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Workation in Andaman: A Rejuvenating Experience (2022 Guide)

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A vacation is something we all urge every year to rejoice. But, more than that, the ones who work from home need a workcation.

A concept similar to vacation but much more professional in the sense. This allows a common ground for travel junkies who have been restricted to a strict 9-5 work schedule.

Enjoy a poolside workday at an Andaman resort.
A picture from the Vacationer Magazine

As the word suggests, it is a combination between work and vacation. A workcation involves a destination that allows you to work there.

Just imagine a beautiful beach view and you are relaxing and working from there. There is a certain sense of serenity that takes over, and in this state of calm, work productivity sure does increase.

The best part about these workcations is that we can enjoy the environment of a certain region, without having to cut down on holidays. Another best thing is the weekends can be completely utilized for traveling and exploring the place you want.

After all, is said and done, take a workcation at Andaman and Nicobar. This is ideal if you love traveling but are all caught up in work. Who even said that we could not move away and work remotely from a beautiful island while letting the scenic nature relax our work stress?

Plan things for the trip
A picture from Unsplash- Marissa Grootes

Checkpoints before heading to the Workcation!

Here are some things you should keep in mind before you pack your travel and work bags to change your work location!

01. Decide on a place: that is workcation friendly- as in do not choose a place where you will feel like traveling and exploring and will make you feel like you are missing out on things. So, you can either choose a place which has less tourism, or a place you have already visited.

Also do not choose a location that has less network coverage, because we all know that is not very pleasing, especially when you are to receive a call from your office. Now if this is done, we move on.

02. Pack things of work that you might need even in the slightest chance. This is so that you do not miss out on anything and stress out the whole relaxation trip.

03. Make a schedule and dedicate specific hours to work, so that work isn’t at loss. Inform your colleagues as well about the specific work hours you will be available for work.

04. This said, while working, dedicate a specific workspace. With a workstation in place, nothing will ever let your work motivation go down the drain.

05. Get done with work as fast as you can, because even if you are working remotely, you are still on a vacation, so work it off and then relax and chill out at your location of choice.

06. The most important thing here is to have fun and explore, growth will come a long way. Also. keep yourself fit and healthy, by sticking to meals and staying hydrated.

This is all you need to pack yourself a little fun and relax during work time, so take these workcations in Andaman, and get yourself ready for some serious relaxation and rejuvenation.

Andaman and Nicobar is such a beautiful location with so many beautiful spots which are so ideal for a workcation.

The scenic beaches and lush forests as well as small trails are a perfect companion for your relaxed time before or after work.

You could chase a sunset after work, or even wait for the sunrise at the beach, it is all that you are comfortable with. This workcation is all about your comfort and relaxation, so that should be it.

What kind of stay will you find in Andaman?

A relaxed resort perfect for a workday
A picture from the Unsplash-Alexander-Kaunas.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands cater to a wide variety of users and visitors who range from one pole to another in their requirements. Yet, Andaman doesn’t fail to cater to all these requirements.

Firstly, we see that there are all kinds of opportunities to stay, ranging from beachside resorts to hotels hidden in the jungles, and from authentic homestays to fusion hostels. So basically all kinds of requirements, which range from a low-cost budget stay to high-end spaces.

One can also opt for a rental-based house if they choose a place to stay in the city for a longer time.

Here are the locations where you will be relaxed by the beauty, but not so much lured into it to distract yourself. Perfect, right?

 Solitude at workplace.
A picture from the Unsplash-Nick-Kane-eal

1. Havelock Island

How about a homestay on Havelock Island? Havelock Island is the main island and the most famous one. This island has a rich diversity of flora and fauna and also has very beautiful beaches.

Most of the places here are well known, but certain rare locations are hidden and very less known. These are even more precious than the commonly known spaces, as they are untouched and beautiful in their charm.

2. Neil Island

Neil island is also a very beautiful location. It is pure and scenic in its description and is very stunning. The white sands, with turquoise waters and lush green vegetation, are such a beautiful wonder. The sunsets and sunrises here are also some of the most picturesque along with their scenic wonders.

3. North Bay Island

This island is a summer feel in the true sense. The beauty of the island lies in the gorgeous corals and marine life around the location.

4. Batarang Island

Batarang island is known for its mangrove vegetation as well as other vegetation which makes it a truly scenic location.

5. Rutland Island

The Island has a rich diversity of shrubs and trees and mountain peaks too. The island is famous for coral life while a rich natural diversity is a part of it.

6. Rangat

This is a paradise for a nature lover, with a diversity of flora, fauna, and physical features of beaches, sands, and hidden treasures like waterfalls.

This is a paradise in every sense a person can imagine. The combination of lush forests and cool breezes are an ideal addition to the tranquil environment. This is a very ideal location for a workcation.

7. Mayabunder

The beach and plantations here are what make this place very desirable.

An ideal stay for a workcation as it's less crowded.

8. Diglipur

Another island that is a symbol of tranquility is Diglipur island. This island is so peaceful and quiet, with its vast sea and the cool breeze hitting us with a bit of warm sunshine. What better than enjoying it while working?

9. Ross, viper, and cinque islands

These islands do not allow for stays, but one can always take along their laptop while getting on a ferry to the location. You can certainly enjoy a day of work on a new island and at the end of the day, take the last ferry ride back to your island.

Just the network might be a slight inconvenience in certain locations, so you know what to do!

All these beautiful locations have a variety of hotels, certain hostels, and homestays, which allow you to stay at a beautiful location within your budget. Some of these are at such iconic locations that you would be stunned by their beauty and intoxicated by the environment.

You can choose to stay inside the room and work or even move to a location like a beach or a forest or a waterfall side to enjoy your work to a maximum.

These locations are ideal for a work environment and also allow for rejuvenation at the end of the day. After a hard day of work, one can just stroll on the beach and watch the stunning sunset, while soaking your feet in the gentle waves of the beach.

Waking up to a gushing beach and the chirping of birds is way more satisfying than an alarm sound which not everyone prefers. So, head to these locations as you wish to have a workcation at some of the most beautiful places in Andaman. This is your cue to pack your bags and get ready to work remotely. But, do not forget to stay safe and careful and always take care of yourself.

Happy workcation!


1. What are some of the best Workcation destinations in Andaman?

Some of the best Workcation destinations in Andaman would include places like Port Blair, Havelock Island, Neil Island, and Long Island.

2. How long can I spend on the Andaman Workcation?

The duration of your Workcation in Andaman can be customized according to your preferences. You can work from Andaman as long as you want.

3. Is workcation productive/effective?

Yes, as you will experience diverse work cultures.

4. Do we have proper connectivity at Andaman?

Check before booking as only a few resorts and hotels have good network connectivity.


Set up your work desk close to nature, brew fresh coffees at breaks, relish traditional dishes for meals and make effective use of your weekends on a workcation.

The co-workplaces, hostels, and homestays would take you back to your college days and would bestow you with peers of the same interest.

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Rishabh Verma
Rishabh Verma
Apr 02, 2022

This was pretty useless . No useful information like where you stayed, duration of stay, network speed, rent , food , etc are mentioned


Madhav Choudhary
Madhav Choudhary
Dec 21, 2021

Nice article. It would help others if you can share where you stayed, duration of stay, network speed, rent , food , etc., How to travel destinations,

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