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Top Thrilling Adventure Activities in Kashmir

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Known as the “Paradise on Earth”, Kashmir is known for its creeping glaciers, dazzling meadows, icy mountains, silver lakes that turn golden at the turn of dawn, and its crystal blue water.

In the summer, tourists and locals alike are privy to the stunning Chinar trees, whilst the winter turns into mesmerizing Winterland, with white landscape and soft snowflakes falling on the stunning vistas is a sight to swoon over.

All of these elements combined make for a great time to enjoy the several adventure activities in Kashmir, open to all skill levels and gradients of experience.

This means that regardless of whether or not you have one day or five to fill with action-packed adventure, you’re bound to find something that is to your liking. Whether that be a spot of horse riding, cable car ride, trekking, or river rafting in Kashmir, you will find an activity to be a part of.

Top Adventure Activities in Kashmir

Kashmir is not just about the sights. If you are one of those travelers who's always on the lookout for outdoor activities that give an adrenaline rush, here is a quick list of adventure activities in Kashmir that can fulfill your wishes.

01. River Rafting

River rafting in Kashmir along the rough waters of the Sindh River
Image Source: Loren Dosti via Unsplash

Serving as a hotspot for rafting in Northern India, Kashmir is a popular destination during the monsoon. The rivers in Kashmir offer more than a pleasurable sight, including all the adventure ingredients to attract a large crowd of adventure enthusiasts looking for an activity-oriented vacation in Kashmir.

River rafting in Kashmir has become one of the most loved water sports in Kashmir. It swiftly moves over the lush green valley, which makes the goose bump travel challenging and screeching. River rafting in Kashmir mostly flaps against white water rafting ranging from Grade I to III but one can also try Grade IV rafting in some spots.

Where: Lider River, Sindh River

When: July to September

02. Fishing/Angling

A man fishing in Kashmir
Image Source: Chris Abney via Unsplash

Rightly referred to as the angler's paradise as well, Kashmir holds a network of glacier-covered streams and rivers and high-altitude lakes that are home to an abundant population of trout.

Trout fishing at either Pahalgam or Sonmarg can prove a serene experience where you relax, sit patiently while peacefully listening to nature’s sound, and resonate with the chirping sound of birds. There are many pristine lakes and rivers where you can see people engaged in this interesting activity.

Where: Dal Lake, Lidder River, Sindh River, Gangabal Lale.

When: May to October

03. Trekking

A couple trekking in Kashmir
Image Source: Toomas Tartes via Unsplash

Nestled in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, Kashmir is a great spot where you can fully embrace the nomad lifestyle for a few days as you trek and hike across the lakes and mountains.

Trekking in Kashmir is a great and thrilling way to witness the breathtaking grandeur of this, including its meadows, rivers, valleys, and snow-capped mountains. With the flow and rocky areas on the edges of the beautiful meadows, Kashmir is the best option. Trekking in Kashmir is an exciting activity with its challenging and adventurous twists and turns.

Where: Sonamarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Patnitop

When: July to September

04. Camping

Camping in Kashmir amid the valleys of Gulmarg
Image Source: Jack Sloop via Unsplash

For the one seeking a change in their trip, and who wants to stay away from the four walls equipped with modern luxuries, camping in Kashmir is just a perfect activity as it provides an unparalleled experience.

Kashmir is packed with plenty of meadows and valleys that offer you a great way for campers to set up their camps overlooking some of the picturesque landscapes. Camping besides the stunning lakes in Kashmir is also an exciting prospect to look forward to.

There are numerous adventurers who camp while trekking the Kashmir Valleys. Most camps also include various activities like fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and sports like volleyball. Also, many camps organize bonfires which you can be a part of and feel at peace.

Where: Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Yusmarg

When: April to October

05. Mountain Biking

A person mountain biking in Kashmir
Image Source: John Gough via Unsplash

An ideal blend of the right aptitude, passion and energy is all it takes to enjoy a mountain biking expedition in the Himalayas that is sure to offer you the thrill of adventure. The crooked road piercing through the meadows that slowly turns into a challenging, tricky, and rocky path and bumps into a cleft is a perfect activity for a mountain biking tour in Kashmir.

You have to hire a mountain bike with the proper gear to do cycling on the rugged and crazy terrains of the Himalayas. Also, make sure that you are physically strong to indulge in mountain biking. It may get risky otherwise since the twists and turns and the rocky slopes may prove fatal.

Where: Gulmarg to Pahalgam, Srinagar to Gulmarg, Pahalgam to Srinagar, Srinagar to Sonamarg

When: April to July

06. Bird Watching

Dal Lake in Srinagar filled with birds
Image Source: Yogendra Singh via Unsplash

Bird watching in Kashmir is an exceptional experience, as apart from several common species of birds, Kashmir is also home to some rare species like the Piedfisher bird, Bar Headed Geese, Ibis bill, Falcon, Black Necked Crane, Yellow-billed Magpie, and European blue whistling Vulture.

