

Tell me more about "The Tarzan Way".

The Tarzan Way is a travel based startup with the vision to innovate and simplify travel. We provide personalized travel plans, bookings and 24/7 live concierge without any commissions and transparent prices. We curate locally immersive & experiential travel programs to empower local communities and to provide travellers with a taste of culture, history and traditions of whichever place they visit. Our mission is to bring in creative ideas in the industry while simplifying the entire process of creating a travel itinerary, bookings and so on, because we believe that Travel is an art of experiencing different realities, and everyone deserves a chance to wander.

Why "The Last Resort"?

We're a young travel based startup operating since past 3 years running locally immersive and socially relevant travel programs. This pandemic has brought travel to a complete halt and our lives have become really monotonous and has spoiled our wanderlust. After having multiple surveys and going through countless checks and safety measures, we've found out that the Caravan experience is "The Last Resort" to traveling during pandemic. Keeping that in mid, we've launched our signature campaign of Caravan where travelers explore cities in a safe and sanitized vehicle that doubles up as a house. And the best part, as we've mentioned before is that two winners will get free trip in a Caravan to a homestay in jungle near Jim Corbett.

Why should I participate in this giveaway "The Last Resort"?

1. Fun & Adventurous - A Caravan is full of new experiences and adventures. Being on the road always brings new and exciting stories to life. This giveaway will take to this amazing homestay in jungle full of unexpected encounters. Living amidst wild animals is always exciting. 2. Travel & Culture - Who wouldn't like to immerse himself/herself into another country's culture! Throughout this experience, you'll get to interact with the locals of the village. 3. Personality Development: A fun way to improve yourself as an individual. During the couple of days during the experience, you'll interact with different travelers and get to learn their journeys and stories. And last, but not the least, 4. The Grand Prize: Get your chance to join our Caravan travel experience and get free stay, meals and all acitivites for 2 days in a jungle homestay and organic farms. Travel in luxurious Caravans with fellow travelers and bloggers, and live out your weekend relaxing in the picturesque and serene forest.

What kind of "tasks & challenges" will we be performing?

1. Register with the link above 2. Tag us in your best travel photo on your instagram or twitter using #ttwthelastresort 3. Post a video and tag us(instructions for which will be given after registration) 4. Get a chance to travel with us in a Caravan!

Is there a venue for the giveaway? Is it online?

The giveaway is completely online to ensure safety of travelers. The communication with The Tarzan Way's coordinators, allotments of tasks, proofs that the tasks are completed and so on will take place online through Instagram or Whatsapp.

When is this giveaway happening?

The giveaway is happening from 6th to 11th October all day. The participants can choose the time according to his or her convenience.

Can I join with my friends?

You can either take part as a lone wolf or as a couple with one of your friends.

Any pre-requisites required for the giveaway?

You do not require any specific set of skills; just a sharp mind and comfy shoes with a fully charged smart phone and an active internet connection would do. :)

How does the winner get selected?

The winner will be selected on the basis of their posted photos and videos in which they tag The Tarzan Way.

What will I exactly get if I win?

The winning team/participant will get a chance to join Caravan experience. If you win , your accommodation, meals and transportation, a travel coordinator at all points, feedback lunch meetups, along with all the activities will be covered. For more information about Social Travel: North India, you can click here.

How do I know this is not a scam?

- As a travel company with our mission to bring transparency and flexibility for the travelers, we can assure you that this scavenger hunt is completely legitimate and there will be complete transparency in the selection process. All teams will be divided into groups of 10 and added to a group each and the scores will be mentioned in the groups to ensure transparency and fair play in the process. -Company verification details - PAN: AAGCT8887K TAN: DELT15842B GSTIN: 07AAGCT8887K1ZF We are a registered start-up recognized by the Indian government for bringing something new and unique in our industry and directly helping in the growth of our nation. Our start-uprecognition number is DIPP27070. -Putting our formal recognition aside, we have hosted international travellers from all over theworld (possibly from your city as well!) and our travellers love connecting with young travellers ready to take up a new experience. You can check out some of our reviews here.

I want to talk to an executive to know more about this.

Definitely! You can reach out to us <font> here </font>and we will get back to you within the next 6-12 hours.

How much is the registration fees?

There is no registration fees. :)

Who can participate in the giveaway?

Anybody who has the passion and ability to express the beauty of travel and is can start the travel plan from Delhi is welcome to participate in our flagship competition. Caravan travel is The Last Resort for travelers out there, but that doesn't mean it needs to be unpleasant - if you have the ability to capture the excitement of traveling by road in a self-sustaining vehicle with unexplored places at the tip of a traveler's fingers, then you have what it takes to come along with us. You don't need to be very experienced or a professional; the below qualifications are all we are looking for! 1. A passion for travel and adventure 2. Inherent creativity

Why are only Delhi residents allowed to participate?

Anyone who can start their travel from Delhi is welcome to particapte in the giveaway. Our Caravan journey will run on the 23rd of October from Delhi to the jungle homestay.

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