You can spot species like the coots, cormorants, egrets, mallards, pintails, and terns. These birds are as important to the ecosystem as the endemic birds of Kashmir do and hence contribute to the exotic flora and fauna population of Jammu & Kashmir.

Where: Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg.

When: September and October

07. Golfing

A mirrored image of the course of Pahalgam Golf Course.
Photo by Erik Solhiem

Another outdoor activity that is unique and most popular amongst golfing enthusiasts, the Kashmir valleys are perfect spots for enjoying elegant sports like golf. In addition to the ambiance, the pleasant weather makes Kashmir an ideal destination for golfing.

Offering remarkable views of snow-capped mountains, a 9-hole Golf Course at Pahalgam is considered to be the most elevated golf course on the planet. Golfing in Kashmir can be an incredible experience. Not just for the enjoyment and relaxation it provides, but largely because of the lovely temperature, gorgeous landscape, and amazing views that surround these golf courses.

Where: Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Pahalgam

When: May to September

08. Skiing

Skiing along the snow draped mountains
Photo by NYTimes

Among all the adventure activities in beautiful Kashmir, skiing adventure in Kashmir has become one of the most preferred winter sports in India. Winter is when Mother Nature lays a thick carpet of snow on the surrounding mountains. In addition to the snow, the clear blue sky and the sparkling glaciers of this exceptionally beautiful place make skiing in Kashmir even more enthralling and worthwhile.

Over the years, skiing adventure in Kashmir has gained such demand that even leisure tourists come to Kashmir today to glide down the thick layer of snow and spend their memorable holiday in the valley further framing some thrilling memories.

Where: Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Pahalgam

When: December to April

09. Paragliding

A person Paragliding in Kashmir
Image Source: Nicholas Tissot via Unsplash

Another famous aero-sport gaining immense popularity among adventure seekers is paragliding in Kashmir. The ride offers significant views of the hills and valleys of Kashmir at an altitude of about 2730 meters and is a truly delightful experience.

Natural factors like excellent wind conditions and the landscape of Kashmir are remarkably suitable for this type of paragliding. A paraglider can go about 800-1000 feet high during his paragliding flight.

Where: Ashtanmarg, Sonmarg, Gulmarg, and Srinagar

When: May-June and October - September

10. Hot air balloon

Riding the hot air balloon in Kashmir
Image Source: T S via Unsplash

To have a better sight of Jammu and Kashmir, the heavenly land of India with its alluring landscapes, Hot Air Ballooning is the perfect activity.

Two to ten people are usually taken in one ride up to 3000 feet in height based on the size of the Balloon and capacity of the Basket. The trained pilot is allotted to each ride, for a convenient and safe experience for the passengers.

One cannot have a better view of Kashmir, than by visualizing it from a hot air balloon. The perfect time to enjoy this journey between the clouds in winter.

Where: Patnitop, Gulmarg, Srinagar, Sansar, Valleys of Suru, and Zanskar.

When: April - June, and September - October


1. What are the adventure sports of Kashmir?

There are numerous adventure activities in Kashmir that people of any skill level and gradient can enjoy. Skiing, Paragliding, Trekking, Mountain Biking, and River rafting are some of the adventure sports in Kashmir that you can enjoy.

2. Is there river rafting in Kashmir?

Yes, there are a lot of places where you can go river rafting in Kashmir. Pahalgam and Sonamarg are among the best places to enjoy exciting river rafting in Kashmir.

3. Where is river rafting in Pahalgam?

River rafting in Pahalgam is available at the Lidder river. The strong rapids of the Lidder river ranges up to Grade IV which makes it ideal to host a rafting experience in Kashmir.

4. What is the cost of skiing in Gulmarg?

Gulmarg is one of the best places to experience skiing in Kashmir with thick blankets of snow covering the dramatic slopes at an incredible height.

5. What is the cost of skiing in Gulmarg?

Skiing in Gulmarg can approximately cost somewhere between ₹700- ₹1000. However, the prices can vary greatly depending on the season and the number of bookings that are made during the time.

6. Is paragliding available in Srinagar?

Paragliding is available in Srinagar. It is located on the outskirts of Srinagar in Astanmarg whereon you can glide across the scenic vista of the entire city of Srinagar at an elevated height.

7. What can we do in Kashmir?

There are plenty of things that you can do while in Kashmir. A lot of adventure activities in Kashmir have been long associated with their thrilling and quality offerings. Hence you can try out any of these activities while visiting Kashmir.

Final Words

Kashmir, the heaven on earth offers a rich freshness dotted with apple orchards, various species of mountain trees, and much more. When the pleasant lush green meadows are capped with a heavy layer of snow during the winters, it becomes a hotspot for adventure junkies.

Adventure activities in Kashmir are a booming industry and call for adventure junkies to head to Kashmir and take part in it. Both snow sports and water sports in Kashmir are major attractions for people looking to travel for adventure. Thus, adventure is just a word if you don’t experience it. So the next time you are in Jammu and Kashmir, don’t miss trying out these popular adventure activities in Kashmir.

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